Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amityville Week : It's Giveaway Time!

What do you call a themed week on a blog without a kickass giveaway that fits nicely along with that theme? Luckily for you guys and gals, I call that pretty damn lame. So let's do something about it, shall we?! What i've got up for grabs is a little Amityville prize package that I put together for ya, which consists of the following items :


1) The Amityville Horror four disc DVD collection, which comes housed in a nice little keepcase and consists of the three Amityville flicks that actually take place inside the infamous house; The Amityville Horror (with special features), Amityville 2 : The Possession and Amityville 3D (in 2D). The fourth disc is called Amityville Confidential and has two different History Channel shows about the real case that made families afraid to go to sleep in their own houses as well as an on location first look at the Amityville remake, which is nowadays of course a little dated but still gives you some behind the scenes stuff from that one to check out. This makes not only a great addition to the collection of any Amityville fan, but also the perfect introduction to the franchise for those who haven't yet experienced it.

**Pictured here is my beat up copy of the DVD set, not the one you'll be getting. The one the winner will receive will of course be brand spankin' new**

2) The winner will also receive this one of a kind action figure of Jodie the pig, as seen in the original Amityville Horror. Okay, so it's just a little cheap pig figurine I bought from my job for 3 bucks (minus my employee discount) with crudely painted red sharpie eyes, but you know you want it regardless (especially given that it has what apppear to be human boobies). I can't guarantee that having Jodie in your possesion won't bring some devilish shit to your household, so don't say I didn't warn you.

If you'd like to take this prize package home, you're gonna have to be a little creative. I want to have a little fun with this thing, so here's what you've gotta do to enter ....

I want you to come up with your own plotline for the fictional Amityville : Part 9. In keeping with the theme of the post-part 3 Amityville flicks that saw filmmakers desperately trying to keep the franchise going after the house was blown apart in three glorious dimensions, I want your plot to be as silly and lame as possible. I mean it. After 3D we saw the filmmakers use possessed lamps and mirrors from the original house in order to try and keep the franchise alive, and making money, and I want to hear YOUR totally absurd pitch for the next installment. Whether it be a hammer that was used to build the house absorbing its evil essence and turning into a killer construction tool or Jodie the pig ending up being used to make a delicious pulled pork dinner that results in an entire family becoming possessed by the Devil himself, I want you to just have fun with this one and let your imagination run wild. The most clever and ridiculous plot wins, simple as that. Leave all submissions in the comments section below and be sure to include your e-mail address!

So put on your thinking caps and have a blast with this. The giveaway is open to everyone and will run through the end of the week. The winner will not only be sent these two awesome prizes but their winning plot will also be published right here on Freddy In Space for all to see!!


raculfright_13 said...

Do we email you our silly plots or leave em in a comment?

Johnny said...

Woops, fixed the post to specify. Leave your plot here in the comments and be sure to include your e-mail address!

TheodorePuertoriquez said...

Amityville 9: The Final Showdown

When Roy Martinez purchased the empty plot of land out in Amityville to use for a meth lab he wasn't aware that the land was already occupied by a colony of feral cats, cats who will stop at nothing to protect the territory they claim as their own.

But when the cats first colonized this land they were not aware that it was the former spot of the Amityville house and the home of an evil demonic force.

Now that evil force is tired of the constant meowing so he has summoned the ghosts of Sonny Martinelli and Ron Defeo to reclaim the land from the cats.

Now Roy Martinez and the feral cats are forced to put their differences aside in order to stop the demonic force, Sonny Martinelli, and Ron Defeo.

And with the help of monster killer Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary reprising her role from Jaws: The Revenge) and land boat they might just have a chance!

Sammy said...

hmm....well, the amityville house shall have become a laughingstock over the years. In order to revamp its tarnished image, a group of young whippersnappers turn the house into a haunted attraction. Of course, the house chooses to possess the actors hired to run the attraction, and thus cause things to go bad. In all, there shall be no less than 7 possessed actors, various trapdoors and traps that randomly appear everywhere, evil photographs with the freaky eyes that follow you, and a caravan of demonic silverware. In the end, the house traps the actors inside, sealing up all exits. The house then fills the interior with an acidic liquid, effectively digesting the actors, destroying them forever!

Anonymous said...

Who buys the land where the Amityville House once stood? COLLEGE FRAT BOYS! They build the Amityville Ferternty House!Frat boys die one by one at every kegger they have. The killings are never reported cause the local college never misses them.

Sarah Queen said...

Amityville in space.

Its 300 years in the future and we are living on one of the moons of Mars. A small colony of people live and work together building homes and helping newcomers to a life in the unknown. however, since building materials are scarce, wood and other necessities have been brought from earth. Little did anyone know that the amityville curse was attached to the very wood that our group is building their own home out of. one of the inhabitants starts to go mad after smoking from a pipe whittled from that same wood, he winds up killing 2 people before the house is accidentally burned and the curse is insinerated. however, in true amityville fashion, the ground beneath the house starts to open and the ashes fall into a beaming red light setting the stage for amityville 10: in hell.

