Sunday, September 25, 2011

CHILLERAMA : Getting Blasted With Blood & Semen Has Never Been This Much Fun!!


So last night was awesome. Got the incredible opportunity to see Chillerama on the big screen, with Joe Lynch, Lloyd Kaufman and star of Adam Green's segment Kristina Klebe in the house watching it with us. The night was one i'll never forget and the movie delivered the complete awesomeness that I fully expected it to deliver. First let me give a brief rundown of how the night went and then i'll get on with my review, which probably won't be so much a review as a plea that you get your ass out to any theater you can find playing it, however far away, and enjoy it with an audience, up on the big screen. This is not one you're gonna wanna watch on your iPhone!

We departed for New York City around 8pm, being that it was a midnight screening, and picked up fellow horror blogger Jesse Bartel (Blood Sprayer/Liberal Dead) and his girlfriend Lindsay along the way. When we got there Jesse and Lindsay met up with Jesse's sister and Jen and I headed over to Dallas BBQ for some pulled pork sandwiches and a couple big ass pina coladas, a feast of sweet meats and strong drink that has become a pre-NYC event tradition for us over the years. After the meal we met up with Adam Barnick and headed over to Village East Cinemas, where we were soon greeted in the lobby by Joe Lynch, who stayed to chat for a bit before the movie started. He tapped me on the shoulder and said "nice shirt" (I was wearing an Adam Green shirt) and I initially didn't even realize who it was but then I snapped to and realized it was Joe motherfuckin' Lynch. Such a cool guy. Joe and I have talked back and forth online a few times over the years, which started with him e-mailing me one day to tell me he loves and reads my blog, so it was awesome to finally meet him in person. We got along quite swimmingly and he didn't turn down my request to make out in our picture together ...


Took that shot with him and then told him I was the dude who writes Freddy In Space, being that he knows the blog but wouldn't know what I looked like, and he seemed genuinely excited to find out who the bearded fellow he just faux made out with was, hugging me and echoing my sentiments in regards to how cool it was to finally meet in person. On another little side note that we bonded over, Joe's mom and my dad actually recently started working together as of this year, which is one of those "small world" situations if i've ever seen one. Hope to get more time to hang out with Lynch at a convention or something of that nature in the future. Seems like he'd be a blast to toss back a few drinks with!

After chatting for a bit we headed into the theater, where Joe introduced Lloyd Kaufman (who sat right behind us) and Kristina Klebe, before giving a hilarious introduction to the movie, wherein he talked about how shocked he was that this sick and twisted little movie that four friends made with their friends ended up getting played in a big time theater in Manhattan. God bless Image Entertainment for having the balls to give this little midnight movie the proper midnight movie theatrical treatment, even if only in limited release fashion.

I'm sure everyone who would be interested in Chillerama knows what it's about, but in case you don't, here's a brief synopsis. The basic gist is that the owner of a drive-in theater (Hatchet's Richard Riehle) is going out with a bang by showing his four favorite lost genre films on the last night before his theater is demolished, and before he blows his brains out. So we basically get four different short films, directed by four different filmmakers, and all tied together by the wraparound story of the drive-in audience watching the films, which ends up not exactly going as planned. As a whole, the movie is a gloriously immature and enormously entertaining romp through the genre's history, probably the most pound for pound entertaining film you will see this year. Let's take a closer look at the individual parts that comprise this throwback experience, in the order that they are shown.



Directed By Adam Rifkin

Of the four filmmakers involved with this project, Adam Rifkin is the one I was least familiar with going in, having never seen his most well known films Detroit Rock City or Look. Wadzilla is a take on 50's radioactive giant monster movies, only with a massive sperm as the monster in question (creature effects by the Chiodo Bros of Killer Klowns fame!). Rifkin himself plays a man who is given experimental drugs which end up enlarging his sperm to increasingly epic proportions, with the end result being a King Kong sized spermatozoa with one main mission; impregnating the biggest chick in the city ... the Statue of Liberty. Wadzilla kicks off Chillerama with a gooey bang and sets the tone for the immaturity and utter depravity that's about to cum. In other words, if you're not down with bucket loads of ejaculant alongside bucket loads of blood, then Chillerama just aint for you!



Directed By Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan's short is a coming out story set in a Rebel Without a Cause world, a musical about a man coming to terms with his homosexuality and fending off a horde of werebears (hairy gay men) in the process. I hate to say anything negative about a movie that provided me with so much entertainment, but if Chillerama has a weak link in it it's surely this segment, the only one of the four that failed to provide me with serious levels of joy. I haven't really been a fan of anything Tim Sullivan has done, so I kinda had a feeling this was gonna be my least favorite of the bunch. He seems like an awesome guy and all and it's cool that he made such a personal film, but it just didn't do much for me and ultimately ended up killing a bit of the steam that Wadzilla brought along with it. It's got some funny moments but it's nevertheless one I will probably skip on future DVD viewings of the film.



