Saturday, July 2, 2011

Halloween Rears Its Big Demonic Head!

I know i've mentioned this before but for those who don't know, I have for the past two years worked at a family run CVS type pharmacy/convenience store, which has a Hallmark inside of it. Because of this, I now use Hallmark as my barometer for getting excited about the arrival of the Halloween season; when FedEx (hey Brian!) starts delivering shipments of corny little musical Halloween plush toys, I know it's getting to be that time to start getting into the spirit. With Halloween a mere three months away now, I took in a shipment this past week which contained a slew of Christmas ornaments (for the July unveiling) as well as one lone box that read "Halloween" on it. Inside were the 2011 Hallmark Halloween ornaments, a yearly tradition for the company since 2003. The moment I opened up that box, I knew it would only be a matter of time before other stores followed suit, stocking their shelves with skeletons, monsters and a whole lot of black and orange.

When I got home on Thursday I looked online and was surprised to find that there seems to be no site on the web that has pictures of this 2011 batch of ornaments yet. I guess they haven't been officially unveiled and aren't supposed to be put out on the shelves yet, so I had to do a little undercover work and slyly snap some crude pictures of the five new ornaments with my not very smart phone. Anything for you guys and gals! So here are the Hallmark 2011 Halloween ornaments, which see the Peanuts characters merging with the Universal Monsters, and which you can probably find at your local Hallmark establishment in the coming weeks!

(Again, this was a quick undercover operation, so the picture quality is pretty damn poor!)

"The Great Pumpkin's Visit" - An animated musical ornament

"A Little Bite Of Fright" - Charlie Brown as Dracula

"A Monstrously Pretty Bride" - Lucy as The Bride of Frankenstein

"A Monstrous Disguise" - Snoopy as Frankenstein

"A Howling Good Time" - Linus as The Wolfman

Dear Summer, I know you just got here and all and I do love you. But kindly go away ... i'm ready for Halloween already!


Jen said...

Want! Especially Lucy as the Bride. Thanks for the heads up!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the undercover op, Johnny!