Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Freddy In Space VS The Video Nasties!

Late last month, US lawmakers proposed a new law called The Stop Online Piracy Act, which could essentially create a massive firewall across the internet, forever changing the freedom that we so love about the world wide web. Designed to protect American intellectual property, the law has the potential to censor the internet and prevent us from visiting any sites deemed by the government as infringing on copyrights, whether the sites actually do break the law or not. The law was the subject of a hearing before the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee today and if it makes it past this step, the whole of the internet could soon become heavily censored and strictly regulated (goodbye, Facebook). It happened in China and it could very well happen here as well.

For more information about the law and its potential affects on you and the sites you love as well as to let your voice be heard about the matter, I encourage you to head over to AMERICANCENSORSHIP.ORG.


Now the reason I mention this in this post is because the topic of censorship reminded me about the massive Video Nasties scandal in the UK back in the 80's, where nearly 80 genre films were targeted and prosecuted because they were deemed too violent and damaging for the general public's consumption. Not only were the films targeted, but so too were the distributors and even retailers renting out the films, in what is still to this day the biggest act of censorship the genre has ever faced.

I've always wanted to tackle the so called Video Nasties and sit down and watch every single one of them, most of which I still haven't seen, and today just seems like the perfect day to kick off such a quest, being that opposers of the Stop Online Piracy Act have deemed today American Censorship Day. While this will unquestionably be an ongoing quest, as it will take me quite some time to track down, be able to afford & then sit down and watch 72 films, it's a battle i'm happy to say i'm ready to fight.

So here's the full list (IN VIDEO FORM!!) of the 72 originally proclaimed Video Nasties, which I will very soon begin chipping away at. Of course, with each viewing will come my brief thoughts, so stay tuned as Freddy In Space goes toe to toe with the most sick and depraved films in the annals of horror history (allegedly) ... THE VIDEO NASTIES. May the blood flow freely, the cannibals relish the taste of human flesh & the Nazi's perform freaky ass experiments on hot naked babes ... BRING IT ON!!

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