Directed By Adam Green

Leave it to Adam Green to get the film back on track with this entry, a short that takes more liberties with World War 2 history than Tarantino did with Inglorious Basterds. In Green's world, Hitler slaughtered the Frank family, whose real last name was Frankenstein before they changed it, and stole Dr. Frankenstein's monster blueprints, intent on creating the ultimate Nazi killing machine. As with everything Green has done in the past, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein is thoroughly entertaining, a spoof on the old black and white monster movies, with Joel David Moore playing Hitler and Kane Hodder playing the Jewish monster, who Hitler names Meshugganah (the Yiddish word for "crazy"). The whole short is in German, subtitled in English, with all the actors/actresses really speaking German except for Joel David Moore, who speaks complete gibberish throughout, though his words are translated into proper English. Rife with intentionally poorly done effects, this one is perhaps the most humorous of the bunch. It's also the only one that doesn't have cock as a central theme. Not that there's anything wrong with cock.



Directed By Joe Lynch

What starts out as a film called Deathication, a compilation about people straining themselves to the point that they shit, quickly turns into what is the real fourth segment in this anthology, with the drive-in wraparound tale becoming a horror film of its own, an homage to 70's/80's zombie flicks directed by Lynch. Only in Lynch's zombie film, the dead are not only intent on walking the earth, but fucking it as well. Ya know how zombies have to be shot in the head in order to be killed? Well in Zom-B-Movie it's their other head that has to be destroyed, and they're not going down without first fucking as many warm bodies as they can. Zom-B-Movie is a total gross out zombie flick, the perfect film to not only tie together the whole shebang but also end things on the most fitting of notes, as it gleefully celebrates all of the depraved ideas tossed our way in the previous hour and a half.

Bottom line being, Chillerama is so much fucking fun, a real treat for horror fans who like their horror hugely entertaining and full of as many bodily fluids as possible. It's truly everything you'd hope it would be and then some. As Lynch was saying beforehand, it's really amazing that a film this balls to the wall committed to its grossness and depravity ever made it on the big screen and I encourage each and every one of you to seek it out in the theater. The release is pretty limited but this is the kind of movie that is best experienced with an audience, so try and make a trek out to the nearest theater playing it if you possibly can. Here are the current theatrical listings. If you can't make it to any, you'll have to wait until November 29th to pick the film up on DVD or Blu-ray or to catch it On Demand.

After the movie ended Lynch planned on doing a little Q&A but since nobody immediately raised their hands to ask questions, he just said 'fuck it, lets all go get drunk'. Got to chat a bit more with him in the lobby and get a Chillerama poster signed before saying our goodbyes and heading out. Speaking of Chillerama posters ...

I've got a few of the 11x17 variety on hand (seen at the top of the post) and since the film put me in such a good mood, i'm feeling pretty giving at the moment. So i'll tell ya what. If you want one, leave me a comment below with your e-mail address and one of the locations and dates Chillerama will be playing at in the near future. In a few days, i'll randomly pick a couple of you to send a poster out to. How's that sound?


Brian Pitt said...

Hi man!
I'm trying my best to hit up the Chillerama screening at the Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta on October 14th!
My email is

Tony hicks said...

Philly 10/7 planning on driving from cincy

K-Fleet said...

It's Spermtastic that it's playing in Dallas (09/30) and Denver (10/08), but that's way too far for my wad to blow (from Central Kansas), so a November wait it shall be.

ike said...

How cool - I would love to go to Knoxville — Knoxville Horror Film Fest 10/23 but it's a bloody long way to go from Greece .. haha
Fat chance I say :-(
Great write-up though :-) Thankx

Anonymous said...

I'd kill to see an awesome midnight movie like this, it sounds like you had a lot of fun with it, the closest place to me is in Philly at the Ritz 5 theater on the 7th,
My email is

(btw, I've been reading your blog for years, but have finally decided to comment, so this will be my first shout put saying how much I love it and that it's a daily routine for me to visit, keep it up!)

Sarah Queen said...

I'm super excited for this one! I'm hopefully going to catch it at Horrorhound weekend in Cincinnatti this November 11-13th!! :)

Halloweenman666 said...

I'm really hoping to make it out to the showing in Philly on 10/7 at the Ritz 5!!! Kind of a hike but well well worth it, especially after reading your review!
my email is

Crystal said...

great review,unfortunately it is not coming close to me with Chicago — Midway Drive-In being the closest(400 miles away) but i am looking forward to seeing it on dvd..thanks!

cyclona66 at aol dot com