Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cool Shit : Officially Licensed Toxic Avenger Mask!

Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman wasn't very happy when he caught wind of a Halloween mask company bootlegging and profiting off his beloved son Toxie, by selling a mask that was clearly intended to cash in on the world saving success of the Garden State's favorite chemically mutated superhero. Dubbed 'Adult Squishy Toxic Mask', the company made little effort to hide their intentions, though they did offer up a pretty nifty squeeze ball with the mask that allowed you to pulse and throb the faux Toxie's head puss.


Kaufman's reaction? Instead of suing the company, he instead decided to partner with an FX shop by the name of Composite Effects and create the be-all end-all Toxie mask, officially licensed and guaranteed to make everyone forget about any other Toxie masks even existing. As you'll soon see, I think their mission was more than accomplished.

Check out the Composite Effects officially licensed Toxic Avenger mask, just released this past week!


Now the only downside to this bad boy is that the price tag is about as high as the budget was for the film. At a whoppping $649.95, i'd imagine Uncle Lloyd himself probably couldn't even afford it. So while the beauty of this thing does make it the ultimate Toxie mask on the market, i'd personally probably find myself eBay'ing the bootleg pulsating mask if I decided to be Citizen Toxie for Halloween on any given year other than a year where I won millions in the lotto. Nevertheless, it's a pretty awesome display piece for anyone who can afford it.

See more pictures and blow your kid's college fund over at Composite Effects!


Jayson said...

Looks awesome as hell, but the care involved in long term mask collecting as always turned me off spending ludicrous money on 'em...

Erik (Drunketh) said...

That's pure insanity! Looks damn good, though not the best looking mask I've ever seen.