Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy Corn Popcorn & Pumpkin Pie Soda!


One of my favorite things about this time of the year is going into as many different grocery stores as I can find and hunting down anything with a Halloweeny packaging that allows me to consume traditional Fall foods like pumpkins and candy corn in unique new ways. Hell, I even settle for any food product that swaps out its normal color for orange (such as Halloween Oreo's) or any one that bothers to even toss a single little pumpkin or ghost on their box. I'm an easy man to please, especially in the month's that start with an O.

Over the course of the past month and a half, i've found and enjoyed many edible Halloween themed treats, everything from pumpkin pie flavored milk to pumpkin spice bagels. I've been documenting all of those finds over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page but I recently discovered two items that I simply had to give their own blog post to, which I decided on before even tasting them. Why? Because never in my wildest Halloween dreams did I ever imagine i'd be eating candy corn flavored popcorn (though I guess it's only natural that the corn kernel shaped candies have now become actual popcorn) or drinking pumpkin pie flavored soda, much less doing both at the very same time. Do I need any more of a reason than that?

I figure what better way to give these treats their own little time to shine in the spotlight than by tasting them for the very first time as I post about them? So let's fire up the microwave and pour a tall glass of fizzy liquid pumpkin pie and get this show on the road, shall we?!


Though I continually find myself unable to resist the temptation of buying flavored bags of microwavable popcorn, such as cinnamon & nacho cheese, they always make me return to the realization that when it comes to popcorn, nothing beats the plain old movie theater butter variety. Though i'd love to say that Act 2's candy corn popcorn is an exception to that rule, it quite frankly isn't.

After popping for just about a minute in the microwave, my kitchen was filled with the scent of fresh baked sugar cookies, which is one of my favorite smells on this planet. So thumbs up for the smell portion. Gotta give another slight thumbs up to the look of the popcorn, which Act 2 made some small attempt to color to somewhat resemble candy corn. As you can tell by the picture, the coloring is quite faint and hard to notice without looking really close, but the orange and yellows are there if ya really want them to be (and I really want them to be). As for the taste, the popcorn quite frankly tastes nothing like candy corn, but more like regular unbuttered popcorn with a slight hint of something that I can't quite put my finger on. The taste isn't bad but it's certainly nothing to make me crave this particular popcorn year round and again, it really doesn't taste anything like what it's advertised as. Makes me wish Act 2 just decided to forego the flavor portion and fully color their buttered popcorn white, yellow & orange, which would've been far more appealing.


These mini bags come in a package of 20 for a mere $3.99 at Walmart and they make great little trick or treat handouts, which is likely what i'll be doing with the remaining 19 bags. Considering I generally get less than 19 trick or treaters a year round these parts, I can probably get away with only spending 4 bucks on Halloween, which works for me.


I've found so many different pumpkin flavored things in my travels but I was pretty shocked to see these bottles of pumpkin pie soda starting back at me at Wegmans in Rochester last weekend. I know Jones Soda put out a pumpkin pie pop in their Thanksgiving collection one year (which i've never tried), but these seemed to be less of a gag and more of a real attempt to make an enjoyable fizzy beverage out of everyone's favorite Fall dessert. And the fact that the stem of the pumpkin on the label doubled as the 'i' in pumpkin was further proof that I needed to have them. Again, i'm an easy man to please.

What I didn't realize when I purchased these was that they're organic sodas, the kind made from all natural healthy ingredients and lacking in tons of sugar and caffeine. Being that my taste buds are really only happy when the unhealthiest of foods and liquids come into contact with them, i've never been a fan of the organic sodas. When it comes to this one, there is a certain creamy pumpkin pie taste to it (as well as strong hints of cream soda and ginger), which leads me to believe that anyone that's into healthy soda and pumpkin pie would dig it, but to me it's just not the kinda taste i'm after when it comes to soda. It's not bad it's just not for me. Now if Dr. Pepper came out with a pumpkin pie soda, then we'd be talking.

Just my luck that the two Halloween treats I decide to give their own post turn out not being so great, eh? Guess it should've been Thomas' amazing pumpkin spice bagels that I made a whole post about!

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Spooky Vegan said...

I LOVE the pumpkin spice yummy!

That pumpkin pie soda sounds delicious...I would love to find me some of that!