Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video Games Meet Horror Movies In G4's Epictober Film Festival!


Video game website G4 loves October as much as you and I. Only difference being, they refer to it as Epictober, in reference to the levels of geeky epicness they strive to attain each year throughout the month. This year, creative director Joe Lynch (yes, the Wrong Turn 2/Chillerama dude) has outdone himself, producing three short films from three up and coming filmmakers, as part of the Epictober 2011 Film Festival. The three shorts, all which see video games colliding with real life, have been premiering on G4's website over the course of the past three days and now that they're all available to watch, I wanted to share them on here for those whose radar they might've slipped under. Most of you have probably already seen these due to them being pimped on the big news sites as well as on your friend's Facebook walls, but I couldn't resist sharing such cool shit.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a dark and twisted take on Duck Hunt, watch Mario duke it out with Donkey Kong in the real world and see what happens when the Angry Birds make their way into a Hitchcock film with Sam Balcomb's The Hunt, Drew Daywalt's Kart Driver and Gregg Bishop's Birds of Anger!

Taking pop culture mashup art to the next level. Gotta love it!


frankiejr said...

As an avid gamer that grew up in the 80s, these three films hit the spot. If I was as much into sports as I was horror, I'd yell "hat trick!" But I'm not. So I won't. Instead, I'll just say:

A. Mazing. Thank you for posting these.

Melissa said...

The Hunt was tits.