Friday, May 27, 2011

8 Other Upcoming Shark Attack Movies To Be Excited About ... Or Not

In addition to the afformentioned Shark Night 3D, there are (at least) eight other shark attack horror movies slated for release throughout this year and into next. Starring everyone from Jimmie JJ Walker to Hulk Hogan's daughter to Troll 2's George Hardy and featuring mega sized sharks as well as sharks terrorizing grocery stores and snow covered mountains, i'd say it's going to be a pretty DYN-O-MITE next year or so for fans of killer sharks. Here's everything you need to know about these eight upcoming razor toothed flicks, including trailers for the ones where trailers have been released!


Premiering June 25th on Syfy, naturally, is this pretty self explanatory movie about a shark ... terrorizing a swamp. Just when you thought alligators and Victor Crowley were the only things to fear in there! In a strange turn of events for Syfy, this one looks to feature a mechanical shark rather than a CGI one, at least in some parts. Battling that shark this time around in Syfy's ring? Robert Davi (the villain from The Goonies) and Kristy Swanson, who previously appeared in another shark attack movie, 2003's Red Water. Hey, i'm all for any movie that gets Swanson in a bikini, so let's keep casting her in these!


The most ambitious and promising looking of the bunch is this one, directed by Resident Evil : Extinction's Russell Mulcahy. With the totally original premise of sharks picking off victims in a mostly underwater supermarket, which has just been hit by a giant tsunami, Bait 3D looks to be absolutely must see cinema for the shark attack fan. The Australian made film is set for release over there November of this year, with no date that I know of yet set for a US release. Watch the official trailer above and also be sure to check out a pretty kickass concept trailer Mulcahy made a while back, which gives you a better idea of what he's going for.


Rather than ripping off Jaws, like most of these have chosen to do, Ghost Shark 2 instead aims to spoof it. When I chatted with Troll 2 star George Hardy earlier this year, who will appear in the film, he had this to say about the plot and release date : "(It's a) Jaws spoof, yes. Something like the mayor of the city's trying to ... i'm not sure, but it's something about this ghost shark that's about to eat the city up or something. There's a really bad mayor of the city and we're in charge of trying to kill him. Cause he's evil and the evil mayor has something to do with this ghost shark." The film will also star actors from The Room and Birdemic, two of the other 'best worst movies' ever made, which should give you an idea of the vibe they're going for with it. And no, there never was a Ghost Shark 1.



As awesome as this might sound based on the title, I have to unfortunately break the news that this one won't star The Situation, Snooki or any of the actual cast of The Jersey Shore. In fact, little is known about the movie other than it will premiere on Syfy sometime in 2012 and will feature buffed up, tanned and gelled Jersey-ites battling a killer shark. Little fun factoid (and what's more fun than people being eaten by sharks?) : back in 1916, there were a series of real life shark attacks along the Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, none of the Jersey Shore castmember's bloodlines were brought to an end back then. I kid, I kid. I actually am a Jersey Shore fan, believe it or not. In any event, let's move right along here ...



While shark attack movies usually feature washed up stars and atrocious young actors, Dark Tide will star Oscar winner Halle Berry, as a diving instructor who returns to the water after a near fatal attack. No idea when this will be released but you can hold yourself off by checking out a slew of pictures of Halle in a bikini and skin tight wetsuit that have made their way off the set. No wonder that shark wants to eat her so bad!


It's Jaws on ice in Snow Shark, which sees an ancient beast emerging from the fluffy white stuff to wreak havoc on a group of tasty bad actors. Hey, snow is just frozen water, so it's believable, right? This one is noteworthy because it will feature a cameo by my friend and fellow blogger Bill Adcock from Radiation Scarred Reviews. It's also produced by Slime City's Greg Lamberson. Not sure when we'll be able to see this one, but you can follow all the latest goings on with it over on the Snow Shark Facebook page.



The sharks move from water to sand in this one, a hybrid of Tremors and Jaws which stars Corin Nemec and Brooke Hogan, daughter of the Hulkster. Story goes that an underground earthquake cracks open a crater beneath the ocean and unleashes a horde of hungry land sharks. Whatcha gonna do, when .... oh, never mind. Though principal photography was completed a few months back, no trailer or release date have been released.


Following the recent trend of genetically modified mega sea creatures, Super Shark stars not only Jimmie JJ Walker and Superman's dad but also the biggest CGI shark ever seen in a movie. Oh and it flies. And walks on land. And gets dropkicked by a big robot. WATCH. THIS. TRAILER. Can't seem to find any release date info on this one, though it looks to be a slice of D-Movie heaven that's sure to become an instant cult classic.

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Simon Dedalus said...

Sand Sharks was made before. Back in 1980 it was called Blood Beach. Course, they were worms not sharks, but looks close enough. It was also a horrible movie despite the glowing review given by someone on IMDB.

The poster is a decent parody of the original Jaws one at least.

Ok, remember I made a joke about land sharks a few days ago from the post about Scar 3D? How come movie makers are outpacing my satire?