Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yay or Nay? The Ward


On Tuesday, the official US trailer for The Ward hit the net, debuting to much excitement on the horror news sites even though it's exactly the same trailer that was billed as the UK one several months back. Oh well, at least that cool poster is new. Now stop trying to look up Amber Heard's dress, all you boys who love her so.

The Ward is of course the upcoming new horror flick from the master himself, John Carpenter, which is set to hit stateside On Demand on June 8th followed by a limited theatrical release on July 8th (since when does Carpenter get the 'limited' treatment?!). Let's check out the trailer and find out who's awaiting these dates with baited breath! (What the hell does that expression mean, anyway?)

While this one is most definetly a resounding YAY for me, I can't lie and say it so much has to do with the trailer. Truth be told, if I knew nothing about who made the movie and saw this same trailer, without the words "From John Carpenter" that appear in it, i'd probably yawn, close out the YouTube window, and likely forget entirely about the movie as soon I hit that little X in the corner. It just doesn't look very original or "must see" and it's hard to get excited about based on anything other than the fact that is making me lean more towards the YAY side of things; it's directed by John motherfuckin' Carpenter, his first feature film since 2001's Ghosts of Mars. Yep, it's been 10 years since Carpenter has directed anything other than that lackluster Masters of Horror episode about abortions. Like all the great directors of years past, Carpenter's career has certaintly taken a bit of a dip over the years, but not even Ice Cube batting alien zombie ghosts can change the fact that he's one of the ultimate masters of modern horror, a fact that makes me relatively excited about this film despite how lackluster it looks to me. So ya, I give this one a hopeful YAY, even if i've heard the reviews haven't been very enthusiastic (I am trying to refrain from actually reading any).

What say you? Are you looking forward to taking a trip to The Ward or are you unable to muster up any excitement for it? Leave a comment and let me know!

On a little related side note that's worth mentioning, director Lucky McKee took to his Facebook page this week, after seeing the trailer, to mention how it seems to be very similar to his own film, The Woods. He's not accusing Carpenter of stealing and even admits that he's the one who has aped from Carpenter in the past, but it's a pretty interesting little note that certaintly holds some water. Check out the trailer for The Woods to see what he means and give that film a watch if ya haven't yet!


mickel5555 said...

Definitely on the YAY side of things. In these days of being starved for big-screen horror, I will forgive a lot. ESPECIALLY, if the product is a non-remake. Factor in the presence of Amber Heard and Jared Harris and you got yourself a deal. John Carpenter or not.

I will admit to never having seen Ghosts of Mars or Vampires, but I liked the man's previous 3 movies.

Johnny said...

Still haven't seen Vampires.

Simon Dedalus said...

Going to go with Yay. But then I feel about insane asylums the way you feel about Freddy Krueger.

It looks creepy enough as a ghost story and I can really see them throwing false clues at you to try to get you to doubt what is actually happening throughout the film.

And really, John Carpenter, that makes it without needing to know anything else. Was just talking to some friends today about his older work like They Live and The Thing. So looking forward to it.

Bill D. Courtney said...

Hey Freddy

Hope you don't mind if I ask you something off the topic here. I can't see my Blogger Followers gadget. On either of my blogs on 2 separate accounts. I clicked some sites in my Blogroll and from my PC I can't see your Followers either. Can you see yours? Or mine? I notice some other other -but not all- Blogger sites have the same problem suddenly.

Mucho weird and I like that gadget.


Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

Johnny said...

Nope, can't see mine at the moment Bill. Don't worry about it though, it happens quite often. Should be back to normal soon!

MJ said...

I don't really mind about The Ward's quality.

Carpenter will always have that immense back catalogue of Halloween, Escape From NY, Big Trouble In Little China, The Thing, They Live and In The Mouth Of Madness- and those are just my prefered Capernter.
Hell, even most of his 'average' films are good.

His only downfall seems to have been from the mid-90's onwards. I think Kurt Russell commented something like 'he's older now, and he's happy to stay at home and smoke weed'. Hey, I say let the man relax after everything under his belt.

Vampires isn't terrible. James Woods is good, and it makes you wish they'd teamed up in the 80's.

Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

Yeah, I think having it be by Carpenter pushes it into the 'will-see' category for me. Otherwise, I would just chalk it up to the Netflix category.

Highly Caffeinated said...

Well, as is oft the case with poor movies, we in Australia seem to get the releases first, as I just watched The Ward tonight. And might I say, just re edit that trailer to not have John Carpenters name on it, and you'll be close.
Yes, JC has got a great back catalog, but as the saying goes, you're only as good as your last film, means he'd sure wanna be working on something else soon to distance himself from this steaming pile of crap!

Zach said...

I would bring up one thing that you forgot:

You say "other than that lackluster Masters of Horror episode about abortions", but he did also do the MoH first season episode called "Cigarette Burns", which I actually enjoyed. I think it was better than his other offering and in my mind was one of the stronger episodes of the series. It's the one thing that he's done recently that gives me faith he can rise again, actually.

And don't see Vampires. The lead vampire's name is "Valek", which all I can hear is phallic anytime anyone says it onscreen. Also, it's pretty terrible.

Johnny said...

Zach - Shit, thanks for catching that little error. Cigarette Burns totally slipped my mind and that's actually one of my favorite episodes from the whole show!

Jordan said...

I saw The Ward at the Toronto film festival in September, and while I thought it was pretty entertaining, it's nowhere near as great as Carpenter's early stuff. But I guess that kind of goes without saying.

PS johnny, your blog rocks!

Johnny said...

Thank you, Jordan! =)