Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waves Of Terror : A Horror Convention On A Boat?!


I was just bumming around Facebook and stumbled upon the page for Waves of Terror, an upcoming convention that looks to quite possibly be the most unique convention of all the times. Billed as "The Vacation From Hell", Waves of Terror is set to be a 4 day long horror convention that takes place on a boat, a boat that is jam packed with horror celebrities. Leaving from Tampa, Florida and arriving in Cozumel, Mexico, the floating convention is apparently going to take place April 12th-16th of next year. There aren't any details other than that on the official website yet, but here's what I uncovered by prowling around the Facebook page!

Thus far confirmed for the show are two different Leatherface's, Gunnar Hansen (original) & Andrew Bryniarski (remake), three different Jason's, Ari Lehman (original), Warrington Gillette (Part 2) & Ken Kirzinger (Freddy vs Jason), as well as Halloween : Resurrection's Michael Myers, Brad Loree, Alex Vincent (Andy Barclay) from Child's Play and a slew of zombies from The Walking Dead. Also on board (literally!) is John Dugan, who played Grandpa in the original Chainsaw.

As for the activities and events, there will be Q&A sessions, meet and greets, interactive attractions (one allowing you to 'kill' zombies), live music and even a 'Camp Crystal Lake Prom' (color me intrigued). It should be noted that all autographs and events as well as drinks (at least the non-alcoholic ones) and food are included with your ticket, making this more of "an intimate, interactive encounter with some of the biggest icons of the horror screen" rather than your typical horror convention. In other words, no waiting on long lines with money in your hand. The price for all of this? Under $800.

If this sounds interesting to you, head over to WavesOfTerror.com and/or 'like' Waves of Terror on Facebook, as finalized pricing and full guest lists and details will be posted sometime soon.

Sounds like a blast to me. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this one!

I Survived Hurricane Irene ... But Did Freddy?!


After well over 48 hours without power in the wake of Hurricane Irene, i'm happy to report that I am finally able to once again pee without pointing a flashlight into the bowl. I am finally able to brew a cup of coffee again. And I can finally go back to watching all the shitty screeners i've recently been sent. But most exciting of all, I am finally back in my computer chair, pecking away at the keys for your enjoyment. While i'd like to say I enjoyed a few days away from technology and without all the modern day comforts that we take for granted every day of our lives, i'm not sure I can say that with a straight face. It is kinda fun to navigate your way through a dark house with only a small flashlight and it is kinda fun to see what kinds of meals you can slap together without the use of any electrical appliances (my stove is even electric), but I gotta say, I don't operate so well without the ability to go on the computer or to watch movies. Those are two things that define who I am and without them, well, I was pretty damn miserable. So could I live without things like a computer, a TV or a device that turns frozen blocks into delicious dinners or coffee grounds into tasty pick me ups? Hell no. That being said, it was kinda nice to not be forced to look at my hairy mug in the mirror every morning ...

In any event, you're probably here to find out whether Freddy Krueger survived Hurricane Irene, am I right? Afterall, he's more important than I. So let's find out the epic conclusion of the Freddy vs Irene mega battle and then I want to quick mention a few things from my days in the dark that I wanted to touch upon. Oh and in case you didn't see the post I made prior to the 'cane and are wondering what the hell i'm talking about, I put a 12" Freddy Krueger action figure outside for the entire duration of the hurricane, in an effort to see if he truly is unkillable. Jeez, read the blog once in a while, will ya?

First up, here's a picture of Freddy before Hurricane Irene, when there was only slight drizzle in the air ....


And here was Freddy after a good 8 hours of vicious winds and all the violence mother nature was able to muster ...


Yaaaaa, not much of a difference. Despite the fact that trees and power lines were strewn all over the streets and neighboring lawns, I was quite shocked to find that Freddy did not move a single inch during the entire hurricane. Aside from getting a lot wetter, there was absolutely no difference between Freddy before the hurricane and Freddy after it. Totally anticlimactic, i'm aware. I would've loved to have come on here and told you that I found him miles away in a ditch somewhere, with all of his clothes torn to shreds, but I gotta be honest with ya. In an effort to make it up to you though, here's a picture of what Freddy would've looked like had mother nature did to him what I was hoping she was going to do to him ...


I hope that's some compensation. I guess the lesson learned here is that Freddy truly is unkillable. To give you an idea of the incredibly strong tree swaying winds that he managed to not only survive, but avoid any damage or even movement from, here are some pictures from around town that Jen took the morning after. There's no pill to cure this shit.




Aside from the winds, the hurricane was a lot tamer than the weathermen were anticipating, as it always seems to be. There were several trees down, some on tops of houses and cars, but in terms of rain or flooding around here, there wasn't much of that except for at the houses right on the edge of the water. I had fears that my entire living room was going to be filled with ocean water and sea life but thankfully all we got on my property were those winds and that's about it. That being said, the entire town still lost power for several days, with my road in particular losing it from early Sunday morning until about 4pm today (Tuesday). While it was a bummer to be away from the computer for so long, the downtime did provide for some fun stuff that never would've happened had there been power, which I gotta say i'm thankful for. Not to bore you with a play by play of what I did those couple dark days, but there are just a couple things I wanted to mention. I figure if I can't make a blog post out of a hurricane, then I should probably turn in my blogging license. Am I right?

