Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trailer Of The Week : Prometheus ... DUH!

Unless you were absolutely balls deep in the holiday spirit last week to the point that you didn't go near your computer until tonight, chances are you've probably already seen the Prometheus trailer, likely several times over. Nevertheless, it's my self imposed obligation to profile my favorite trailer from the past week at the start of every new week and besides, is there anyone who really has a problem with reveling in this shit again? Thought not.

So revelers, let's once again revel in the geeky glory that is the first official Prometheus trailer!

How do you get hordes of sci-fi geeks even more excited about the possible prequel (..more on that in a second..) to one of the greatest sci-fi horror films of all time, directed by the same guy who made that film? Well, the answer must be that you cut together a trailer for the new movie that is a total homage to the classic's original trailer, because my nerd excitement totally goes off the charts every time I lay eyes on this 60 seconds of pure geek nirvana. While it's still not clear to what extent Prometheus actually has to do with the Alien films, this trailer is a borderline remake of the original trailer for Alien, which is simply too awesome for words to express. From the title text reveal to the shots used, the sights and sounds utilized here totally evoke the spirit of the original Alien trailer and it's hard not to picture yourself in a dark theater back in 1979 seeing that trailer for the very first time, whether or not you were even around to experience it back then (yes, it's so awesome that it brings back memories that you may not even have stored in your brain). That's what I call marketing genius, the kind of marketing that ensures that every flabby geeky ass on the planet will be plopped in an uncomfortable seat on opening day, popcorn and soda at the ready.

So then, what exactly does Prometheus have to do with the Alien films? Is it actually a prequel to Alien, as it was originally billed? The answers to these questions are still being shrouded in a lot of secrecy but from i've gathered over the last several months, Prometheus is not so much a prequel to Alien as it is an original story that takes place in the Alien universe. In other words, don't expect to see any Xenomorphs spitting acidic venom, but do expect to once again be fully immersed in the atmosphere and vibe of Alien, likely to the point that you'll be expecting a Xenomorph around every corner. If i'm right about this, then i'd say this trailer is just about the perfect representation of the film, being that it evokes the spirit but also feels like something different than what we've been before.

But that's just my two cents. We probably won't know much about what to expect until we're fully immersed in the experience and I for one think that's a beautiful thing. If it were up to me, we'd know nothing more than we know now right up until the June 8th release date.

Gotta ask ... is anyone's chest not bursting with excitement about this one?!


WCP said...

How could it not be a prequel to Alien? It clearly shows the ship that is crashed on the alien world in the first film, but it's actually in working order (until it begins to crash, of course).

frankiejr said...

"balls deep in the holiday spirit"


Johnny said...

WCP - Well it may very well be set in that same universe with a lot of call backs to Alien without necessarily being a prequel story. That's what i'm thinking. But who knows, here's to hoping it is a straight up prequel!

Mike said...

This looks f'in epic! Definitely my most-anticipated movie of the year now. I think that despite Scott and 20th Century Fox's shadiness, any notion that it's not a prequel to ALIEN has been washed away by this footage. June can't get here soon enough! :)