Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VHS Preservation Society : 25% Off All Purchases Through The End Of The Year!


I've talked many times in the past about VHS Preservation Society, a company that takes titles that have to date only been released on the archaic titular format, converts them to DVD and houses those discs inside cases plastered with the original VHS arts. VHSPS has for the last several years been one of my favorite companies out there, who I often buy from both online and at various different conventions I attend. As a mega fan of VHS, the service VHSPS provides is something that all horror fans should take advantage of, as most of the titles they offer up for grabs are either hard to find or are quite expensive to buy on tape these days. VHSPS gives you the opportunity to not only see those titles on the cheap, but see them on your DVD player, in the event that you don't keep a VCR lying around. It's a beautiful thing, really. Oh and best of all, you get to see them in that vintage scratchy VHS quality that I personally feel horror movies are best experienced in. Ya, that's right, I spit on your Blu-ray copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Every one of their titles goes for a mere $10 all year round, titles that range from horror to exploitation all the way to pro wrestling and family friendly comedies, and they've just offered up a coupon code that'll be active through the end of the year that will save you 25% off those already low prices. From now until January 1st of next year, that cuts down the price of a single disc to a mere $7.50 ... gadzooks that's a good deal!


So if you're looking to catch up on old genre VHS titles you've missed, like the above Elves which you absolutely need to check out this holiday season if you haven't yet, then you're gonna want to take advantage of this sale before it's gone. Believe when I say that there are oodles of gems within the vaults of VHSPS just waiting to be re-discovered, flicks that in many cases you've probably never even heard of. With a little something in their massive genre spannning catalog for everyone, it's also a great one stop shop for kickass holiday gifts, so head over to VHSPS.com, add some shit to your cart, and then enter the coupon code 'holiday25' at checkout to have a whopping 25% slashed right the fuck off your order. You'll be thanking VHSPS when you see the sheer delight on your friend's face as he tears away candy cane adorned wrapping paper and discovers a VHS/DVD hybrid of Meatcleaver Massacre, believe you me!


Jeremy Logsdon said...

You have no idea how happy you've made me for telling me that this exists!


Well, I just made a purchase, and am sure that I shall make more. - Cory

Dr. Jimmy Terror said...

You just made my holiday season, bro! Side note: I was placing my VHSPS order and watching Attack the Block at the same time only to realize that you had posted a review to Attack the Block directly below the VHSPS coupon blog. How strange is that?

Johnny said...

Haha I think that about sums up why I like you so much, James! =)