Monday, June 13, 2011

The VHS Resurgence Continues!!

As I was browsing Amazon's upcoming horror home video releases last night, something caught my eye which led me to dig deeper. Upon a brief investigation, I discovered that later this year, distribution label Image Entertainment will be releasing a whole series of classic horror films under the Midnight Madness banner. Why is this so exciting? Because each and every DVD in the series features the original VHS cover art for each film! VHS has been making a semi-comeback of late, at least in spirit, and this is another great step in the right direction. Check out just a few of the upcoming releases from the Midnight Madness Collection!!


The Initiation


Mountaintop Motel Massacre

The collection also includes Return To Horror High, Dead End Drive-In, House 2 : The Second Story (love that title), Return of the Killer Tomatoes & C.H.U.D. and it looks like all of them will be released throughout September (either the 6th, 20th or 27th, depending on the title). Click the corresponding links to pre-order your copies!


Justin said...

Fuck yes! Sometimes I think that distributors can do whatever they want with the special features for older films, just as long as they leave the original box / poster art alone. Now, if every other company would follow suit I could stop glaring at half of my DVD library.

The Mike said...

Interesting to see that Anchor Bay must have given up all these titles but it goes along with how they have moved to try and be more mainstream and have been going for new content over re-releasing their past titles. Image usually does a great job, and Anchor Bay had mixed results on some of these titles, so I look forward to seeing how these turn out.

Slowdeath77 said...

I def agree I hate when they change a classic cover for a movie. Sometimes I think the problem is they don't have the rights to the original artwork. Case in point Night of the creeps. They couldn't get the rights so we ended up with that god awe full new cover on dvd. at least the movie still kicks ass