Jen and I had a lot of fun Saturday night, in anticipation for the storm. We were both kinda excited and kinda nervous about what was to come but we shut the nerves up with a couple six packs of pumpkin beer, which we enjoyed while watching two movies, the first one a childhood favorite for me and the second a childhood favorite for Jen, which I never got around to watching until a couple years back. First up was Little Monsters, an underappreciated movie that I absolutely cherish. Watching it is like walking through a time portal into my childhood and I just love it so damn much. Nothing beats a good 80's kids adventure flick, especially when the main kid makes friends with some kind of abnormal creature (Goonies & ET come to mind). Love those kinds of movies, the ones that really capture the magic of being a kid, and Little Monsters is perhaps my favorite of the bunch. They just don't make 'em like that anymore. As for Lady In White, that's one of Jen's favorites, which she introduced me to a couple Halloween's back. While I wish I had seen it as a kid, i've nevertheless grown to love it. It gets a bit cheesy at times but the story and atmosphere are what it's all about. The Fright Rags crew has promised to take us on a tour of several of the locations used in the movie, which was filmed in their hometown, and Jen and I will be taking them up on that very soon. Maybe this October?

So that first night was a lot of fun and i'm so thankful that we had power the entire night. Ended up hanging out and watching the movies till about 3 in the morning, and then it was off to bed, wondering what we were gonna wake up to.

Woke up pretty early Sunday morning to some serious winds, followed by the ever dreadful loss of power. Our movie watching capabilities no longer available, the excitement of the storm dwindled. Pretty much just sat around all day watching the massive trees in our backyard sway around, wondering if they were gonna come crashing into our kitchen. Thankfully, they did not. Sunday night we headed over to my parents' house, just a few minutes away, which we do every Sunday night to eat dinner and watch True Blood. Being that cable was out, we didn't get to watch True Blood this week (still haven't seen the episode), but my dad has a generator so we were able to bring the contents of our fridge over and even watch a movie, which ended up being Children of Men. Don't know why it took me so long to see that, being that i've owned it for a while, but goddamn is that a good movie. Almost made me want to get back to watching something other than horror movies every so often. Almost.

After the movie my dad introduced us to a really awesome horror inspired game called LIMBO (more on that in a future post, once I play more than the demo) followed by Then Came Bronson, first the original movie and then the first episode of the series. That's been one of his favorite shows since he was a kid and I quite enjoyed it, at least the movie. Michael Parks is one badass mofo and the show reminded me a lot of Easy Rider, which i'm a huge fan of. It's not that i've ever desired to hop on a motorcycle, but there's something about that tossing away of your watch and your 9-5 job and just exploring the world that i've always been interested in. Once again though, i'm not sure I could live without the things one would have to live without in order to take on that lifestyle, so i'll have to just dream about being Bronson rather than actually becoming him. Besides, i'm too much of a pussy anyway. Sigh.

During the first episode of the Bronson TV series, we all got scared shitless when somebody knocked really hard on our front door. Keep in mind this was around midnight. We all sprung up off the couch, hearts pounding, and quickly grabbed whatever flashlights and weapons we could find. When we opened the door to see who was there, hopeful that it was just a neighbor looking for sugar or something, we found nobody outside. Creeeepy. To make things all the more creepy, I had earlier in the night strongly considered bringing The Strangers over to the parents' to watch. Could you imagine if we were watching that when we got a knock at the door? My god.

Ya so we were all pretty weirded out at this point. My dad and I went outside with flashlights and weapons and still could find nobody out there. We ended up calling the cops and after about 30 minutes they showed up (leaving us plenty enough time to get killed ... thanks guys). They said they had gotten all kinds of reports of similar knock and runs in close proximities to our house over the course of the night, with one victim saying he saw a group of kids walking around near his house. As we suspected, and hoped, it was just a bunch of kids fucking around and trying to scare people while the power was out. I don't know when the hell the youth of this nation got so fuckin' rotten, but stuff like this really makes me sick. It was no big deal for them to mess with us but just imagine an elderly person home alone in the dark sleeping hearing a knock at their door and getting up out of bed to investigate, only to find no one there. Can't figure out what anyone could find funny or cool about messing with people like that. But whatever, i'm just glad nobody asked if Tamara was home ...

Needless to say, we're bringing The Strangers over to my parents' house tonight to watch it with them and freak them out proper! Gonna head over there soon so I better finish up this blog post. Probably boring you at this point anyway.

Not much to say about Monday, other than the fact that I was pretty tired of having no lights by this point. The shops a couple towns over all had their power restored so Jen and I headed out there to spend some money and get out of the house. So exciting to see that most places have put their Halloween stuff out and that Dunkin Donuts has all their pumpkin flavored coffee's and such back in rotation. Most people are sad that summer is over but i'm just glad to fall is upon us. Wooohoo!

At night we walked up to the movies to see Fright Night, which I had already seen but Jen hadn't. I figured she might enjoy it and she ended up liking it quite a bit. As for me, watching it less with a critical eye and more as a movie I already saw and knew I liked, I ended up enjoying it even more than on the first viewing. It was a $30 outing, on top of the 15 bucks I already spent on the movie last week (goddamn 3D), but it was well worth it to get out of our pitch black house and go on a little date. Nothing beats a movie date (especially when you take a walk through the cemetery beforehand ... which we did!).

