Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can't Find The Monster Cereals In Your Area?

Around this time, grocery stores begin getting in shipments of the best cereals on planet earth; the General Mills Monster Cereals. Well, at least some grocery stores do. I've found Boo Berry and Franken Berry in particular to be quite difficult to find in my area, as no grocery stores around here tend to carry them. In fact, on a vacation to Georgia a couple years back I was so delighted to find them over there that I bought several boxes and stuffed them into my luggage to bring back home. I have in recent years found that the Target a few towns over usually gets them in stock for a limited time, but generally I have to either travel to get my Monster Cereals or order them online. Yep, you can order Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula through Amazon, and best of all, you can do so all year round. I get that the monsters evoke the spirit of Halloween, but I never could quite figure out why these cereals weren't just available in stores all year long. They're clearly making them all year, so why can't the stores just carry them? It'd truly be a better world if they did.

So if you can't find the Monster Cereals in your area or you get a hankering for delicious nuggets of blue and pink in a month that doesn't start with an O, allow me to change your life for the better. Amazon's got them in stock all year round and they come in packs of 4 for only $13.99, which according to my calculations makes each box a mere $3.49. In these harsh times of rising cereal prices, that aint so bad. Besides, you can't put a price on this shit!




You'll thank me when you're sucking blue milk out of your favorite bowl with a straw. Never again will you have to smear Boo Berry chapstick all over your lips in a desperate attempt to mimic that taste. I've been there. And it aint pretty.


Strange Kid said...

I've got to collect them all!! Haha.

I tend to have a hard time finding them here in Alabama as well. Target carries a limited supply and Walmart seems to stock Count Chocula, but not the rest of them. Thanks for the tip, Mr. Tibbs... I mean, Mr. Boots.

Caffeinated Joe said...

If you have a Walgreens around you, try them. Saw all three boxes there yesterday.

Joshua Zaitz said...

It may be a bit of shameless self promotion but I love these cereals too. So much so that I created some artwork based on their mascots.

Quanthor said...

BTW, they also now make monster fruit roll-ups featuring these same characters...or at least Boo Berry Ghost.

I saw them in Target and even bought a box.