Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Freddy In Space & Present : The 21 Coolest Horror DVD Packages Of All Time!!

I've been wanting to compile a list such as this one for some time now but if i'm being honest, I just never felt like I knew enough about the topic to really put together a comprehensive one. I had a Notepad folder where I was compiling my finds but I just knew I was missing so many and I didn't want to make the post until I felt like I had all bases covered. When I stumbled upon a site called, which is devoted to making all kinds of kickass genre DVD's from all around the globe available and accessible to all of us in the United States, I knew I had found a source who could lend me a helping hand. So I contacted them and they were awesome enough to inform me of several releases that I wasn't even aware of, thereby making this list possible. So a huge thanks goes out to Tony Pina from, without whom this list truly wouldn't be available for your viewing pleasure right now.

Before we get into the list, let me explain what I mean by "Coolest DVD Packages". I'm not talking special features or anything like that, i'm strictly talking about the DVD's and in some cases Blu-ray's that have highly clever and unique packaging and/or the ones that come with equally clever and unique little collector's items. This list is strictly all about the packaging and all about releases that give the buyer something more than just the typical discs. That said, let's get on with it!!

These aren't really in any particular order, though they do kinda have increasing levels of coolness as we head down the list!

Guillermo Del Toro Collection Blu-ray - UK

Why So Cool? The three films in the set (Cronos, Devil's Backbone & Pan's Labyrinth) come packaged in a case that folds out to create a pop-up scene straight out of a Del Toro children's book!

Anchor Bay Collection Re-Animator 2 Disc Set - US

Why So Cool? The movie comes packaged with a highlighter made to look like Herbert West's re-agent filled syringe!

Bubba Ho-Tep Hail To The King Edition - US

Why So Cool? This limited edition has a faux leather slipcover, made to look like the case itself is wearing one of Elvis' trademark jumpsuits!

Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit - US

Why So Cool? All three films from the original trilogy are packed into a faux first aid kit! This is the second edition of this release, with the first being pulled off the market and changed due to complaint from the Red Cross.

Masters of Horror Season 2 - US

Why So Cool? Despite the fact that most of the episodes are duds, they all come packaged inside of a skull, which can be opened to extract them!

The Walking Dead Season 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray Collector's Tin - US

Why So Cool? This Best Buy Exclusive, releasing October 4th, not only comes with opening tin 'doors' but also includes a wearable zombie mask, created by KNB FX!

Suspiria Ultimate Collector's Edition - Germany

Why So Cool? Seemingly normal on the outside, the inside case opens up to reveal a cross shaped packaging design!

Demons 1 & 2 Limited Edition Box Set - Japan

Why So Cool? A replica mask is included with the set, as well as a mousepad and even a replica cinema ticket like the ones seen in the film!

Resident Evil : Afterlife Limited Collector's Edition Set - Japan

Why So Cool? Well, just look at it. In addition to a whole slew of other goodies, the Executioner himself resides in this packaging, in action figure form, and complete with his oversized axe!

Evil Dead 2 Book of the Dead Edition - US

Why So Cool? This rubbery Book of the Dead screams when you poke it in the eye, making it even cooler than the similar packaging the first film was given!

City of the Living Dead Limited Edition - Austria

Why So Cool? This extremely rare set comes with a handmade statue, crafted in the iconic image seen on the film's poster. The above picture is from a video YouTube user Trockstar5 made about the set, which you can view here!

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Gift Set - US

Why So Cool? Hitting stores October 25th, this gift set edition of the trilogy on Blu comes complete with a T-Rex statue!

Tremors : The Legacy - Germany

Why So Cool? In order to watch any of the three films, you have to first pull them out of the hungry mouth of a Tremor!

The Fly Ultimate Collector's Edition Box Set - UK

Why So Cool? The box which houses the discs is shaped like the teleportation pod that Jeff Goldblum creates in the film!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition - Germany

Why So Cool? Chainsaw packaging ... duh!

Hellraiser Puzzle Box - UK

Why So Cool? The puzzle box in this set unleashes the first three Hellraiser films, rather than S&M demons. A similar release hit the US more recently, though the heavy duty cardboard box was replaced with a plastic one and the third film was not included.

Phantasm Sphere Collection - UK

Why So Cool? Phantasm's 1-4 are contained inside The Tall Man's ball ... err ... sphere!

Alien Anthology Egg Packaging Blu-ray - US

Why So Cool? Not only do the discs come inside that badass Alien egg, but the egg also lights up!

