Friday, December 30, 2011

Beer + Computer + $50 = Time For A Drunken Amazon Shopping Spree!!


Is there anything better than having a few drinks and hopping online to buy some shit, inhibitions and little 'save your money for the electric bill' angels tossed right out the goddamn window and into oncoming traffic? It's just something you need to do every once in a while and being that i've spent the better part of the past month and a half blowing all my spare money on Christmas gifts for others, I think i've earned a bit of a drunken online shopping spree.

I've got the house all to my self tonight, the fridge is armed to the teeth with Pumking's and i'd say it's about time to head over to Amazon and rid myself of the $50 from this week's paycheck that I deposited into my checking account earlier tonight. It's been a while since i've bought myself any DVD's, so my goal tonight is to pick up as many kickass horror discs as I can for what i've got in my account. Join me on this journey, won't you, as I live update this post as I buy!



Earlier tonight I mentioned on Facebook how much I love the brilliant subtitle of this one and I got a flurry of responses from you guys gushing about your love of the movie. Truth be told i've never actually seen this sequel, but tonight I got all the convincing I needed to remedy that!



Cannot stress enough how much I absolutely adore this documentary. Not sure how so much time has gone on between me seeing it for the first time and me adding it to my collection, but all feels right with the world now that i'm gonna own it. Fuck, I just used the word 'adore' didn't I? I think it's safe to say that buzz is starting to kick in.



I've heard nothing but serious acclaim for this one but have yet to check it out. Couple the low price with the fact that the disc features a behind the scenes featurette directed by my boy Adam Barnick and i'm sold. Happy, Barnick?


KIDNAPPED - $15.00

I absolutely need to see this movie and cannot wait any longer. Fairly expensive blind buy, but i've got faith in this one. I know it's on Netflix Instant but the version on there is dubbed, with no way of changing that. Fuck that noise. This is being hyped up by pretty much everyone as a super dark and ultra bleak and brutal home invasion flick and that kinda film is right up my alley. I love home invasion movies, which is funny because my biggest fear in the world is somebody breaking into my home. Go figure!


SUPER - $10.82

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this movie? Ah to hell with it, I adore it! I know it's not horror but it just might be Dawn of the Dead remake scribe James Gunn's masterpiece, an incredibly oddball and violent movie with a surprisingly large heart. Shut up, crime!!

Hm, let's see where we're at ...


Well hot damn, couldn't have planned that out better if I was sober and I tried.


That's about a wrap on this one. Time to get off the computer and resume drinking in a more comfortable location, where I won't be tempted to write up a slew of embarrassing blog posts. I think this is one drunken haul I won't regret making once morning comes. Then again, you never know until that time arrives!


Liz R. said...

Nice haul! I am now mega curious about Bereavement so I'll have to give that a watch soon. Plus, I must find some of this Pumking beer! I started getting into beer this past October and fell in love with Buffalo Bill's pumpkin beer, but that cute little jack o' lantern on the Pumking bottles...I must find it! ;D

Erik (Drunketh) said...

Shopping while drunk is never really a good idea. It could work out, but one time I went in with a 90$ purchase and ended up saying "fuck it, I've come this far". Doubled it and bought shit that I really didn't set out to, and that I didn't need.

Oh, and don't ever shop for beer when drunk either. That's just a downright horrible situation to get into.

Ryne Barber said...

I love House II, so you got a good deal there. This is a good idea - if I had any star money i'd do one of these posts myself!

the2ndsuitor said...

So you won't do a 'walk of shame' to the mailbox?

As great as the other movies in are the article, I adore ' Best Worst Movie' as well. The sister grew up to be hot!

Sean Tiedeman said...

Hey there! Glad you are checking out Bereavement. Not only did Barnick do the fantastic "First Look: On Set" but another one of your readers - ME - produced the other featurette 'The Making of Bereavement. Hope you enjoy the flick. Also, my wife and I are big House 2 fans. Lots of cheesy fun in that one. You'll love it.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to another kick-ass year of Freddy in Space.

Johnny said...

Sean - Oh wow, that makes me even more disappointed in myself that I haven't checked out Bereavement yet haha. Too cool, I had no idea!

MW said...

Supposedly, Bereavement is a sequel to his previous film (I only know because I won Bereavement in a contest this year).

For my money, I like "SPECIAL" w/Michael Rappaport much more than "SUPER". If you like that type of movie (and 30 films of this same plot came out this decade, so I'm betting you do), I highly recommend you give Special a try. The best part about it is that the main character believes he IS a superhero, and is not just dressing up like one.

Johnny said...

MW - Sweet thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely check out Special!

And ya, Bereavement is actually a prequel to his previous film Malevolence.

Mr. Mike D. said...


Kidnapped is a phenomenal movie that I had the pleasure of catching it on the big screen at re-Run Theater in Brooklyn (you gotta get here and check this place out) in a double feature with Troma's Mother's Day. God damn was this movie powerful!!! Absolutely unreal. You will love it. please review this one shortly after you actually watch it!!!

On a side note, house II is one of my faves. It is also streaming on Netflix Instant for all the people out there who aren't as lucky as you to have scored one. Great picks!!!!