Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Eye Catching New Halloween Costumes For 2011!

It's not exactly time to start gathering the materials for your Halloween costume this year, but it's getting pretty close to that time where you should start putting some thought into what/who you're gonna be. In an effort to help you with that agonizing thought process, i've spent a few hours rifling through the new costumes on several different Halloween costume websites and i've pulled out some select choices from this year that caught my eye. So here are 10 costumes-in-a-bag that you will be seeing pop up in your local Halloween shops in the coming months that just might appeal to ya!


When I was younger, I was a mega Masters of the Universe fan, both of the kickass Dolph Lundgren flick and the cartoons and children's books, the latter of which my dad used to read to my brother and I and spice up by throwing in curse words like "damn" and "shit", which would make us giggle uncontrollably. In fact, I recall even having bedsheets adorned with Evil-lyn, He-Man and of course, Skeletor, perhaps the first villain that I ever fell in love with. This highly impressive costume is better than most costumes you'll find in a bag and pretty much comes off looking like the old Mattel figure come to life. This year also sees the release of officially licensed She-Ra & He-Man costumes and I can only hope and pray that the trend continues in the following years, with Gwildor and his bucket of chicken soon to follow (he was going to share). It's a long shot, but a Masters fan can hope, can he not?


Stay Puft costumes have always been pretty popular over the years, but it's inevitably a hard one to pull off unless you're a pretty hefty dude or can figure out a way to make a bulky puffed out costume. This year, everyone can become their favorite marshallow man with ease with this costume, which features a fan inside that not only keeps ya cool but also inflates to give you that proper jet puffed look. Just be sure to stay away from sharp objects. And campfires.


Halloween always finds a way to make you want to sleep with things and people you never imagined you'd want to sleep with. In the past, i've been oddly sexually attracted to everything from boxes of crayons to Twister game boards. This year, I find myself wanting to bed Peter Criss, which makes me wonder if that's something i've always desired but have been able to repress for most of my life. Don't worry fellas, sexy female costumes of the whole gang will be available this year, so you can try and convince your girlfriend to help you live out your sick sexual desires, no matter which member is your favorite.


It's almost become a badge of honor for horror icons the past couple years to get sexy costumes made in their image. Freddy, Michael, Leatherface, Jason and Chucky have all gotten sexified(?) in the past and Ghostface has now officially made it into that elite group of legendary horror villains. When you're a mass murdering horror icon and your outfit can be used to elicit sexual desires from men on Halloween night, that's when you know you've truly made it. Congratulations, Ghostface.


Not only did that jerk Vincent Price not make poor Edward Scissorhands a woman friend, but he never even got around to giving him human hands that could take care of his desires ... now that's cruel. If he did make a wife for him, this is probably what she would've looked like. And something tells me she'd be one of the most popular chicks in town. After all, she's one wrong hand movement away from a serious wardrobe malfunction at all times!


Well now, this is guaranteed to be the most controversial costume of the year and i'm pretty sure once it begins showing up in stores, it is going to be taken off the market shortly thereafter. A couple years back a costume of a space alien in a prison jumpsuit that read "Illegal Alien" on it rose to Halloween infamy after getting pulled off the market due to consumer complaint and i'd say this one is the next to go. Not that I don't support the complete annihilation of Bin Laden, but I can't help but feel this one is just too raw and real for the general public. It's a costume i'd expect to see at a party, but not at Spirit Halloween.


Between this one and the Skeletor costume above, i'm thinking it might be high time to get a group of friends together and assemble to create the ultimate team of 80's cartoon icons this Halloween. Now that'd be epic. Panthro also gets costumized this year, if he's more your style.


Titled "Slasher Star", this costume transforms its wearer into a living breathing scream queen, complete with a visible scream for help, blood soaked clothes and a knife that she probably swiped off a kitchen counter in a way that made it slide along the countertop and make that iconic sound that us horror fans have heard more times than we've heard Wilhelm scream.


Damn, Halloween 2011 is really set to be the year that my childhood comes to life. This year sees the release of a line of wrestling legends costumes, including Roddy Piper (above), Sgt. Slaughter, The Iron Sheik and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, all officially licensed by WWE. Never in his life did Piper have a six pack, but ya gotta love it regardless. This is one codpiece away from being a pretty sweet Hell Comes To Frogtown mashup costume, if ya ask me.


The Walking Dead is bound to be a popular go to for Halloween this year, and the show has taken advantage of that fact by offering up their license for a slew of soon to be released costumes, masks and prosthetics appliances. The only human from the show that's gotten the costume treatment is the main character, Rick Grimes, but something tells me dressing up as Daryl Dixon would get ya more female attention on Halloween night. The ladies love the Reedus.

So, any idea what you're gonna be for Halloween this year? Leave a comment and let me know!


Alex said...

Here's one you missed. Talk about scary!

Johnny said...

Haha wow, that may win the most tasteless costume of the year award!

MJ said...

I'm aiming to experience my fist American halloween this year. I don't think I'll manage anything so elaborate as whatever I take has to fit in a rucksack with my regular clothes.

But so long as drinks to flow and women are dressed up, that's all that matters. Woo!

Amanda Ford said...

waoooo Ultimate Collection of costumes in a bag. I like these all costume! Great Writer! Thanks for share with us! Keep it up. Enjoy!

Fatally Yours said...

How awesome is that Edward Scissorhands costume?! I love it!