Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Morbid Enterprises Vomits Pea Soup All Over The 2011 Halloween Season!

We are less than 100 days until Halloween and now is about the time when companies are starting to unveil their upcoming masks, costumes and decorations for the year. One such company, Morbid Enterprises, has already made a huge impact on the scene with various licensed pieces that are sure to gobble up your bank account funds this impending Halloween season. Their attention has largely been focused on The Exorcist this year, with both kickass costumes and props set to turn your head 360 degrees around. Lets take a look at what they've got to offer on the Exorcist front!


As far as i'm aware, this is the very first officially licensed Exorcist costume ever released (could be wrong, but it's the first i've seen). It's set to retail for about $50 or the mask can be bought seperately in the event that you've got your own pea soup soaked nightgown to throw on. The full costume will be available in both teen and adult sizes. If any of you fellas out there can get your lady friend to throw this on and jump in the sack with ya, you will earn my eternal respect.

This five foot tall lifesize animatronic Regan features a head that spins 360 degrees, eyes that turn white, a body that convulses and a moving mouth that spews dialogue from the film, all while playing the famous Exorcist theme song. This one will be an exclusive to Spirit Halloween and will retail for $179.99. Click play to see this must own item in action!


Scare your house guests, and probably even yourself, with this Exorcist door drape, complete with subliminal images of Pazuzu just like in the film!

If you ever wanted Linda Blair's head on a silver platter (you sick bastard), now's your chance (if you're willing to drop 80 bucks). With the simple press of a button, her head does a complete turnaround. Much like the full body prop, the head also spouts dialogue from the movie and plays the theme song. This one also features eyes that light up in demonic red fashion. Now if only they could make it vomit chlorophyll green at passersby ...


And finally, this 28"x21" framed lenticular image goes from normal happy Regan to demonic pissed off Regan right before your very eyes. Note the added touch of Pazuzu looming over her head, making sure she does in fact make the grisly transformation.

Morbid Enterprises supplies their wares to various online and brick and mortar Halloween shops, so keep an eye out for all of these in the coming months over at your favorite retailer. Check out their site for more awesome new items for the 2011 haunting season including a Captain Spaulding mask and lifesize animatronic prop and even a Rob Zombie mask!

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Oh great. More creepy Exorcist stuff to freak me out this year. :P