Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Most Infuriating Use Of CGI In Horror History?

Three years ago, almost to the day, I made a post on here called The Many Masks of Michael Myers, where I took a look at the different masks Myers wore throughout the franchise and gave my thoughts on each of them. The post ended up being featured on IMDb's 'Hit List' for the entire Halloween weekend that year, which made me feel all cooler than thou and shit. Anyways, I recently saw a couple people on Facebook chatting about this very post, with one guy ripping it a new one due to not only my lack of writing skill (hey, I like to think i've improved over the years...) but also over the fact that I wasn't aware that several different masks were used in Halloween : H20, which ticked the dude off because I only posted a picture of one of the masks that was used. Admittedly, it wasn't until after I made that post that I realized there was in fact more than one mask used, so I guess that makes me a shitty horror fan. Oh well.

But there was one little factoid that was mentioned during this conversation I was stalking that I wasn't aware of, which is the fact that one scene in the film actually has Myers wearing a mask comprised entirely of CGI. Going back and watching the film now, as I just did, it's plainly obvious but I can't say I ever noticed it while watching the film through the less critical eyes I possessed before I started blogging. Sometimes, I wish I still had those less critical eyes.

58 minutes, 12 seconds into the film, one of the disposable teens pulls a corkscrew out of the garbage disposal, only to turn around and find that Myers is standing right behind him. And he's wearing a pretty odd looking mask ...


Yep, that mask is the work of CGI, which was apparently utilized over top of one of the masks that was used for shooting. From what I gather, the folks making the film were unhappy with the mask used during this scene and since they no longer had access to the kitchen that it was filmed in, making reshoots impossible, they just had some computer guy work his magic to fix the mask. As I mentioned, several different masks were used throughout the film, as many as four or five, and I guess this CG retooling was done in an effort to make the masks look more similar to one another, so nobody would notice the changes. Obviously, people noticed. And they were none too happy.

Though the scene of a CGI Myers is quite brief and doesn't look nearly as awful as some other uses of CGI we've seen in horror films over the years, there's just something about Michael Myers wearing a computer generated mask that perfectly showcases why CGI is killing horror films, am I right? Clearly, nothing is sacred.

Which reminds me. Bloody Disgusting just whipped up a ranty post about why CGI sucks so much, which I encourage you to go read at once!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Okay, I never knew this, either. And I have seen this film a lot! Huh! Will have to go back and give it a rewatch just to see this!

L said...

Great post! I totally agree with CGI and when I first saw Myer's mask I thought it looked really stupid too, had no clue it was CGI, i just thought it was lame make-up work lol

Brian Vs. Movies said...

I just watched this movie, and completely missed it. I guess I thought it was just another ridiculous moment in a film chock full of them.