Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paranormal Activity ... On VHS?!


After a night of heavy drinking, I often wake up very early and find myself unable to fall back asleep, which usually leads to me looking up random things on Wikipedia and filling my head with knowledge in an effort to drive out the pounding headache my bad decisions from the night prior brought upon me. This morning was no exception. As I looked through Wikipedia's page on the history of VHS, something veddy interesting caught my eye ...

"After a petition on the website, Paranormal Activity had a very limited VHS release in the United States[34] and the Netherlands."

Now I know Wikipedia can be edited by seemingly anyone and is often full of fallacies (not phalluses), but does anyone know anything about this? I'd be kinda surprised if this is a true statement, being that i've never heard anything about it and can't find any information on the net about it ( seems to have gone under), but I remain hopeful.



Matthew said...

I saw the same thing a couple of months ago, so the Wiki page definitely hasn't changed by way of some random edit. I also saw the same quote about the petition on other sites when I was researching its validity (assuming they weren't just quoting the Wiki page).

However, I never found an actual copy online. I started getting into the mindset of looking up films being released in the past few years on VHS, legitimately, and obviously these two horror films turned up quickly, as well as the "Mondo Video" ones you recently mentioned on your blog.

You could always search for Paranormal Activity VHS on eBay, and click "Save Search". That's what I did for it, as well as House of the Devil VHS (which I know is available on Amazon, but I guess I thought I'd somehow found it cheaper someday. I really just want the VHS, because the Blu-ray looks so terrible due to the film grain) ;)

I have a bigger question though - do you think the U.S. will ever get to see this film? I got so excited when I heard about it (having loved the two American Paranormal Activity films) that I was trying to think up any way possible to see it, as I read that it may never see a Region 1 release. I even tried illegal channels, which I think is reasonable to do, if there's absolutely no other way to watch a film, and you cannot even pay to see it.

Johnny said...

I guess the search shall continue. Let me know if you ever hear anything more about it and i'll do the same.

Got that House of the Devil VHS when it first came out. Love it!

As for Tokyo Night, I haven't heard anything yet about a US release. All the more reason to get a Region Free DVD player!!

sjorsvdg said...

I just stumbled upon this blog. It's a late reaction, but hopefully you will read this.

I'm from the Netherlands and Paranormal Activity indeed recieved a VHS release in this country. I think there were only up to 300 copies of it. It was sold exclusively through the Dutch website I have one copy. On this website you'll find the Dutch press release about the VHS:

In case you'll find a Dutch copy, you're lucky, because we subtitle foreign language films here.

Johnny said...

Thank you so much for sending me this information, much appreciated! Any chance you could snap some pictures of your copy (the case and the cassette itself) and send them over to me at MORTIS45@AOL.COM? Would love to do an update post about this!!