Sunday, May 29, 2011

Set Your Clocks To 3:15 ... Amityville Week Begins Tommorow!!


Just a quick reminder that Amityville Week kicks off tommorow here on Freddy In Space, a weeklong journey through the seven Amityville Horror sequels that will finally force my ass to get in gear and actually sit down and watch them all ... most of them for the very first time. As I said, there will also be some other little goodies including a giveaway and a rundown of a couple future Amityville film projects that are currently in the works. Should be a fun ... I mean, totally nerve shattering and frightening ... little week!

In preparation I re-watched the original Amityville tonight, which I hadn't done in a few years. Though it is fairly slow moving and admittedly a tad boring at times, I absolutely love watching that movie and getting swept up in the super creepy atmosphere of it all. I love Margot Kidder's little scantily clad stretching scene. I love James Brolin's beard. I love how he makes tighty whiteys look cool. I love that haunting score. I love the kickass headgear the babysitter sports. I love watching that nun shoot hoops. I love those little clay-like growths Kidder spawns on her face after she touches the upside down cross. I just love it all!

By the way I know i've mentioned this a few times in the past, but I actually live about 45 minutes from the house where the infamous Amityville murders took place in. Naturally, i've been to the location a couple times. Before I watch and review Amityville 2 tommorow, TAKE A TRIP WITH ME back to the very first time I visited the house back in 2009!

See ya tommorow!


Cat said...

I remember watching this on VHS once at a friend's house.. the door opens, someone gasps and.. ITS GUY SMILEY!!

someone recorded over the video at that moment so when they looked at the door, guy smiley from sesame street was on. it quickly cut back as well, making us all gape in surprise, rewind, watch it again, and laugh hysterically for about half an hour...

That video store has long since closed, but I'll never forget guy smiley's cameo in Amityville Horror. I wish I'd bought that video from them.

Dr Blood said...

I did an Amityville week about a month ago but only made it through 5 of them before I couldn't stand it any more. Good luck. :)

Johnny said...

Cat - haha, wish you still had that tape!

Dr. Blood - Everyone's been telling me how awful this next week of movie watching is gonna be but i'm highly looking forward to it and I will most definitely see it through to the end!

Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

I first saw The Amityville Horror when I was way too young, at the Drive In. Scared the crap out of me! I had nightmares about bleeding stairs and dogs trapped in basements for years! Great week ahead, good luck!

Johnny said...

Scariest moment of the movie for me has always been when the demonic voice yells at the priest to "GET OUT!!!" I remember I watched it with my dad years ago and purposely turned the volume up super loud for that moment in an effort to scare him and I just ended up scaring the shit out of myself, even though I knew it was coming!