Friday, April 22, 2011

My Top Tearjerker Moments In Horror

Earlier today, a staffer posted a list on Dread Central which highlighted his top 10 moments from horror movies that made him cry. Go read it. Being that i'm a total bitch when it comes to movies, I wanted to make a reply to that post with the moments that have done the same for me. Though I couldn't come up with ten, a few select scenes from the past several years did immediately come to mind. So here are the movies (and TV show) and the scenes in those movies (and TV show) that made my beard wet with flowing eye juice!

... obviously, spoilers run wild in this post ...


The Devil's Rejects

I always feel weird talking about the fact that I sometimes get a bit misty eyed at the end of this movie. Zombie performed an amazing feat with this one by making the audience not only feel for but kinda love the titular characters, even though they do some pretty horrible shit to some pretty innocent people throughout the movie. Sure they skin faces and wear them. Sure they throw knives into hearts. And sure they sleep with dead cheerleaders. But damnit, I can't help but sympathize with Otis, Spaulding and Baby when they're in their car, driving into their final blaze of glory. The look on Otis' face as he realizes their fate says it all. Despite the fact that they may be some evil motherfuckers, it's quite sad to see them go and the video footage of them happy and together along with Free Bird playing in the background doesn't do much to quell the need for tissues.



More than a few times, I have heard the Frozen haters of the world bash the movie for its "terrible acting." This is something I will never understand. I found the acting to be pretty damn good, especially from Ms. Emma Bell. In an absolutely gut wrenching scene that probably made the Ultimate Warrior himself squirt out a few, Emma tearfully talks about her dog, who she just knows is awaiting her arrival back home, an arrival she is pretty sure will never come. She talks about how sad and lonely her dog will be and how it will likely starve to death without anyone to feed it. Adam Green tapped into something incredible with this scene, a realness that i've never seen any other horror movie tap into. These are the things we would think about if we were stuck up on a ski lift, waiting to die, which is why this scene is so effective and devastating. I don't think i've ever seen a character in a horror movie ponder the effect that their impending death is going to have on their loved ones back home and I think it's so brilliant that Green portrayed that very real feeling we all get when we're in situations that seem inescapable.


The Mist

This is the only repeat from Dread Central's list, which I simply couldn't not include. The ending to The Mist is absolutely without question one of the most devastating film endings of all time and like Dread Central said, i'm still to this day shocked it was allowed to make the final cut. David (Thomas Jane) one by one kills all of the survivors of the general store giant bug outbreak, including his own small child. He then realizes that if he had waited just a few more moments, the whole group would have been saved. It's an ending so bleak and hopeless that you wish David would've had another bullet for himself, so that he didn't have to live with what he just did.


Eden Lake

Eden Lake is one of my favorite horror movies in recent years, even if it makes me incredibly angry at my fellow humans every time I watch it. Good people are subjected to terrible shit by terrible people in the real world all the time and this movie perfectly captures that dark side of humanity and how easily everything we have can be stripped away from us. It's the scene where Steve (Michael Fassbender) is bleeding out from injuries sustained during an intense sequence of torture that really gets to me. His wife finds a wedding ring in his bloody pocket, wherein he reveals that he had planned to propose to her during their trip to the lake, plans of a happy life together that were ripped away by a group of young people who for no reason at all set their sights on destroying that happiness. It's movies like this that really make you cherish every day not spent running for your life from sick psychopaths.


Last House on the Left '09

I'm no stranger to rape scenes in movies and this one isn't the most disturbing one i've seen, but as I sat in the theatre watching the Last House remake with my girlfriend, tears began to flow down my face. Rape always gets to me, no matter how many times I see it depicted on film, and on this particular occasion I found myself putting my girlfriend in the victim's shoes, which really brought to life how brutal and horrible of a thing it is. It was probably this projecting more than the scene itself that made me cry, but it's an incredibly raw and powerful scene nonetheless.


The Walking Dead

Episode 5 of The Walking Dead. Amy (Emma Bell's character ... yep, second time she made me cry) dies. Her sister Andrea (Laurie Holden ... also her second appearance on the list) waits for her inevitable return to life as a zombie, which occurs in a most unexpected and emotional of ways. While all zombie material that has come before it shows the turn from human to zombie as being a horrific and frightening one, this scene manages to be incredibly beautiful and sad. Amy still clearly has hints of humanity to her, even as a zombie, and her re-animation serves as a chance for her sister to say goodbye ... before she's forced to pull the trigger on her. For my money it's the best zombie resurrection scene of all time, a totally innovative and heart rendering one.

So what horror movie moments have made you cry? Let it all out in the comments section below, ya big baby!!


Bjornabo said...

I totally agree with you on the "Devil's Rejects" ending. I never thought that I whould be sad while hearing my favorite song being played in a movie, but it really did.

Personaly I think the ending of Cujo is a real sad one. Yes, I know the dog was crazy as hell, but IMO it was not Cujo's fault that he got that way.

Mr. Mike D. said...

Yup, The Devils Rejects was pretty much a perfect ending and amazing iin how it made you feel bad for the bad guys. Glad to know Im not the only sissy boy out there!

As for my tearjerker momments in horror:

1) Cannibal Holocaust was rough for me. I also watched it with the girlfriend, and boy was it hard. I definitely squirted a few at least twice in that one.

2) Poltergeist got me when I was younger! Tha fucking clown used to scare me to death!

3) Martyrs - The scene where she is tortured over the months leading up to the conclusion is super brutal. Fucked me up good.

4) The Descent- When the kid gets killed with the pole to the head, I was wrecked. Having an 8 year old, it just bothers me to see shit like that. Hurts me to my heart.

Great post Johnny. Keep it up!

ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

I cry...a lot.

I definitely cried my eyes out at The Mist...omg.

Dorian Gray said...

Hmm...I remember getting teary eyed when Helen dies in Candyman--how she basically sacrifices herself to save the little girl and gets the Joan of Arc treatment in return.

Also I cried at the part in the Walking Dead pilot when Morgan is playing sniper with the zombies outside his house and how he tries to kill his zombie wife (he even has her in his crosshairs at one point!), but he just can't bring himself to do it in the end.

bastardjackyll said...

Kristen holding Nancy at the end of Dream Warriors gets me everytime.

And that first episode of Walking Dead where the guy had the scope on his zombified wife...oh man, waterworks.

Johnny said...

Ah yes, forgot about the zombie wife scene from Walking Dead. That one did it to me too!

Anonymous said...

Annie's death in the new Halloween II was pretty heartbreaking to watch. Having to watch Laurie apologize to Annie for everything and watching her slip away in Laurie's arms (and of course when Sheriff Brackett sees her body for the first time later on) was one of the best moments in the entire franchise. I also thought Deborah's suicide in the remake was quite sad.

The original ending for The Descent (none of this US edited crap) was quite tragic too, as was the original ending to 28 Days Later. I'm sure there are more moments I could think of, but those are the ones that really come to mind right now. Also a big fan of some of the moments you mentioned in the list.