Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Halloween Short Films You Should Carve Out The Time To Watch This Week!

I realize that what you're about to see is going to be a bit overwhelming. Ten embedded YouTube videos is never easy on the eyes (or the loading time) and can be a lot to take in. I understand, I truly do. But i've scoured the 'Tube and jogged my brain for ten Halloween themed short films that I think you folks will dig and I wanted to share them with you. So feel free to watch one or two now and come back to this post when you have the time and keep in mind that these are all fairly short, so it shouldn't take up too much of your time to check them all out. And trust me when I say that they are worth your time.

That said, please do watch and enjoy!


By Will Rot

Will Rot WILL creep you the fuck out with this three minute short, a warning for any parents out there with a serious lack of Halloween spirit!


By Michael Dougherty

Most fans of Trick 'r Treat have probably already seen this, the animated short Dougherty made that ended up becoming the feature length anthology, but it's a must see for anyone who hasn't. Witness where it all began for Sam!


By Michael Dougherty

While we're on the subject of Sam, here's one of several short films Dougherty made this year in conjunction with FEARnet, as a way of promoting their Halloween day 24 hour marathon of Trick 'r Treat. This one sees Sam helping a lonely little boy make a new friend to go trick or treating with!


By Marvin Suarez

Yep, this one's got the same title as the one above and though it has a similar start, it's very different and quite a bit longer. This 'Making Friends' tells the story of an eight year old stutterer whose mother leaves him alone on Halloween night. After being tormented by the neighborhood kids, he exacts his bloody revenge.


By Adam Green

So Green makes a short every year for Halloween and you should probably watch all of them every single year. That said, The Tiffany Problem is one of my favorites he's done, which is why I selected it. As i've always believed, you're never too old to trick or treat or engage in a bit of Halloween hijinks, which this comedic short with a sinister climax is a testament to. Keep an eye out for a Victor Crowley cameo!


By Eric England

This one comes from the guy responsible for the upcoming horror flick Madison County and it gives terrifying new meaning to the act of eating candy on Halloween!


By Michael J. Goldberg

A ghost torments a young woman on Halloween night ... but is it really a ghost or just a mischievous trick or treater? Find out in this funny short with a clever twist!


By Drew Daywalt

If you're into short horror films then you surely know the name Drew Daywalt, a prolific name in the abbreviated terrors game whose work i've featured several times on this here blog. Perhaps Daywalt's most off the wall short takes place on Halloween and centers around a killer .... pumpkin shaped cookie. The Gingerdead Man aint got nothin' on this little baked bastard. This is one you gotta see!


By Shaun Springer

Similar to the above two 'Making Friends' shorts, this award winning short tells the tale of a lonely little girl on Halloween, who has nobody to trick or treat with. She makes an unlikely friend while wandering through the graveyard in this heartwarming seven minutes of Halloween adventure.


By Greg Benson

The barriers of the living and the dead collide on Halloween night in this funny and creepy short that sees two aspiring filmmakers being visited by a ghost of Halloween past. Needless to say, this is one trick or treater they will eternally regret answering the door for!


Spooky Vegan said...

Yay! Some of my old favorites here as well as some new ones! Really enjoyed BOO and MAKING FRIENDS (the longer one), both of which I'd never seen before!

Eric England said...

Whoa! Honored to be in such great company. Thanks for the mention and support!

-Eric England