Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vintage Video Of The Week : ABC News' 'VCR Horrors'!

It's the 1980's. Young horror fans are in their glory, while their parents are outraged over the tapes that are easily accessible to them at the local video store. ABC News runs a news piece on their show 20/20, aimed to demonize horror films and the kids who enjoy them with all kinds of wild and salacious accusations. Three decades later, the news piece serves as a 15 minute journey back in time, reminding us horror fans of our early years spent ingesting horror VHS tapes, so voraciously that it's almost as if we knew they were going out of style.

Enjoy this week's Vintage Video of the Week, a trip back to the video stores of our youth!

"Slumber Party Massacre ... that was a classic"


Cat said...

That was crazy stuff right there. Gotta say.

Ursula Hitler said...

Comics, rock music, horror, videogames... If it's any fun at all, the media has been there to declare it the spawn of the devil.

MW said...

Great video, thank you for posting it.

Though I think many parts of it are inaccurate (I hate when they interview people that "did studies", and purport it as fact), the best part are the kid's descriptions - especially 03:33. I was disappointed my library didn't have Chas' books, either. Not enough authors, or people in general, are named Chaz. Shame, I thought 80's movies would bring about the Chazpocalypse.

The one thing I saw that really brought back memories was the long chainsaw poster for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. God, imagine how much that thing would be worth today.

Sarah Queen said...

I love it! I miss those days so much, future generations are missing out.

Dave said...

So funny how the newscasters act like they're above the horror films, meanwhile they're putting on a completely uninformed, brainless, and equally sleazy show that often reports on violent crimes.

Excellent find! Once again, stuff like this makes your blog the best and most interesting horror blog out there!