And that about wraps that whole ordeal up. Went back to work today after having a nice little three day weekend, which was overall a fun and different one thanks to Irene. When I got home from work today the power was completely restored and while I was incredibly happy to see that, I gotta say that I definitely had a good time all around during the outage. Nice every once in a while to change things up a bit and get away from all things normal and expected out of daily life. But do me a favor mother nature, let's keep these things to a minimum, ok? A single night power outage every so often is cool, but this 48+ hour shit just doesn't work for me. Ya dig?

Back to business as usual around these parts tommorow! Oh and if you're wondering, I didn't get the chance to see Don't Be Afraid of the Dark yet, but I will be doing so this week!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can Freddy Survive Hurricane Irene? Place Your Bets!!

A mega sized hurricane, dubbed Irene, is gearing up to slam my hometown big time. We're right in the eye of the storm and it's set to arrive sometime late tonight or early tommorow morning. It's supposedly gonna be so bad that many areas on the island I reside (Long Island, New York) have already been evacuated in preparation. As for me, i've got plenty of beer and i'm planning on staying at my house and riding it out. Quite frankly, i'm kind of excited for what's about to come (and a little frightened). I just hope I don't lose my power for too long. Not sure what the hell i'd do without the internet. Though I do always have Lance Henriksen's book Not Bad For A Human to keep me company. But I digress.

I've decided to conduct a little experiment during Hurricane Irene and who better to help me out with that experiment than Freddy Krueger. Freddy has survived just about everything over the course of the past few decades (including Jason Voorhees, a sequel that promised his death and a godawful remake) but he has never come face to face with the forces of Mother Nature. During the course of Hurricane Irene, I am going to put Freddy's unkillable status to the ultimate test by placing him outside, directly in harm's way, for the entire duration of Hurricane Irene. Will he survive 24 hours of vicious winds and torrential downpour or will the epic forces of Mother Nature destroy him for good? We shall soon find out!

**NOTE : Freddy was already missing his knife fingers prior to the hurricane arriving**

I'll keep you posted on Freddy's status throughout the hurricane, or as long as I have internet access and am able to. Be sure to follow Freddy In Space on Facebook for those updates!

Here's to hoping this doesn't end up in the local paper. "Freddy Krueger Doll Comes Flying Through Local Woman's Window!" Who knows, he might even be launched all the way to space! Get it? Freddy In Space? Ok, i'm gonna go now. Wish me luck!

Two Versions Of The Fright Night Remake That Could Have Been ...

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was a fan of the Fright Night remake. I found the first half to be rather slow and dull but I was quite entertained by the latter half, enough that I was pleased with the complete picture. So it's not that I have a problem with the film, but I can't help but feel it could've been a much more entertaining experience all around, much like the original film still to this day is. Why do I say this? Because there were two pitches made for the film before the version that hit theatres last weekend came to life and I wanted to take a minute today to take a look at the two different Fright Night's we very well could have experienced had things taken a bit of a different course.


The first idea hails from way back in late 2009, as reported on by horror news site Shock Till You Drop. As far as I know it's never been confirmed if this was truly an idea that was being strongly considered, but it's perhaps the most clever and brilliant take on a remake that i've ever heard. The basic idea was that in this version, a young kid who thinks a vampire has moved next door to him would seek out the help not of a horror host or a stage magician but rather of actor Chris Sarandon, who played Jerry Dandridge in the original Fright Night. Much like Wes Craven did with New Nightmare, this version would have existed in a world where the original Fright Night was just a film but this one is reality, which is totally brilliant if ya ask me. A lot of the fun of Fright Night '85 came from the whole referencing of and playing on horror movies thing, which is something that was lost in the remake, and this is just about the freshest and cleverest update on that idea that a fan could ever dream up. Sarandon did have a kickass cameo in the Fright Night remake that came to fruition, albeit a very brief one, but I absolutely would have loved to see him back on the big screen in a starring role, taking a meta approach to one of his most iconic roles. God damn, this movie could've been awesome.


That's Todd Farmer, co-writer of the super fun films My Bloody Valentine 3D & Drive Angry. I'm a mega fan of Farmer's, both as a writer and a person, and it's because of this that I follow his blog Wendago, which he has been writing on for the past decade. Last week, Farmer made a post on there about the idea he and his filmmaking partner Patrick Lussier (director of the afformentioned two films) pitched a couple years back. Their idea, as meta as the one above, was to re-team Tom Atkins and Jamie Lee Curtis and set their Fright Night in a world where Fright Night was a Hammer film that had tons of sequels, which were all remade by Atkins/Curtis in the 80's. It's a little confusing for me to try to explain, so i'll let Farmer take it from here ...

"So Patrick and I put together our take for FRIGHT NIGHT the remake. We’d do the same thing we did with MBV. Update it while keeping classic elements. Make it scary and make sure the characters were smart. Especially the villain. For instance, you don’t order a pizza then kill the deliver boy. Same as you don’t order a hot hooker then kill her in your upstairs bedroom. Be smarter, Jerry. Our remake rule simply followed what Carpenter did with THE THING and Cronenberg did with THE FLY. Update it while keeping classic elements.

