Saturday, December 24, 2011

Watch Christmas Evil & Oodles Of Other Horror Films ... Instantly & For Free!!


Every once in a while an appealing ad pops up on the sidebar of my Facebook page, one that's different from the usual garbage. Last night I was stalking my friends' walls when I came upon an ad for, a website which instantly streams hundreds of horror films, absolutely free of charge. All of the titles on the site, which also fall into other genres like westerns & kung fu, belong in the public domain, essentially meaning they are owned by the public and thus can be watched, exhibited, downloaded and uploaded by anyone, anywhere. Of course this means that many of the films are pure garbage, but there are also a lot of gems in there, films that have, fortunately for us, in one way or another slipped into the public domain throughout the years. For example, Night of the Living Dead famously entered the public domain when re-titled prints of the film were accidentally not labeled with copyright indications as the original prints under the title Night of the Flesh Eaters were. As a result, we've ended up with a hundred different DVD releases of the film, with it available to watch free on hundreds of different sites around the web. collects all those public domain horror titles together and makes them easily accessible to us all.

Worthy of noting, given the time of the year, is that Christmas Evil is available to watch instantly on there, for my money one of the very best Christmas horror films ever made. They've also got some titles that are either out of print on DVD or were never put out on DVD, such as Evilspeak (OOP) & The Boogens (not on DVD). So ya, pretty cool little site.

Head over to BMOVIES.COM to browse through their catalog and watch some free movies. And if you get the chance, and you've never seen it, try and cuddle up with Christmas Evil either tonight or tommorow night!


B. Bennett said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

GuidanceGhoul said...

I followed your suggestion, and put CHRISTMAS EVIL on in the background while I was helping Santa get organized in my living room in the wee hours of Christmas morning. I'll definitely be revisiting this site -- thanks!