Sunday, October 9, 2011

Action Figure Oblivion : Mezco's Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Leatherface

Anyone else a fan of Leatherface : Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3? It's a sequel i've always enjoyed, one that never seems to get the kind of appreciation or respect that I feel it deserves. Anyway, I was watching the movie tonight and the memory struck me that at one point in time there was a Leatherface action figure from TCM 3 that was set to be released by Mezco, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. I wasn't sure if I had just imagined this but a quick Google search turned up some pictures Dread Central posted last year during their Toy Fair coverage, which is where the figure debuted. So if there's any other fans of the second sequel out there, here's a look at that TCM 3 Leatherface figure that we almost got to own!




If you're like me and are fascinated by action figures that never came to be, check out a post I did earlier this year called 10 Horror Action Figures That Never Saw The Light Of Day!


Tony C said...

It's also noteworthy how annoying Mezco was when it came to this figure. I used to cover action figures HEAVILY, but this figure was canceled even before the last time they showed it at Toy Fair. They showed it two years in a row and the second year it was already canceled but they neglected to ever tell their fans that, and as far as I know, they still have yet to do that to this day.

Johnny said...

Did not know that. Not cool of them, not cool at all.

Anthony said...

I think TCM 3 Leatherface was originally in Cinema of Fear series 4, but for whatever reason he got bumped from the assortment. They should have released him instead of Debbie from ANOES 5. I still see her warming the pegs at Toys R Us.

Then Mezco lost the Friday the 13th and Elm Street licenses to NECA. I imagine Mezco would have had a harder time selling Leatherface by himself. Then they showed him at another convention paired with hobo Michael Myers from Halloween 2, another figure Mezco never released. I don't know what happened, but it seems Mezco is moving away from horror and traditional action figures in general.

Tony C said...

I also had a Mezco rep tell me that Gunner Hansen had somehow obtained the rights to TCM related action figures. I could see him somehow obtaining rights to the original film so I'm not sure exactly how that effects the other installments but the guy tried to make it out like that's how they lost the rights to TCM figs.

Rob G said...

I want that figure badly! Shame it never came out "officially". Mad respect for TXMIII.