Therefore in our version Roddy McDowell WAS Peter Vincent. But Vincent had died of old age after a long distinguished career as the star of over a hundred Hammer Films. Roddy’s face would be prevalent throughout the film. A handful of Peter Vincent’s movies had been remade by Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Atkins. Her seductress Vampire Hunter and his no-nonsense detective sidekick. But even they were flirting with the end of their careers as their last remake, Fright Night 4D: Smell the Blood, didn’t do so well at the box office. Like many horror icons, they end up working the convention circuit."


Though a smart and highly ambitious idea, a critique on current day horror films just like the original was at the time, the pitch was a bit too smart for the dude at the studio who makes the decisions, who just didn't seem to get it. Sigh.

Thus, we ended up with a pretty straight forward modern day re-telling of Tom Holland's original. Again, not bashing that movie or the direction the writer/director went, but it's always interesting to look back and imagine what it would've been like if early pitches and ideas ended up getting greenlit. I have no doubt in my mind that these two ideas above would've made for a far more exciting Fright Night 2011, one that a heck of a lot more horror fans would've gotten behind. Just goes to show that studios are less likely to take chances on horror remakes than they are to stay a bit too close to the source material, with few new or creative ideas injected into the mix, which is kinda sad and unfortunately results in far too many inferior remakes. That said, it's good to know there are still writers out there pitching highly unique and creative ideas, whether they're getting made or not.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cool Shit : Andre The Giant Latex Mask!

This is a bit of an unusual post but I got a pretty interesting press release in my inbox the other day and being that i'm a lifelong wrestling fan and that I know several of you folks are as well, I had to share. I oftentimes skim over press releases, not really giving much care to what is being whored out to me (is that bad to admit?), but this is one I couldn't help but take notice of!


Latex artist SikRik has completed his Andre the Giant Limited Edition Latex Mask project. It was produced with permission from Andre the Giant TM, licensed by Andre R.Roussimoff Testimentary Trust, www.AndreTheGiant.com and CMG Worldwide.

Only 35 numbered copies will be produced, and they can be preordered for $125.00 USD plus S/H at www.SikRikMasks.com. After that, an unlimited edition will be available for $99.00 USD + S/H.

"I find Andre to be a great figure and I'm proud to be associated with such a great athlete/actor/pop culture Icon," says SikRik. "Andre brings back memories of my childhood. Me and my buddies would go to the Canton Civic Center to see all of the big names of the day. George "The Animal" Steele, "Super Fly" Jimmy Snuka, Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. We would buy programs at the event and get all of their signatures. Those were good times."

Each limited edition mask is handcrafted, casted and painted one at a time by SikRik. They are intended for display purposes; however they can be modified with vision / breathing holes if intended to be worn. Customers should mention at time of ordering if they want a wearable or display version.

"As a kid I gravitated toward Andre initially because of his size, but later became intrigued with his demeanor," says SikRik. "He just seemed like a great guy, a gentle giant. I guess I'm no different from any of his fans. I think the world fell in love with the Gentle Giant."


Something about a whole armada of Andre The Giant heads that just makes me smile. Who wants to buy me one?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Release Review : Trollhunter


Wait a second ...


... ah, that's better.


The government says there's nothing to worry about -- it's just a problem with bears making trouble in the mountains and forests of Norway. But local hunters don't believe it and neither do a trio of college students who want to find out the truth. Armed with a video camera, they trail a mysterious "poacher", who wants nothing to do with them. However, their persistence lands them straight in the path of the objects of his pursuits: trolls. They soon find themselves documenting every move of this grizzled, unlikely hero - the trollhunter - risking their lives to uncover the secrets of creatures only thought to exist in fairy tales.

When I saw the first images of Trollhunter (or is it Troll Hunter? or TrollHunter?) that hit the net a while back, I was absolutely beside myself with excitement. It looked like it was going to be the most kickass movie ever made (giant trolls!) and once the positive reviews started pouring in, I simply could not wait to check it out. Now that I have, I can totally see where the appeal and love has come from. At the same time though, I can't help but feel like this is one of those movies that's been a little too overhyped around the interwebs. Allow me to elaborate.

Trollhunter is quite unlike anything i've ever seen before, a completely oddball experience that is quite frankly downright otherworldly. And I gotta say, it's amusing. Very amusing. And totally not at all what I expected. It never takes itself seriously and yet presents itself as a pretty damn serious found footage horror flick, which I think just might be a large part of the appeal. I know I just referred to it as a horror flick but it really isn't a horror movie so much as it is a mockumentary, with the humor being the main highlight for me personally. The scenes of the trolls rampaging and ravaging are few and far between and they're never quite scary or brutal so much as they are humorous and whimsical. At times it almost even feels like you're watching something staged by kids in their bedroom playing with mega sized troll action figures that their parents just bought them and in that sense, it's almost hard not to love Trollhunter. Plain and simple, it's fascinating. And utterly wonderfully absurd.

