Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Release Review - Human Centipede 2 : Full Sequence

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Hmmm ... well ... ok ... let's start off with a couple good things I have to say about this one ...

For one, I quite like the concept of this totally over the top sequel. Rare for a sequel, this one is set in a world where the first Human Centipede was merely a film and it centers around a sick and twisted fat dude who was a mega fan of that film, the kinda guy who jacked off to it with sandpaper wrapped around his dick while the rest of us were throwing up, which has inspired him to create his very own ... Human Centipede. Looking to one-up his hero, Dr. Heiter, security guard Martin aims to construct a centipede out of quadruple the amount of people, with the head of the centipede being none other than Ashlynn Yennie, star of the first Human Centipede. Ya, it's pretty damn clever and a great way to keep this centipede crawling, now that Heiter has been killed off. I remember while watching the first one wondering if any sick fan would come along and try to make his own centipede, perhaps even kidnapping the actors from the film and making them a part of it, so it was interesting to see writer/director Tom Six go down that route and show us how much more gruesome it'd be to watch someone with no surgical skills whatsoever put together such a vile creation. It aint pretty.

Secondly, I dig the idea that there are now essentially two versions of the Human Centipede out there for consumption by anyone who can handle them; a reserved & serious one and a completely and absurdly over the top graphic one. In that sense, these first two films in this budding franchise (a third is in the works..) remind me a bit of the first two Texas Chainsaw Massacre's, with the first merely suggesting its horror and brutality and the second one seeing the director of the first going all out and delivering the graphic and gory film anyone who went to see the first one opening weekend probably expected to see. So ya, it's interesting and commendable that Six has given both the 'torture porn' gorehounds and the horror fans looking for substance over gore the chance to enjoy their own version of the Centipede. All good and well.

Unfortunately, those good aspects of the whole ordeal melt away pretty much the minute the film actually begins, as we're treated to a totally substance-less hour and a half long mess of repetitive and increasingly graphic and disturbing images, which really don't present themselves until Martin actually begins building his centipede about an hour into it (prior to that, it's pure boredom). While the first Centipede was, despite its ridiculous and over the top concept, a surprisingly well made and terrifying little horror film, this Full Sequence is nothing more than scene after scene of depravity strung together with no real meaning and in the end, absolutely no point whatsoever. It's got a clear aim to offend but when all was said and done, the only thing I was offended by was the fact that I wasted 7 bucks and 90 minutes enduring it.

Centipede 2 is a step back for Six, a seriously inferior sequel that plays out like the kind of film a lesser filmmaker than he would have made had that lesser filmmaker been the one to originally come up with the idea of sewing a bunch of people together ass to mouth. It's got some pretty gruesome shit (literally) in it that I as a gorehound and practical effects aficionado can appreciate, like a woman giving birth to a baby and then accidently stomping its head in as soon as it comes out, but a bunch of disturbing images stitched together do not a good horror movie make and HC2 just simply isn't a good horror movie, nor is it even much of a 'movie' at all. More or less, it's everything I was so glad to find that Human Centipede was not.

With Human Centipede, Tom Six proved that he's well aware that a horror movie needs to have some substance to mean anything. With this one, he seems to throw all that away, perhaps in an attempt to appease the viewers of his first attempt that weren't satisfied with the lack of gore and shit that the premise seemed to promise (maybe there's a deeper meaning behind it all buried in there somewhere ... I don't see it). I guess you could say he's given those folks the movie they wanted with this sequel, showing them everything they hoped to see in the previous film but didn't (shit, mouths ripping away from assholes, the whole medical procedure in full graphic detail) and providing us all with two wholly different experiences based on the concept, but i'll personally stick with that subdued and far superior first sequence, thankyouverymuch.

Oh and for the record, the On Demand version currently available for viewing is a cut down version, not the one shown during the limited theatrical release, so I can't really say I got the full experience Tom Six intended me to get. Regardless, I hardly think a couple more disturbing images would've made me appreciate it all any more, so i'm pretty certain i'm not really missing anything.

And yet, here I find myself anxiously awaiting the third installment in this mad franchise. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me...


Mike said...

I always thought it would be funny to save the story for the uncut version. Like you can just watch a pile or gore and shit or you could watch the uncut version which frames that gore and shit in a way which makes it a movie. Not saying that's what's done here, mind you. Just that it would be interesting.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Sooo bummed to hear this...