Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Survived Hurricane Irene ... But Did Freddy?!


After well over 48 hours without power in the wake of Hurricane Irene, i'm happy to report that I am finally able to once again pee without pointing a flashlight into the bowl. I am finally able to brew a cup of coffee again. And I can finally go back to watching all the shitty screeners i've recently been sent. But most exciting of all, I am finally back in my computer chair, pecking away at the keys for your enjoyment. While i'd like to say I enjoyed a few days away from technology and without all the modern day comforts that we take for granted every day of our lives, i'm not sure I can say that with a straight face. It is kinda fun to navigate your way through a dark house with only a small flashlight and it is kinda fun to see what kinds of meals you can slap together without the use of any electrical appliances (my stove is even electric), but I gotta say, I don't operate so well without the ability to go on the computer or to watch movies. Those are two things that define who I am and without them, well, I was pretty damn miserable. So could I live without things like a computer, a TV or a device that turns frozen blocks into delicious dinners or coffee grounds into tasty pick me ups? Hell no. That being said, it was kinda nice to not be forced to look at my hairy mug in the mirror every morning ...

In any event, you're probably here to find out whether Freddy Krueger survived Hurricane Irene, am I right? Afterall, he's more important than I. So let's find out the epic conclusion of the Freddy vs Irene mega battle and then I want to quick mention a few things from my days in the dark that I wanted to touch upon. Oh and in case you didn't see the post I made prior to the 'cane and are wondering what the hell i'm talking about, I put a 12" Freddy Krueger action figure outside for the entire duration of the hurricane, in an effort to see if he truly is unkillable. Jeez, read the blog once in a while, will ya?

First up, here's a picture of Freddy before Hurricane Irene, when there was only slight drizzle in the air ....


And here was Freddy after a good 8 hours of vicious winds and all the violence mother nature was able to muster ...


Yaaaaa, not much of a difference. Despite the fact that trees and power lines were strewn all over the streets and neighboring lawns, I was quite shocked to find that Freddy did not move a single inch during the entire hurricane. Aside from getting a lot wetter, there was absolutely no difference between Freddy before the hurricane and Freddy after it. Totally anticlimactic, i'm aware. I would've loved to have come on here and told you that I found him miles away in a ditch somewhere, with all of his clothes torn to shreds, but I gotta be honest with ya. In an effort to make it up to you though, here's a picture of what Freddy would've looked like had mother nature did to him what I was hoping she was going to do to him ...


I hope that's some compensation. I guess the lesson learned here is that Freddy truly is unkillable. To give you an idea of the incredibly strong tree swaying winds that he managed to not only survive, but avoid any damage or even movement from, here are some pictures from around town that Jen took the morning after. There's no pill to cure this shit.




Aside from the winds, the hurricane was a lot tamer than the weathermen were anticipating, as it always seems to be. There were several trees down, some on tops of houses and cars, but in terms of rain or flooding around here, there wasn't much of that except for at the houses right on the edge of the water. I had fears that my entire living room was going to be filled with ocean water and sea life but thankfully all we got on my property were those winds and that's about it. That being said, the entire town still lost power for several days, with my road in particular losing it from early Sunday morning until about 4pm today (Tuesday). While it was a bummer to be away from the computer for so long, the downtime did provide for some fun stuff that never would've happened had there been power, which I gotta say i'm thankful for. Not to bore you with a play by play of what I did those couple dark days, but there are just a couple things I wanted to mention. I figure if I can't make a blog post out of a hurricane, then I should probably turn in my blogging license. Am I right?

Jen and I had a lot of fun Saturday night, in anticipation for the storm. We were both kinda excited and kinda nervous about what was to come but we shut the nerves up with a couple six packs of pumpkin beer, which we enjoyed while watching two movies, the first one a childhood favorite for me and the second a childhood favorite for Jen, which I never got around to watching until a couple years back. First up was Little Monsters, an underappreciated movie that I absolutely cherish. Watching it is like walking through a time portal into my childhood and I just love it so damn much. Nothing beats a good 80's kids adventure flick, especially when the main kid makes friends with some kind of abnormal creature (Goonies & ET come to mind). Love those kinds of movies, the ones that really capture the magic of being a kid, and Little Monsters is perhaps my favorite of the bunch. They just don't make 'em like that anymore. As for Lady In White, that's one of Jen's favorites, which she introduced me to a couple Halloween's back. While I wish I had seen it as a kid, i've nevertheless grown to love it. It gets a bit cheesy at times but the story and atmosphere are what it's all about. The Fright Rags crew has promised to take us on a tour of several of the locations used in the movie, which was filmed in their hometown, and Jen and I will be taking them up on that very soon. Maybe this October?

So that first night was a lot of fun and i'm so thankful that we had power the entire night. Ended up hanging out and watching the movies till about 3 in the morning, and then it was off to bed, wondering what we were gonna wake up to.

Woke up pretty early Sunday morning to some serious winds, followed by the ever dreadful loss of power. Our movie watching capabilities no longer available, the excitement of the storm dwindled. Pretty much just sat around all day watching the massive trees in our backyard sway around, wondering if they were gonna come crashing into our kitchen. Thankfully, they did not. Sunday night we headed over to my parents' house, just a few minutes away, which we do every Sunday night to eat dinner and watch True Blood. Being that cable was out, we didn't get to watch True Blood this week (still haven't seen the episode), but my dad has a generator so we were able to bring the contents of our fridge over and even watch a movie, which ended up being Children of Men. Don't know why it took me so long to see that, being that i've owned it for a while, but goddamn is that a good movie. Almost made me want to get back to watching something other than horror movies every so often. Almost.