But here's the thing. With the horror elements being put on the backburner in favor of silly humor, Trollhunter still never manages to be all that funny or even all that entertaining, at least on a consistent basis. There are some pretty damn funny moments and it is at times quite engaging and fun to watch, but it just never really gets as fun or as awesome as a movie about giant killer trolls who have a taste for Christian blood should by all means get. In many spots, it's even fairly dull and boring. The movie seems to be kind of torn between being that totally goofball movie (think Syfy original meets Chris Guest) and being a more serious found footage film (think Blair Witch) and it just never completely embodies either, straddling that line and suffering in the process. It's an interesting idea, melding the two different types of movies together, and that mashup does result in some highly amusing material, but something about the movie just feels a bit off, like it's not allowing itself to be as entertaining as it could be. I guess that's just the bottom line here. It's just not as enjoyable to watch as it should be. It failed to captivate me in the way that I fully anticipated being captivated by it.

Though it didn't live up to the movie i've had in my head for the past several months, I must stress that I did enjoy Trollhunter on a much higher level than I enjoy most movies I see, and there's something to be said for that. It's totally unique with some pretty impressive creature effects and a lot of great showcases of beautiful Norwegian scenery and I ultimately feel it's a movie that should probably be seen by everyone reading this right now. I can almost guarantee you it'll be one of the most interesting movie watching experiences you'll have this year. All in all, I can't say it's not another win for Magnet Releasing.

The Garbage Pail Kids Meet The Horror Villains!

As a big fan of Garbage Pail Kids/Wacky Packages cards, I guess it's inevitable that i've over the years sought out other work from the artists who have brought those trading cards to life. One of those artists is Brent Engstrom, who has drawn up cards for both and who also illustrates for Nickelodeon and Mad Kids Magazine. I'm a follower of his blog, fittingly titled Brent Engstrom's Blog, and I was playing catch up through his history of past blog posts when I stumbled upon something pretty awesome that I think you fine folks will dig. Around this time last year, Brent posted a series of sketch cards he made that combined popular horror movies with that Garbage Pail Kid style art and the results, as you might expect, are pretty awesome. So if you ever wondered what it would look like if your favorite horror villain invaded the world of the Garbage Pail Kids, Brent's got ya covered!!









Though these were never officially released, there was one mass produced Garbage Pail Kid card that directly referenced a popular slasher villain. Can you name that villain?

Oh nevermind, i'll just show ya. Going under the names Claude Flesh and Slasher Asher (the GBK's always had alternate names), I think it's pretty clear who this little fiend was paying homage to ...


Welcome To Fright Rags ... For Real!!

This past weekend, just in time for the release of the remake of Fright Night, Fright Rags unveiled a new upcoming design based on the original film, which debuted in the form of a pretty damn special video over on YouTube. How did this design, drawn up by Jeff Zornow, come about? I'll let Tom Holland explain. Yes, I said Tom motherfuckin' Holland!!

The shirt isn't up for grabs yet but should be up on the Fright Rags website in a couple short weeks. In the meantime, I encourage you to take a little yearly survey owner Ben whipped up in order to help make some decisions about the future of the company. What's in it for you? Well a little birdie told me that if you make it to the end of the survey, you'll get a nice little sneak peek at some upcoming designs!

So go forth. Be a good horror fan and fill out the survey and then sit back and wait for the Fright Night shirt to arrive!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway Time : Win a George Romero Handmade Doll!


Earlier this year at March's Monster Mania Convention, there was a vendor by the name of Bob Dix whose work I became quite the fan of over the course of the weekend. I bought a couple of his art pieces along with a George Romero doll that he made by hand, which I fell in love with. Shortly thereafter I began chatting with Bob through e-mail and worked out a deal with him to exclusively sell his handmade horror director dolls (he's also got one of Hitchcock) through a little shop I had started over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page. Even though he has to make each one of a kind doll by hand, Bob was awesome enough to quickly whip up 5 Romero dolls and 5 Hitchcock dolls for me, which I excitedly posted to the shop. Here we are several months later and i've yet to sell one. That being said, I am not in possession of too many of the dolls I bought from Bob, being that i've delighted in sending them to friends, all of whom seem to dig them. When I contacted Bob about selling them through my shop my intention was never to make any money off the dolls so much as it was to get them out there in the world, being that I personally think they're pretty sweet, so i'm happy that i've been able to do just that. Nothing I do in the horror community is for the money, it's all out of pure love.

So I figured since I have a couple dolls left i'd offer one of the Romero ones up for grabs to you folks, free of charge, in an effort to spread the love. Here's all you've gotta do to enter to win!

Leave me a comment with your e-mail address and the answer to the following question :

- What would you do with your cute and cuddly version of George Romero, if you were to win him?

The giveaway will run through this week (ends Sunday night at midnight) and is open to everyone, everywhere, zombie or human. Best of luck to all!

Tweet of the Week!

You've probably already read this Tweet on another site within the last couple days but I simply couldn't not feature it as the Tweet of the Week this week. Proof positive that Clive Barker is one of the coolest men alive, he took to his Twitter account this past weekend to clear a couple things up about the upcoming direct to DVD Hellraiser sequel, Hellraiser : Revelations. First, here's a little bit about that movie along with the shiteous trailer!

Slapped together by Dimension merely to hold onto the rights to the franchise so that they can give it a proper remake down the road, Hellraiser : Revelations hits DVD & Blu-ray just in time for Halloween on October 18th. The ninth film in the franchise, it's also the first to feature someone other than Doug Bradley as Pinhead. Though Bradley has been in some pretty godawful entries in the series, even he refused to take part, stating that "after reading the script and giving it due consideration, I have decided not to participate." Eek.

