Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick Four Loko Fueled Thoughts On PAUL


So I grabbed a Four Loko from the fridge tonight and hit up the Playstation Network. And i'm talking the real Four Loko, with the caffeine and alcohol, not that watered down version that's on the shelves these days. See, my girlfriend is really smart and awesome and she snatched up several cases of the stuff when we found out it was being banned in New York and replaced by a toned down alternative, sans mega amounts of caffeine (I thought it was I before E except after C?). I guess what i'm trying to say is, i'm pretty hammered right now and quickly realizing why I have learned to refrain from blogging whenever I drink even the smallest amounts of alcohol. It's already taken me 15 minutes to write up this brief paragraph, with the constant editing of drunken typos that I can't seem to stop making. But in the event that I wake up tommorow unable to remember how much I enjoyed Paul tonight, I wanted to quick make a post with my brief thoughts. Thus, me blogging while high on Four Loko. I don't advise it. Though I guess it's better than vlogging a review after a Four Loko. That'd just be embarassing.

Anyway, i'm not sure why I missed out on seeing Paul theatrically but i'm sorry I did. As a lover of sci-fi movies and both Shaun of the Dead and the childish Seth Rogen brand of humor, it would seem that me seeing this one would be at the top of my 2011 theatrical to do list, but I was probably broke the weekend it came out or something. I usually am. I need a raise. I'm drunk.

Paul feels like a sequel to ET written and directed by Kevin Smith and I say that in the most complementary way possible, being that I love both ET and the geeky dick and fart joke humor of Kevin Smith. With a introduction that begins at Comic Con and soon after finds our lead geeks (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, who also wrote the film) finding a roadtrip buddy in the form of a foul mouthed alien (voiced by Seth Rogen), Paul is a total geek filled blast of immature humor and ample amounts of heart, the kind of comedy that I personally love. As much fun as I had with Cowboys & Aliens a couple weeks back, I think Geeks & Aliens is a bit more my style. I related, I loved, and I can't formulate too much more of a thought process in my current state of mind. So I guess i'll have to leave it at that.

I love that there's been two great theatrically released homages to ET this year, one being a hardcore drama and the other being a balls out comedy, both full of loving winks and nods and each giving two vastly different interpretations of that heartwarming subject matter of a well meaning alien being stuck on earth. It's a beautiful thing. It truly is.

So ya. Paul rocks, especially if you're a total geek like myself. I bet it would've been called Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind if Saved by the Bell didn't already use that title for an episode where Screech pretends to be an alien. Goddamn, I love Saved By The Bell. Maybe i'll pop an episode or two in the PS3 while I pass out ...

Oy vey, no wonder this god forsaken stuff was pulled off the market.


Morphine said...

It was a very entertaining review lol.
All the references in that movie were fantastic

Morleysaurus said...

Hahaha, brilliant review!!! :) Always wondered what this Four Loko stuff was! And yay, I freakin' love Paul, easily one of my favourite movies this year....and in fact, in several years! :P