Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lost In Developmental Hell : Beyond The Last House On The Left

In the last installment of this feature we took a look back at House of Re-Animator, a planned next adventure for Dr. Herbert West that died and never managed to come back to life. This time, we travel to yet another house that never got built; The Last House on the Left ... Part 2!


In addition to horrifying audiences the world over with its brutally realistic violence, Wes Craven's 1972 genre classic Last House on the Left proved quite successful at the box office, which means one thing in the world of horror movies; sequel potential. Though a sequel never actually came to fruition, there were at one time strong plans of bringing Krug and his ultra violence back to the big screen, with home video distribution company Vestron offering up the funding and going so far as to create the ad seen above as well as cut together a short teaser trailer, which they included on their 1985 VHS release of Last House. So what the hell happened? Well lets backtrack a bit first and get the whole story.

It was the mid 80's and director Danny Steinmann had just come off of writing & directing what was to be his final film; Friday The 13th : A New Beginning. Over a decade after Last House raped the eyeballs of anyone and everyone who went to see it, Steinmann was approached to write & direct a sequel, an offer which he accepted. With the help of a woman by the name of Tina Landau, Steinmann began working on the script while the people behind it went off to Cannes to pre-sell the film. After being sent to Wisconsin to scout locations, everything began to fall apart, as Steinmann learned that the proper permission to create a sequel was never secured. After writing the script and choosing a location, the project was suddenly dead in the water and Steinmann was left jobless, the first in a series of films he was hired to make that never came to fruition due to outside issues beyond his control. Thus began a long stretch of suicidal depression for the director, who left the movie making business having never actually gotten to make a movie after Friday Part 5.

**Credit for most of the above information goes to an amazing recent interview with Steinmann from the blog Stone Cold Crazy**

Alternately titled The Last House on the Left : Part 2 & Beyond The Last House on the Left, the sequel that Steinmann dreamt up was to take place at a summer camp, where teens were being knocked off by an unseen force; Krug. David Hess was tapped to reprise the role of Krug and though he accepted the offer, he wasn't exactly gung ho about bringing the character back to life ... "At the time I was working alot in Europe, as usual, so I gave my name to the project and told, them ... basically ... when you get it going call me. That's the long and the short of it". Obviously, things never got going.

Though it never spawned an official sequel, the success of Last House inspired many copycats over the years, everything from Last House on Dead End Street to the Last House In The Woods, with one film (Aldo Lado's Night Train Murders) even being re-titled Last House : Part 2 for US distribution. In 2004, star of the original film Fred J. Lincoln, who played the super sleazy Weasel Padowski, directed a porno film titled The Last Whore House on the Left, where he reprised his role as Weasel. It was to be the closest Last House would ever come to getting a true sequel, before Craven's original was finally remade in 2009.

Krug knocking off teens at a summer camp ... perhaps it's best this one never got made, eh!


Shit Movie Fest said...

Krug as a Camp Counselor could have been EPIC!

There is a "House at the Edge of the Park 2" coming soon, with Hess still be working in some how.

Caffeinated Joe said...

I guess some things are better left undone!

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Great read, thanks for the info