Sunday, December 18, 2011

Speaking Of Scary Santas ...

So remember yesterday I made that post about creepy mall Santas? Well earlier tonight I was looking through a bunch of old family photos, looking for something completely unrelated to what I ended up finding, and there it was; a vintage Polaroid of my brother & I sitting on the lap of a fairly creepy mall Santa, me absolutely scared shitless while in his white gloved clutches.

Obviously, i've scanned the photo for your enjoyment, so please feel free to take pleasure in my childhood terror below!


Yep, that's me on the left, justifiably frightened of my jolly captor. I stumbled upon a couple other subsequent mall Santa pictures in the batch I was looking through tonight and not surprisingly, my brother was the only one on Santa's lap in all of them. The Santas were all just as creepy but I was nowhere to be found, likely scarred from the above experience to the point of faking sickness whenever a December trip to the local mall was scheduled. Can you blame me?!

The fact that i've always loved Christmas and don't ever remember being anything but excited about the thought of a real Santa totally proves the point I was making in the post from yesterday; there's just something inherently creepy about Santas of the mall variety!

What do I want for Christmas, sex offender Santa? To get as far away from you as humanly possible!

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Sarah Queen said...

Hilarious! The only family video that we still watch around here is one of me seeing santa. First of all, I never sat on santa's lap, I always so "no thanks, i'll stand" and when I was young I had a REALLY think country accent, so everyone thinks my santa video is amazing because I sound like a huge hick. I will be taking my kids to see santa, but yes, i'm sure they'll find it creepy too, lol.