Monday, October 24, 2011

Giveaway : Win A House Of Mysterious Secrets Exclusive Funhouse T-Shirt!


My buddy Kevin Miller, proprietor of online horror mega shop House of Mysterious Secrets, is a really sweet dude. Case in point, he wants to give you guys and gals the chance to win his shop's exclusive Funhouse t-shirt, which pays gory and glorious tribute to the film's villain, Gunther. Best of all, he knows you folks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and so he wants to appeal to each and every one of you, by offering up the shirt in whatever size fits ya best, from Small all the way to 3XL. Why? Because he's just that damn gracious.

So please, go show your thanks by browsing through Kevin's stock of amazingly kickass horror merch over at House of Mysterious Secrets, and enter to win the 'Gunther Attacks' Funhouse shirt by leaving a comment below with your e-mail address, your shirt size, and a brief sentence or two explaining why you dig the film, which i'm gonna go ahead and assume you do given the fact that you're entering to win this.

The giveaway will run through this weekend, ending once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween morning. How fitting, eh? Good luck to all and again I tell you to stop by House of Mysterious Secrets for all your horror needs, be it exclusive t-shirts, posters, toys, DVD's or magazines. The door to that house is always open and you should step inside as often as you can, as Kevin is always adding new product to satiate your bloodlust!


bagman974 said...
Yeah,"The Funhouse" is a good movie,but it doesn't compare to Tobe Hooper's masterwork,"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Great make-up effects on the creature and a decent amount of gore make it a worthy part of the 80's low-budget slasher craze though.

steve rogers said...

size 2x

Funhouse for me is my favorite Hooper directed movie. From the homage to Psycho and Halloween opening to the look of the monster himself. This movie I think is underrated, and it deserves more attention. What's not to like? Creepy setting...check! Awesome killer...check! Effective gore...check! Funhouse is a slasher that is a must to watch.

raculfright_13 said...
Size: Medium

I dig "The Funhouse" because it's fun! It's a slasher/monster movie and it takes place at a carnival. I love carnivals!

Bill said...
I have LOVED this movie ever since HE appeared on the Fangoria magazine I got in the mailbox.....I felt sorry for him in the end, though.....

Nick Graystone said...

Funhouse combines two of my favorite things freak shows and horror , what's not to like? Tobe Hooper serves up another recipe of sick

Anonymous said...

I used to watch this flick on "Dr.Paul Bearer's Creature Feature" emphasis on the "Creeeaaaatttuuurrree Feeeaaattuuureee".
The villian was amazing, but the movie was always carried along by the great carnival atmosphere and the variety of creepy carny folk (the dude on the mic trying to get people to come into the funhouse) and the dreary and depressing atmosphere once the carnival shut down for the night. That's when the true colors of the place were shown, when the lights went OFF. That's when the characters shine.
My name is Brian Pitt.
My email is
My shirt size is Large.
Rock N' Roll and may everyone have a Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...
This movie just has an over all good feel to it. It reminds of watching it a long time ago on Joe Bob Briggs Monster Vision on TNT. That being a memory alone is enough a reason for me to always love and appreciate this movie. Not to mention the monster effects and fun kills. The setting makes for a perfect 80's slasher movie revolving around a sexually frustrated monster killing teens and wearing a Frankenstein mask. And as a horror fans duty, you have no choice but to love all horror movies directed by Tobe Hooper. 1981, thank you for existing.

T.S. Vallender said...

This'd be a great grab, I'm planning on stocking up on some tees like this soon. I love The Funhouse partly because it's full of that Tobe Hooper charm, partly because they used a fantastic vintage festival for the film, and partly due to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre references. It's a goodun.

I'm a size M and my email is (I'm also in the UK so feel free to ignore my entry if that messes things up).

Caffeinated Joe said...

wings1295 @ gmail . com


I have watched this film about a half dozen times, and even read the book, which goes into much more detail, especially about the past of the carnival and the kids' parents.

A few scenes are unnerving. The "grinding gears" scene comes to mind, but also the uncomfortableness of the scene between the 'monster' and the fortune teller, right before her death. And the utter creepy way the other carny cares for the little boy while the parents look on like idiots. Creepy stuff!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Dan M said...

Was the first horror film that I ever got into being underage.Will always hold a special part of my heart for that.If picked a XL will be good.

playdead said...
size Xl

I remember seeing this flick as a kid on some random cable channel while mom was at work one summer and literally crawling into the couch as I tried not to shit my Spiderman PJ’s. I never knew the name, so it became a lost memory I always hoped I would stumble across again, which I randomly did years later when I unknowingly watched it and to my excitement all those memories came flooding back. So basically what I’m trying to say is I have a 10 year old boner for this movie and what better to go with that then this shirt.

Anonymous said...


This is one of my favorite movies when i want to see twisted and warped faces, this movie gives me glorious nightmares still to this day.

Anonymous said...


Oh man, that's a great shirt!

I remember watching Funhouse on a sunday afternoon matinee on FOX 29. This was one of the many films that drove my interest in horror. It helped take me from casual viewer, to an absolute GOREHOUND!!

Crystal said...

Wow,1981..i was four years old so i must of saw it years later. I agree, i remember this movie from seeing it on a random tv happy i did! I always remember the part when they look through the hole in the floor and they know they are screwed!
Frankenstein mask is scary in this film..hmm i just looked up facts and didn't know the monster (actor) was in Scarface as the clown..neato!
Wonderful rocks!

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...
t-shirt size medium

"...Who will dare to face the challenge of the Funhouse? Who is mad enough to enter that world of darkness? How about you, sir...?"

The Funhouse is by far my favourite Tobe Hooper film. It is dark and dirty and it takes place in a freaking funhouse!