Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vintage Video Of The Week : New Year's Evil (Full Movie!)


Forget watching that stupid ball drop or going out to a party and having your friends scribble dicks onto your face while you're passed out drunk. That may be what New Year's Eve is all about for some, but for us horror geeks it's all about getting drunk in the comfort of our own home and watching a New Year's themed horror flick, am I right? I hope i'm right, because that's pretty much how I plan on spending my night!

For your viewing pleasure, i've chosen to feature the full length 80's slasher flick New Year's Evil as this week's Vintage Video Of The Week. There have been a few horror movies which have taken place on New Year's, which FEARnet profiled earlier today, but it's the brilliantly titled New Year's Evil that remains the ultimate horror movie for the holiday. Taking place on one particularly blood filled New Year, the film centers around a killer who announces on a live rock 'n roll end of the year countdown show that he plans on killing a woman each time the clock strikes midnight in each of the different time zones. Gotta love it!

Released in 1980, New Year's Evil has in recent years slipped into the public domain and has actually never been released on any format other than VHS, making it free to watch but expensive to own. In fact, it's even available to stream instantly on Netflix at the moment, for those with an account over there.

As with most public domain movies, a couple people have uploaded it in full onto YouTube, though the only one that has the whole movie in one part also has an annoying faux Mystery Science Theater commentary attached to it. The only other one I found was spliced up into six parts, so I suppose this is actually Six Vintage Videos Of The Week.

Anyways, enjoy and Happy New Year to you all!!


Michael said...

I was surprised to see "New Year's Evil" on Turner Classic Movies just before Christmas. (Following their premiere of "Christmas Evil.") I have it recorded on my DVR, but haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet. Looking forward to it.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Maybe I'll watch it again later. Happy 2012 to you & Jen!

breedaniels said...

Ever since I saw this when I bought it for $5 at a video store, I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME GET THAT FREAKIN' SONG OUT OF MY MIND. One of the catchiest horror movie themes ever!

Ursula Hitler said...

I remember seeing this on Elvira's show when I was just a kitten. It really stood out as one of the better movies she showed, as I recall. The killer guy's weird Kermit the frog phone voice cracked me up.

Dustin said...

I couldn't believe how lame this killer was. It's kind of amusing, but you just can't help and shake your head and at the folks who probably thought he was going to be scary.