Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Only Support 3D If You Get Cool Glasses ...

I think i've made it pretty crystal clear by now, at least 20 times over in fact, that I don't care for the current resurgence of the 3D trend. I was excited by it for about 3 minutes, back in the early 90's when I was but a small child, but it simply has done nothing for me from that moment forward. Regardless, I wish that at least companies would put some effort into making cool collectible 3D glasses to go along with their releases, like we got back in the old days. Sure the trend has been upgraded to those REAL D glasses that make everyone look like George Burns but even on the DVD/Blu-ray releases of new films made in 3D, all we get are lame glasses that at best have the movie's logo stamped on them. Boooooring.

Here are four awesome pairs of 3D glasses that other companies need to learn from ...


Capitalizing on the 3D gimmick to the fullest extent that the law allows, the 1961 Canadian horror film The Mask featured a character who would experience surreal dream visions whenever he put on an ancient mask. When you went to the theatre to see the movie, you were given a cardboard 'Magic Mystic Mask' (remind anyone else of Stripe from Gremlins?), which you would put on whenever the character put on his mask, allowing you to experience the dream visuals in three dimensions. Now that's a kickass use of 3D that would make William Castle proud!


Much more subtle but just as awesome. Love the fact that wearing these makes it look like Bruce is not so playfully gnawing on your nose. I've got a big Armenian one, so I think he'd be pretty satisfied with that meal.


How cool is that? These glasses, from the original theatrical release of Friday : Part 3, make the wearer look like they're actually getting spear jabbed in the eye by a hairy armed figure that I wouldn't necessarily refer to as Jason Voorhees. The whole appeal of 3D is that it makes you feel like you're a part of the movie and these glasses totally exploit that fact to serious levels of awesome. Gotta love it.


The more recent Deluxe Edition re-release of Friday Part 3 changed the design from victim to villain, making the wearer look like Jason himself rather than one of his many hapless drunken sex crazed victims. These are totally stylish and i'd probably rock them in public if red and blue 3D glasses didn't make me want to blow chunks the minute I put them on.

... is it so much to ask?!


mickel5555 said...

Surprised I don't see the Freddy's Dead glasses on here. I have some SUPER-scary purple Justin Bieber:Never Say Never 3d glasses. Do those count?

(They gave them to me when I saw Drive Angry, I swear!)

Johnny said...

Haha. The Freddy's Dead glasses weren't very spectacular, which is why they weren't included.