If that's not an indication of what we're in store for here, then I think what Clive Barker had to say about the film this past weekend should make it pretty clear that October 18th will see the release of the worst Hellraiser film to date ...


Hello, my friends. I want to put on record that the flic out there using the word Hellraiser IS NO FUCKIN' CHILD OF MINE! I have NOTHING to do with the fuckin' thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker, it's a lie. It's not even from my butt-hole. - @RealCliveBarker

Fright Night : Thoughts On The Original & Remake!


After I got home from seeing Fright Night last night, I cooked up some bacon and roast beef hash (the latter cooked in the grease of the former ... I like my food deadly) and popped my VHS of the original Fright Night into my VCR (thanks for that Jesse!), being that it had been a few years since i'd seen it. I've never really talked about the movie on here in the past so I wanted to quick give my very brief thoughts on it before I get into whether or not I dug the just released redux. Here goes that.

Like most of you probably are, i'm a big time fan of the original Fright Night, a practical effects filled blast that has copious amounts of all the qualities I love in 80's horror flicks; humor, gore, creatures. It's such a great story, with a horror loving kid and a horror actor banding together to try and survive a horror movie come to life, and i'd go so far as to say it's one of my favorite horror movies to come out of that time period. It's just so damn fun. So that's that.

Oh and by the way, isn't it ironic that the actor who played Evil Ed ended up becoming a gay porn star, given he ends up naked at the end of the film with a giant piece of wood inside of him? Just sayin' ...

I wasn't terribly excited when I heard that Fright Night was being remade, given that I feared it was only being done to capitalize on the vampire craze of late, but my thoughts changed once I saw the trailer. Right after that trailer came out I did a Yay or Nay? feature on it and I pretty much predicted (and hoped) that'd it'd be a fun and entertaining movie, if nothing else, and I didn't expect much more from it than that. So was my prediction correct? Well, I guess you could say I was half correct.

Fright Night 2.0 gets off to a pretty rocky start, with an awkward first half that drags and bores. Full of jokes that fall flat (the only good joke it seems to be able to make is that Jerry is a goofy name for a vampire ... which it reminds us of a couple times), unnecessary cursing that seems thrown in only to get a "cool" R rating, and lame attempt after lame attempt at being hip and current, the first hour or so of the movie is entirely lackluster. Nothing much happens and if i'm being honest, I was pretty damn bored every step of the way. That being said, there was one subplot regarding Charley and Evil Ed that I quite liked in this first half, which was something entirely new that was not seen in the original. Long story short, in this one Charley and Ed were good friends prior to the events of the movie but in an attempt to be cool and get chicks, Charley tosses his geeky side and his friend on the backburner, while Ed remains the same Ed that he was when they were best friends. It's a nice little touch that adds some depth to the story, one that seems to be entirely derived from that iconic line from the original (which gets repeated in this one too), where Ed mockingly tells Charley that he's "so cool". Aside from that clever little addition, the first half of the film is a total snooze fest. I was not liking what I was seeing. Not one bit.

I've seen countless horror movies that start off good but get worse as they progress and very few that actually start off bad and get better. Much to my surprise, and delight, Fright Night 2011 is one of those rare movies that actually recovers from a seriously lackluster first half, somehow managing to turn itself into a pretty damn entertaining ride. After one particularly kickass sequence about halfway through the movie, things suddenly take a serious turn for the better and this Fright Night starts to feel more like the Fright Night we all know and love. The blood starts flying (even if it's CG blood...), the laughs start piling up, an actor from the original makes an awesome cameo and it ultimately morphs into the movie that I was hoping it'd be from the start. Just prior to that one sequence that turns the whole ship around, Jerry Dandridge blows up Brewster's house in an attempt to be able to get to him without being invited in, a scene you probably remember from the trailer. It truly feels as if the director and writer that had been working on the film prior to that scene died in that blast on set and were replaced from that moment on by a director and writer who knew how to make an entertaining movie. It's like two different movies, one far better than the other, and I quite enjoyed myself while watching the kickass almost 80's style go for the jugular movie it became in the second half. Much like a vampire, I guess this one just needed to suck for a while before it really had any life in it. It's only fitting.

One of the main things I was worried about in regards to this one was the character of Peter Vincent. While I feared that the Criss Angel meets Russell Brand turn that the character appeared to be taking in this remake was going to be one of the big downsides of the whole thing, that character actually ended up being one of the best things about it. I always loved the fact that Vincent was a vampire slaying actor turned horror host but I found myself unbothered by the fact that he was changed into a stage magician who knows a thing or two about vampire killing (afterall, it'd be pretty unfitting to the times to have him still be a horror host). David Tennant was solid as Vincent, as was Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge. As for McLovin, it was cool to see him get to play something other than a doofy nerd, even if he just gets to be a doofy nerd who turns into a slightly less doofy vampire nerd. It was also awesome to see familiar character makeups used for the vamps, most notably on Amy, which is a nice little treat for fans of the original. Speaking of which, I think my fellow Fright Night '85 fans will also notice many other little homages to the original throughout the film, which are oftentimes subtle but can't help but make ya smile nonetheless. It all feels quite familiar while still remaining fresh and different, which the better remakes always do.