From Dusk Till Dawn Collection - Italy

Why So Cool? A resin replica of the Titty Twister bar stands atop a stage, which houses the DVD's under it! This is one you gotta see to believe. Check out a video of the contents over on YouTube!

Zombie Monster Box - Germany

Why So Cool? Limited to only 84 pieces worldwide, this one comes with both a replica piece of wood and a prosthetic torn up eyeball piece, both in homage to the unforgettable scene in the film where a woman gets a large piece of wood thrust into her eye. The above image comes courtesy of a video on YouTube from user TheElektrocity, which you can see here (he highlights Zombie at around the 7 1/2 minute mark). This one is so rare that the only mentions I could even find of it online were from his videos.

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Cannibal Holocaust Limited Edition - Germany

Why So Cool? Yep, that's an actual DVD package. In the base underneath the impaled woman are both the movie and the soundtrack CD!

*Update!* Reader Steve Fletcherson just informed me of this Hungarian release of Critters, which has furry packaging! Thanks Steve!!

Some cool shit, eh? Be sure to head over to, where you can purchase all kinds of amazing foreign horror releases without going through foreign outlets or worrying about all that currency conversion nonsense. Not only do they scour the globe for the coolest and rarest foreign releases so you don't have to, but they also make all those releases as easy for you to get your hands on as possible. Thanks again for all your help, Tony!


Liz R. said...

AAAHH, stop tempting me with The Walking Dead release! It makes me so mad that it's already getting a limited release after every fan JUST picked up the other set. :p

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the Red Cross Sleepaway set. It's one of my favorite sets, if not my favorite. I have the Re-Animator one too, which is awesome.

I've always wanted the Phantasm sphere set. I wish several of these were Region 1. They are all pretty awesome sets.

Thanks for posting all this. Very cool to look at and I haven't seen all of these before.

Johnny said...

Never got around to picking up Walking Dead for whatever reason, which i'm feeling thankful for right about now!! =)

Heather said...

Might I add - the blood bag edition of Ichi the Killer is pretty sweet, too

Time Lord said...

That TREMORS set is so FUCKING COOL!!!!

I absolutely, completely, 1,000% want that gorgeous thing!

I haven't picked up THE WALKING DEAD set either, so I'm thinkin' that Best Buy Exclusive is just pretty enough to warrant the dinero. Awesomeness.

Great. List. Awesomeness.

Johnny said...

Heather - Ah yes, that thing is pretty badass!

Sarah Queen said...

This post goes straight to my heart, I am indeed a sucker for packaging so much so that I have numerous copies of the same films just because of "fancy" boxes. Out of these I do have the Evil Dead II, and the Sleepaway camp.

Now I will be getting that awesome Jurassic Park set and that critter is freaking amazing! Where can I get that? I don't even care about the region, I must have it! The Tremor head has been haunting me for years but the pricetag is just ridiculous. I wish the u.s. would get on board with the awesome box set releases!

The Frog Queen said...

I so need that Hellraiser box set!! Got to go smash my piggy bank!

Thanks for the heads up my friend!!


Bjornabo said...

A lot of awesome editions here.

I personly love the TCM Meat edtion, not very exclusive, but a really cool idea.

They used the same packaging for the special edition of taxidermia if i'm not mistaken.

Johnny said...

Sarah Queen - No idea where that Critters DVD can be purchased. I'll take a look around though!

Bjornabo - Love that meat packaging too, that one totally slipped my mind!

j said...

to me the critters dvd box looks like a rug with eyes

Johnny said...

A rug with eyes that I have a strong desire to own!! =)

the jaded viewer said...

I'm ashamed to admit it but I own that Sleepaway Camp box set.

Morphine said...

I have that Re-Animator highlighter, I stole it from a guy friend when he got the box. Ok, I took and he let me have. These are awesome sets!

Morleysaurus said...

Okay the Jurassic Park set I WANT DAMMIT!!!!! And The Masters of Horror, that's ace. Still need to buy season 2 anyhoo so I am most definitely wanting some skull action! <3

Eddie Lamorgue said...

I need the cannibal holocaust girls impaled!!

Eddie Lamorgue said...

More limited editions on

Regards from the morgue!

Rabba said...

A bit late to the punch on this article lol, I too am a collectors set fanatic :D

Out of these sets, I own the Tremors graboid set, Phantasm Sphere, Hellraiser box, Titty Twister set and The Evil Dead Necronomicon edition (for the original film).