Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reader Submitted Fun : Halloween 3 Meets Knight Rider!

I truly have some of the most awesome readers on the interwebzz and you guys and gals are always dropping cool little nuggets into my inbox. I figure I should start sharing some of those things with the world, in a little segment here on Freddy In Space i've quite cleverly dubbed "Reader Submitted Fun". Hey, it's 7 in the morning and I haven't even had my cup of pumpkin coffee yet, what did you expect?

This one comes from Billy Polard, who has been watching a little too much Knight Rider and noticed something pretty awesome as a result. Take it away, Billy!

don't know if you knew about this. but i think its certainly awesome.

in the halloween knight rider episode, there is a character who wears the pumpkin mask from halloween 3. it even has the silver shamrock logo on it!!!

heres a screen shot i took of it to show you.


i apologize if you have already seen this before.

anyway. take care. and HAPPY HALLOWEEN

8 more days til halloween, halloween, halloween..silver shamrock

- billy


Caffeinated Joe said...

Very cool! I never knew this!

Sarah Queen said...

I love this, night rider is such a classic show!

Anonymous said...

I saw this episode the other day and thought I recognised the masks from Halloween III! Then I checked and saw that both the movie and the show were made by Universal, so they're exactly the same masks. Wow!!!