Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can Freddy Survive Hurricane Irene? Place Your Bets!!

A mega sized hurricane, dubbed Irene, is gearing up to slam my hometown big time. We're right in the eye of the storm and it's set to arrive sometime late tonight or early tommorow morning. It's supposedly gonna be so bad that many areas on the island I reside (Long Island, New York) have already been evacuated in preparation. As for me, i've got plenty of beer and i'm planning on staying at my house and riding it out. Quite frankly, i'm kind of excited for what's about to come (and a little frightened). I just hope I don't lose my power for too long. Not sure what the hell i'd do without the internet. Though I do always have Lance Henriksen's book Not Bad For A Human to keep me company. But I digress.

I've decided to conduct a little experiment during Hurricane Irene and who better to help me out with that experiment than Freddy Krueger. Freddy has survived just about everything over the course of the past few decades (including Jason Voorhees, a sequel that promised his death and a godawful remake) but he has never come face to face with the forces of Mother Nature. During the course of Hurricane Irene, I am going to put Freddy's unkillable status to the ultimate test by placing him outside, directly in harm's way, for the entire duration of Hurricane Irene. Will he survive 24 hours of vicious winds and torrential downpour or will the epic forces of Mother Nature destroy him for good? We shall soon find out!

**NOTE : Freddy was already missing his knife fingers prior to the hurricane arriving**

I'll keep you posted on Freddy's status throughout the hurricane, or as long as I have internet access and am able to. Be sure to follow Freddy In Space on Facebook for those updates!

Here's to hoping this doesn't end up in the local paper. "Freddy Krueger Doll Comes Flying Through Local Woman's Window!" Who knows, he might even be launched all the way to space! Get it? Freddy In Space? Ok, i'm gonna go now. Wish me luck!


Dr. Jimmy Terror said...

That's inhumane... Sending Freddy to meet Irene without his knives. Who knows? maybe they'll make out and we will end up with a new dream child.

Morleysaurus said...

Aaahahahahahahaha. This is brilliant!!! Freddy can survive anything, I do believe in Freddy, I do believe in Freddy! <3

Caffeinated Joe said...

Hope he makes it through, but it would be cool to see him flying by here, too. LOL

Stay safe!

skramer137 said...

I really hope Mr. Krueger makes it through Irene....then again, with his past history of killing people in their sleep, then maybe he shouldn't make it through the storm....a menace like that doesn't really deserve to survive a hurricane.
Haha....just kidding. Mostly.