Alex said...

The land where the Amityville house once stood is torn down to build a new ballpark, where the 2012 College Softball World Series will take place. The obnoxious and boastful man who bought the land further spat in the face of the ghosts of Amityville past by turning every square inch of the house in to baseball bats, batting helmets jock straps for the young, sexy ladies to use. Before you know it its the beginning of Maximum Overdrive all over ESPN, as the spirits of Amityville mercilessly attack the players and crowd. The final scene of course involves naked coeds in the shower, trying to dodge white hot balls out to kill them.

Mike Dobrzelecki said...

The Amityville house has new inhabitants but the evil lives on. As the family settles in they spruce up the house with potpourri and pleasant scents to mask the properties dark history but the evil presence possesses a Febreeze automatic mist air freshner.

Now every unsuspecting person who passes it is misted by the pure evil lavender fragrance and is driven to murder and suicide.

The film conclude with the satanic scent delivering device catching on fire and the house is burnt to the ground (natch) but after the remaining family escapes it is revealed that the remaining tainted scent cartridges were thrown from the house and their concentrated apple strudel horror is pouring into the lake, tainting it for numerous sequels to come.

Storyteller said...

Amityville 9: Back to the Roots
Alternate Title:
Amityville Negen: Terug naar de roots

Just like other Horror Genre shows, Amityville 9, is a Prequel more than a sequel. Back to the Roots takes us back to when the house was not there. Only a plot of land being cultivated by Dutch immigrants. The movie would use the Dutch language, and English Subtitles. The story would be about the family that originally created the house. Why they placed it upon the land it sits. And the story of the houses first victims. It would be a very similar account of what happened with the DeFeo murders. All in all its just a reimagining.

R. Oliver said...
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Mike said...

Amityville Horror  9 : The Lesser of Two Evils

A zombie outbreak is in full effect. A small New England family has somehow fortified their home enough that they can survive until one day their now teenage daughter sees a soldier and passing by on patrol. She bats her eyes and flashes her tits. She throws him a paper plane with instructions to go around to the cellar door at the side of the house. She runs down stairs and unboards the door to let him in. As soon as they catch eyes they begin making out and dry humping on the spot. She hushes him and leads him to her bedroom ( forgetting to board up the door ). She turns on her stereo loud enough to drown out their moans and locks the bedroom door behind her. As they fuck, zombies pour into the home and kill her sleeping mother and sleep deprived father. They continue to fuck without hearing a sound over the music and their own groans. They finish and the soldier tells her he has to go back on patrol. He gears up while she tries to seduce him laying in her bed in her tank top and panties. He looks back once more as he opens the door and is bitten. She jumps to her feet and heads out the window onto a near by tree branch while the soldier shoots away before collapsing.

The girl takes off running... down the streets and through the trees with a horde of zombies chasing after her. As she reaches the tree line she sees a series of tents and shanties built up like a make-shift Hovertown. She trips and falls turning back to see the zombies who were right on her tail... but they aren't going past the tree line. A small group of people come running from the tents and bring her back.

Once inside the tent, they tell her about the history of the place and the rift down to hell... but explain that the zombies seem to avoid it as they are creatures of instinct... and their instincts tell them to stay away. They have had problems within their Hoovertown before with people being possessed, going mad, killing their families... but 'it's safer then out there'.

They are trying to build a boat... but in the past whenever they come anywhere close someone becomes possessed and burns it down. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they leave the zombies will devour them. If they stay the rift will possess them.

A small gang of fringe culture cliches who just met but act like they've been lifelong friends band together to get out there... but one by one they are possessed, infected or murdered by someone who has been possessed or infected.

-Mike Schneider

Anonymous said...

The plot for the next sequel could go like this: a descendant of John Ketcham, a Satanist, is currently residing in the Amityville home, and is selling it to another family. The new family is aware of the home's sinister history, but is not scared to move in. This new family is either brave, stupid, or insane. The viewer can de cide which. The three kids, a boy and two girls see Jodie.The demonic pig like entity communicates with the boy. The wife becomes demonically possessed, and hurls objects by telekinesis. The father has night terrors, and every time he sleeps, is attacked by demonic entities. At one point, the wife looks in a mirror and sees a horned, goat like demon for a reflection. The children's dolls and toys move on their own, and blankets are lifted off them as they lay in bed. They all hear voices, things like "There is no escape from here," and "no one can save you" and and "Satan is the owner of this home". The family becomes scared as the movie progresses. Outside the yard, a. Sinister fog-like entity with a mind of its own periodically. attacks the family(evil, fog like entities actually exist outdoors in England, China, and Australia, attacking, chasing, injuring, and killing people, and are cled it, boneless, and devil tiger, and something similar now resides on the amityville property. In the end, the family smartened up and leaves this horrible house.