Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amityville Week : Amityville's Biggest Fan?

When I first thought up the idea for an Amityville Horror themed week, a friend of mine's tattoo immediately came to mind and I just knew I had to work it into the festivities somehow. So I figured i'd show off his killer Amityville inspired ink and let him tell ya a little bit about what made him want to get one of the most iconic horror movie images of all time permanently etched onto his body. His name's Nick Graystone and though this isn't his only horror movie themed tattoo, not by a longshot, it's certaintly my favorite of his. Check out Nick's inner bicep ode to Amityville Horror and find out what possessed him to get the ink. Did the Devil make him do it!? I'll let Nick explain!

**Done by Ron Bianco of Lone Wolf Tattoo in Bellmore, NY**

I've always been fascinated by the house. My Mom and Dad took me there on the regular as a child. I've seen the movie countless times. One of the first places I went to after I got my drivers license was 112 Ocean Ave. Amityville, NY. Every first or second date, oh yeah, I'd either swoon or mortify a young gal by taking her there. Just something bout the eeriness of the whole story. Growing up, more the Italian part, I'd hear stories of evil spirits lurking in my house or my grandmother's house. Now as far as these so called spirts having me slaughter my whole family, I think not. (I got the tattoo) to permanently display my "High Hopes" ... we all share those. Because of zoning laws and not being a millionaire, I was unable to fufill my Amityville dream of purchasing the house and turning it into a Bed/Breakfast Tour Spot ala Lizzie Borden.

Goddamn, why can't somebody cool like Nick own that house? Who wouldn't love to eat waffles while looking out those creepy eye-like upstairs windows!? More syrup, please!


Nick (the one who's not a killer child molesting clown) is the lead singer of a band called Martians From Uranus and you can watch/listen to him rock out over on his YouTube channel. He's also got some other cool little goodies on there, so be sure to check the channel out. Thanks for sharing, Nick. Your levels of fandom make me jealous!

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Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

That is a dedicated fan, there is no doubt!