All in all, Fright Night 2011 pretty much follows the same general beats as the original, it's just a slicker version that's updated for our current times. And as a revamped (har har) CGI filled redux of that 80's genre classic, it's pretty solid, despite the fact that it takes a while to get going. That first half could've used a pretty sizeable hunk of runtime cut out of it, but what can ya do. If you can sit through that lackluster beginning and look past it, I think you'll find this remake to be a rewarding and fun night of fright at the theatre. At the end of the day, I dug it and found the second half to be fun enough to make me forgive the far inferior first half. Just see it in 2D if you can. I always prefer to see movies in 2D over 3D so I usually say that, but I really mean it this time. Even if you're into the whole 3D thing, this one is quite clearly only utilizing that gimmick so that the studio can get more money out of your wallet at the box office. I saw it in 3D, only because I had no choice, and it barely even felt like I was watching a 3D movie. Save for a couple shots of CG objects flying at the camera, it's barely even noticeable and certaintly doesn't enhance the movie at all. So save your money if your theatre allows you the liberty to make the choice.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monster Mania 19 Recap : Saturday & Sunday!



It's always a triumph to wake up on a Monster Mania Saturday without a hangover, which I somehow managed to do this past weekend. While we waited for the ladies to get ready, my brother's girlfriend slapping on her soon to be quite popular Chucky costume, we loaded up on Keurig coffee and cheap breakfast sandwiches from the lobby and then headed down into the depths for another fun filled day of Monster Mania madness, joined all too briefly by fellow blogger James Harris, who we were meeting for the very first time. James runs the blog Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors. We chatted with him a bit up in our room (really nice guy ... go read his blog) and then took the elevators down together for the first stop on our journey; meeting Leslie Vernon.


This was Nathan Baesel's first ever horror convention and he was there to meet the fans and spread the good word about Before The Mask : The Return of Leslie Vernon, a film which needs the help of those fans. Myself, Jen and Jesse were very excited to meet Nathan and he ended up being one of the main highlights of our weekend. As I mentioned in the post I made on the eve of the convention, Jen loved the movie so much after watching it last week that she paper mache'd her own Leslie Vernon mask to get signed by Nathan, which he seemed to be blown away by. He actually even took a picture of it with his cell phone and sent it to Scott Glosserman, the director of Behind The Mask. Nathan was so humble and you could tell this was his first convention and that he was genuinely surprised by how many people love him and the film.


After signing Jen's mask, an 8x10 for me and taking a picture with us, Nathan told us that the mask was too cool to accept any money from us but given that all of the money he made was going directly to the funding of Before The Mask, I knew I couldn't allow that. I want to support the cause as much as I can so I ended up giving even more money than I had to for the autographs, which was the least I could do to help out. Nathan was one of the kindest people i've ever met at these things and I can only hope that he comes back in the near future.

Headed into the dealers room afterwards to spend some more cash that was burning a hole in my wallet. Again, I don't remember what I got when, so here's an overall look at the goods procured throughout Saturday.


These two prints were given to me by my good friend Terry Callen, who is the artist who created them. More on Terry in a bit, who I ended up spending a good hunk of time with at the convention. I love that man.


I'm not a supporter of bootlegs but i've wanted to see this one for so long being that I loved the first and it's not out here in the states yet. So lay off me, I paid for it at least!


It wouldn't be Monster Mania without picking up shirts from Fright Rags and House of Mysterious Secrets. The Sleepaway Camp one comes from the latter while the Jack Chop one comes from the former, completing my Adam Green t-shirt collection. Fright Rags is just selling off the stock of the original Green shirts until they come out with their own designs, which should be hitting the site pretty soon. I just get such a kick out of the fact that i'm wearing a t-shirt right now based off of a little short video Green made for Halloween. Gotta love it!

I think that was about it for my Saturday purchases, at least on the merchandise front. So where did most of my money go on that day? To meeting the celebs, who as I mentioned in the Friday recap have raised their prices a bit in the last couple years. Here's who else I met on Saturday ...

The sun took it upon itself to shave off a good portion of my beard

I met Lance Henriksen once before several years back and I knew I had to meet him again both because he's one of the coolest guys alive and because he was signing copies of his book, which I had yet to pick up. For $35 I got the book signed and got to talk to Lance for a bit.


When I first approached him wearing my Adam Green shirt, he asked me if it was me on the shirt. I guess he thought the neck damage looked like a beard, which was pretty funny. Then I talked to him a bit about Scream of the Banshee, one of his recent films which I enjoyed despite the fact that it isn't so great. He laughed and talked about how he sometimes wonders why he ends up doing certain movies, to which I remarked that he made the movie a lot better, as he does with most of the stuff he's in (truth). I also asked him why he's done so many Sasquatch horror flicks, wondering if things just worked out that way or if he's some kind of Bigfoot freak (like myself). He again laughed and said he was done with those. Always cool to meet Lance and his consistent awesomeness has pretty much ensured that i'll pay to chat with him every time I see him at a convention. Cannot wait to dig into this book, which i'll post my thoughts on once I get around to it.

