Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway Time : Win a George Romero Handmade Doll!


Earlier this year at March's Monster Mania Convention, there was a vendor by the name of Bob Dix whose work I became quite the fan of over the course of the weekend. I bought a couple of his art pieces along with a George Romero doll that he made by hand, which I fell in love with. Shortly thereafter I began chatting with Bob through e-mail and worked out a deal with him to exclusively sell his handmade horror director dolls (he's also got one of Hitchcock) through a little shop I had started over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page. Even though he has to make each one of a kind doll by hand, Bob was awesome enough to quickly whip up 5 Romero dolls and 5 Hitchcock dolls for me, which I excitedly posted to the shop. Here we are several months later and i've yet to sell one. That being said, I am not in possession of too many of the dolls I bought from Bob, being that i've delighted in sending them to friends, all of whom seem to dig them. When I contacted Bob about selling them through my shop my intention was never to make any money off the dolls so much as it was to get them out there in the world, being that I personally think they're pretty sweet, so i'm happy that i've been able to do just that. Nothing I do in the horror community is for the money, it's all out of pure love.

So I figured since I have a couple dolls left i'd offer one of the Romero ones up for grabs to you folks, free of charge, in an effort to spread the love. Here's all you've gotta do to enter to win!

Leave me a comment with your e-mail address and the answer to the following question :

- What would you do with your cute and cuddly version of George Romero, if you were to win him?

The giveaway will run through this week (ends Sunday night at midnight) and is open to everyone, everywhere, zombie or human. Best of luck to all!


Liz R. said...

I would watch zombie flicks of course! Also he'd keep an eye out when I sleep at night...just in case the apocalypse happens. @_@ He'd be my little buddy and I'd take him everywhere because who wouldn't love to have Romero at his/her side?! Right now, I'm Romero-less and by the looks of that zombie hand...I think he needs me too!

Thank you for the giveaway & good luck fellow Freddy in Space followers. :0)

silverpsycho (@)
(without the spaces & parentheses)

Sam W. said...

I'm not gonna lie. Little George Romero would probably start off working on lighting. Then we would promote him to sound if he does well. He has his work cut out for him if he wants to live up to the real George Romero.

Sam Woodlief

*Krys* said...

I have both short and long term goals for my George Doll Romero, should I win him. After welcoming him into my home and introducing him to my other horror and movie related paraphernalia, George D. Romero would pose for a professional photo-op with my pet rats; who happen to be big fans of George A. Romero's work. (This would involve props and master photography to effectively capture the emotion of their meeting.) In the long term, George D. Romero would be used as an introductory instructional tool for my future child. Much like a parent would use a block to teach letters and stuffed toys to help their child identify simple images, George D. Romero would increase my child's exposure to the important lessons in life. I look forward to the day when my toddler will hold George D. Romero in her little hand and exclaim, "The Godfather of all zombies!"

Anonymous said...

I would get him to sign it.

Jennifer said...

The doll looks like it would be good for voodoo. So, we could always do a Dorian Gray deal with it to keep Romero alive forever!! ;-)


VampireSlay said...

Of course I put him on the couch with me and let him watch Horror movies with me and my girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I would honestly just keep him up on a shelf, where he could watch his own movies as I watched him, praying he wouldn't suddenly spring to life.

Mike said...

I would have him star in the short film for your short film contest. Stop motion stuffed Romero FTW.


Zombob said...

I do a lot of traveling for work and I would treat him as the school project called "Flat Catherine." He would travel with me & everywhere I would go, I would take his picture by a town sign (Welcome to Las Vegas), something of interest (The Grand Canyon) or a tourist spot (The Statue of Liberty) and then post the pics of George's travels on Facebook!

Murphy Screams said...

I'd have him direct a stop-motion remake of Knightriders starring my kids' action figures and dolls. Then we'd probably snuggle, not gonna lie.


atomicfox said...

If I won little Romero I would probably give it to my younger cousin. She's turning 8 (her birthday is on Halloween!) so I know she's old enough to take care of the little guy. I'm slowly but surely turning her into a huge horror movie fan like myself. The earlier you start, the better, right?

Anonymous said...

If I won I would add him to my ever expanding horror collection

Andrew Valenzuela

Tony Hicks said...

To be honest he would sit on my mantel so everyone that comes in can see him.