After the movie my dad introduced us to a really awesome horror inspired game called LIMBO (more on that in a future post, once I play more than the demo) followed by Then Came Bronson, first the original movie and then the first episode of the series. That's been one of his favorite shows since he was a kid and I quite enjoyed it, at least the movie. Michael Parks is one badass mofo and the show reminded me a lot of Easy Rider, which i'm a huge fan of. It's not that i've ever desired to hop on a motorcycle, but there's something about that tossing away of your watch and your 9-5 job and just exploring the world that i've always been interested in. Once again though, i'm not sure I could live without the things one would have to live without in order to take on that lifestyle, so i'll have to just dream about being Bronson rather than actually becoming him. Besides, i'm too much of a pussy anyway. Sigh.

During the first episode of the Bronson TV series, we all got scared shitless when somebody knocked really hard on our front door. Keep in mind this was around midnight. We all sprung up off the couch, hearts pounding, and quickly grabbed whatever flashlights and weapons we could find. When we opened the door to see who was there, hopeful that it was just a neighbor looking for sugar or something, we found nobody outside. Creeeepy. To make things all the more creepy, I had earlier in the night strongly considered bringing The Strangers over to the parents' to watch. Could you imagine if we were watching that when we got a knock at the door? My god.

Ya so we were all pretty weirded out at this point. My dad and I went outside with flashlights and weapons and still could find nobody out there. We ended up calling the cops and after about 30 minutes they showed up (leaving us plenty enough time to get killed ... thanks guys). They said they had gotten all kinds of reports of similar knock and runs in close proximities to our house over the course of the night, with one victim saying he saw a group of kids walking around near his house. As we suspected, and hoped, it was just a bunch of kids fucking around and trying to scare people while the power was out. I don't know when the hell the youth of this nation got so fuckin' rotten, but stuff like this really makes me sick. It was no big deal for them to mess with us but just imagine an elderly person home alone in the dark sleeping hearing a knock at their door and getting up out of bed to investigate, only to find no one there. Can't figure out what anyone could find funny or cool about messing with people like that. But whatever, i'm just glad nobody asked if Tamara was home ...

Needless to say, we're bringing The Strangers over to my parents' house tonight to watch it with them and freak them out proper! Gonna head over there soon so I better finish up this blog post. Probably boring you at this point anyway.

Not much to say about Monday, other than the fact that I was pretty tired of having no lights by this point. The shops a couple towns over all had their power restored so Jen and I headed out there to spend some money and get out of the house. So exciting to see that most places have put their Halloween stuff out and that Dunkin Donuts has all their pumpkin flavored coffee's and such back in rotation. Most people are sad that summer is over but i'm just glad to fall is upon us. Wooohoo!

At night we walked up to the movies to see Fright Night, which I had already seen but Jen hadn't. I figured she might enjoy it and she ended up liking it quite a bit. As for me, watching it less with a critical eye and more as a movie I already saw and knew I liked, I ended up enjoying it even more than on the first viewing. It was a $30 outing, on top of the 15 bucks I already spent on the movie last week (goddamn 3D), but it was well worth it to get out of our pitch black house and go on a little date. Nothing beats a movie date (especially when you take a walk through the cemetery beforehand ... which we did!).

And that about wraps that whole ordeal up. Went back to work today after having a nice little three day weekend, which was overall a fun and different one thanks to Irene. When I got home from work today the power was completely restored and while I was incredibly happy to see that, I gotta say that I definitely had a good time all around during the outage. Nice every once in a while to change things up a bit and get away from all things normal and expected out of daily life. But do me a favor mother nature, let's keep these things to a minimum, ok? A single night power outage every so often is cool, but this 48+ hour shit just doesn't work for me. Ya dig?

Back to business as usual around these parts tommorow! Oh and if you're wondering, I didn't get the chance to see Don't Be Afraid of the Dark yet, but I will be doing so this week!


Bahnick said...

Awesome blog. Haha! I like that you aptly ended by mentioning Don't be Afraid of the Dark, which should have been the theme of this blog entry.

Johnny said...

Ha, ya I mentioned to Jen how it was ironic that that movie came out that weekend!

MJ said...

Not to miss the more important points of the hurricane situation, but 2x things popped into my head during that blog;
1) The main monster/child thing at the end of 'Little Monsters' with the melting face was f'n nuts to see as child. not as icky as Raiders, mind you.
2) 'Lady In White' was a staple of late night, Channel4 TV in the UK in the late 80's. Man i love that creepy little film.

Johnny said...

MJ - Ya, Little Monsters gets pretty dark in the second half! Also noticed a lot of adult humor watching it nowadays that slipped under the radar as a kid.

Joshua said...

Thanks for update Johnny. I was anxious to find out about Freddy. I figured you must have lost power when I didn't see any updates. Crazy that he survived untouched. Kind of spooky.

Glad you're back on your feet. Keep up the great blog work. I missed your updates while your power was out.

Jesse Lee Alan Bartel said...

Finally got around to reading this, I knew you would love Children of Men. It's a heavy film, see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, "DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK" is one of the best "haunted house" movies i`ve ever seen, you wont be disapointed believe me.