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10 Horrific Horror Movie Birthing Scenes!

Ah, the joys of childbirth. One of the most beautiful things in the world. Also one of the most hideous, painful and gruesome acts subjected to the human body. Here in the horror blogosphere, the latter is the kind of thing we celebrate. With Mother's Day headed our way, I thought it only fitting to take a look at some of the most vile birthing scenes in the history of this amazing genre. So lay down, lock your legs in the stirrups and get ready to birth out some seriously gnarly ass shit. This one's for you, mothers of the world!!



I'll be honest, it's been a long damn time since i've seen The Brood, so long that I barely remember anything about it. But let me tell you, I will NEVER in my life forget the image of a woman giving birth to a baby, which was housed externally on her body, and then proceeding to animal style lick the placenta and blood off its soft little head. Cronenberg, you are one sick bastard.



Outdoing himself less than a decade later, David Cronenberg brought to the screen another image that will never leave my brain; that of Geena Davis, in a dream sequence, giving birth to a massive goddamn disgusting larva. A couple years back I named it my top gross out moment in the history of horror and I still stand by that. The mere thought of this scene literally makes me sick to my stomach.


I've never seen this 1983 sci-fi cult classic but i've seen that above scene pop up from time to time over the years and I simply couldn't not include it on this list. Yes, that woman just gave birth to a full grown man. Why I have never seen the rest of the movie based on this clip alone is beyond my understanding.



As disturbing as some of the scenes on this list are, nothing comes close to the utter depravity that is the infamous 'newborn porn' scene from one of the most controversial and mind shattering films of our time. I feel like a horrible human being even summarizing the scene, but in short a woman gives birth to a baby which is immediately upon its exit from her body raped by an adult man. Not much of the act is actually seen, but the idea itself is enough to thoroughly repulse.



In this brilliant gorefest, a woman sets out to steal the baby of another woman after a car accident with that woman leaves her own baby dead. At the end of the movie, after all of this motive is revealed to us, the bad lady cuts open the stomach of the mother to be, with a pair of scissors, and literally steals the baby from her body. Now that's a real horror movie birth!


IT'S ALIVE (1974)

Though the actual birth isn't seen on camera, any list of this sort would not be complete without mentioning this, the most famous killer baby movie of all time. Immediately after being born, the entire staff of doctors and nurses that were in the delivery room are slaughtered, their blood spilled all over the walls and floor. The killer? The brand new bouncing baby boy!



Frank Henenlotter is a sick sick man, gloriously so, and Bad Biology is a prime example of this fact. The story sees a woman who always gives birth immediately after having sex falling in love with a man with a giant monster penis ... yup. In one particularly shocking scene, a standout even amongst several other shockers, our leading lady has intercourse and then quickly hops into the bathtub, where she expels a fetus from her body and leaves it to die. To justify her act, she breaks the fourth wall and tells us that it wasn't a real baby, because real babies take nine months to grow. Hmmm, she's got a point.



Though horror movie prequels are nothing new, it's not often that we get to see the actual birth of a beloved horror villain. In the story of Leatherface's beginning, we see that he was a deformed baby who was shat out onto a filthy meat packing plant floor and then quickly discarded into a dumpster, in what is a particularly messy scene. No wonder little Tommy grew up to be a chainsaw wielding psychopath, eh?



What happens when a zombie chick gives birth? The Dawn redux answers that question in glorious fashion with the birth of a screaming zombie baby, something I hadn't seen since 1992's Dead Alive. In a particularly ballsy endcap to the scene, the zombie baby is then shot point blank in the head, albeit entirely offscreen.


The highly sexualized Species franchise shows us that unprotected coitus leads to horrific impregnation by alien lifeforms, which is showcased memorably so in this first sequel. Click PLAY above to see a woman birth out such a lifeform, which then latches onto her husband's face and sucks the very life out of him!

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