Two people that could only be photographed together if there were an exchange of money involved

Been in the same room as Danielle Harris before (at the Hatchet 2 screening in NYC), but I never actually got the chance to meet her face to face. I underestimated the love her fans have for her and was quite surprised that her line was pretty long throughout the whole day. I knew I had to meet her so Jesse and I ended up waiting on the line towards the end of the day. If i'm being honest, the thought of meeting her was a bit more exciting than actually meeting her. It's not that she was mean or anything, but you could just tell she was a bit tired of meeting geeks like me by the time I got around to her. The encounter was fairly devoid of any conversation but getting the chance to hold her and take a picture with her was enough to make the wait and the money spent worth it. That is one precious human being, let me tell you. The lack of conversation was likely more my fault than anything else, given how nervous I was to be near her.


Oh and here's the 8x10 I got from her. How could I resist that shot?


Being a big time True Blood fan I was so thrilled to get the chance to meet Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte on the show. I was expecting him to have a huge line at all times but was pleased to find that I only had to wait about 20 minutes to meet him. I spent most of my time on the line chatting with fellow fans about how good looking a man Sam is, both to make the girls laugh and to weird out the guys. Not that it aint the truth. I told one group of girls that I was going to shift into a gay guy the minute I came face to face with Sam, a True Blood inspired line that my drunken self was quite proud of at the time. I was originally waiting on the line with Jesse, who joined me for moral support, and I was going to surprise Jen by getting an autographed photo signed to both of us, because I didn't think she was going to make it in time to meet him (more on that in a second). But she showed up at just the right time, right when I got to the front of the line, which worked out quite well. Glad we got to experience that together.


Sam was nice as can be and he got a kick out of the fact that I watch True Blood every weekend with my whole family. Totally surreal to chat with Sam Merlotte and i'm so happy that he was such a nice guy.

Prior to meeting Danielle and Sam, Jesse and I attended the Nathan Baesel Q&A, which was moderated by none other than Kristy Jett. While Kristy was moderating that, Jen worked the Fright Rags table in her place, which is why I didn't think she was going to be able to meet Sam when I did. From what i've heard she did quite well, selling shirts like a pro alongside Ben Scrivens. Very proud of her.

The Q&A was very informative and i'm glad I checked it out (you rocked it K. Jett). I often miss those things, being that i'm usually off eating garbage food, drinking beer and buying shit, but I knew I had to make it for this one. Hope it brought the plight of Before The Mask to the attention of some people that weren't aware of what's going on with it. Jesse filmed the entire Q&A and uploaded it to The Blood Sprayer, so be sure to head over there and watch it if you're a Vernon-ite like me!

It was somewhere around this time that we met up with Chris U. at the bar, where we hung out and eventually went up to our room to film a video of him doing a reading of the book 'Go The Fuck To Sleep', as Freddy Krueger. I posted that video last night so if you haven't yet seen it, you must go watch it. It's brilliant and I had a such a blast watching Chris do his thing live.

The night ended much the same way Friday night did, by hanging out in the bar. Once again joined by Ben Scrivens, Terry & Jill Callen and this time by Kristy Jett, Thomas Bryce, Mike Smash, Sean Jordan (VHSPS) and London 1888's Christopher Ott (who I wasn't expecting to see there), the festivities went a little bit later than the previous nights, as we outlasted the closing of the bar and ended up hanging out in the lobby until the wee hours of the morning. That's usually how Saturday nights end at these things for me and it's always a lot of fun to just hang out, drink and talk. After most of that crew went off to sleep, we went back up to the room with the Callen's and hung out for a bit more before turning in for the night.

Once again, I somehow woke up on Sunday morning without a hangover, though I was feeling a bit worse than I did the previous morning. We tend to leave pretty early on Sunday so I don't have much to talk about here but I took one final trip through the dealer room to spend the rest of the money I brought and say some goodbyes. The final two things I bought were the above Jack Chop shirt which i'm just realizing I didn't buy on Saturday like I said earlier and The Beyond Cult Collectibles bobblehead, which i've been fiending for for months now.


This thing is so awesome. The normal looking face is magnetized and can be left on or removed to show the little zombie girl's exploded head, as seen in that iconic gore scene in the film. Love this. A lot. You should buy one.

The convention ended on as perfect a note as it began, with us getting into an elevator down to the lobby packed with fellow horror fans and none other than Danielle Harris. Bittersweet moment, that's for sure. Mustered up the courage to say bye to her, which she reciprocated. I'm such a dork.

On the way home we hit up the greatest place on earth, Cracker Barrel, which is exactly what I needed to quell my quickly developing hangover. There's nothing in the world that breakfast at that place can't cure. A few hours more of godawful traffic and there we were, back home to our normal boring lives. Words cannot express how much I miss my Monster Mania family, so in lieu of words, here are some final pictures from the weekend that I couldn't find places for within all that text!

Terry & Jesse ... knew these two would get along

Love me some Kristy Jett ... even if she insists of insulting and sniffing my beard


Brian Dunn is one talented mofo. I need that Pumpkinhead bust. Now.

My brother with the Brian Dunn piece I bought him

Always good to wear underwear when you're about to get the electric chair...

Alex Vincent took quite the liking to my brother's girlfriend. I suspect he's always deep down wanted to bed Chucky...

Jesse & I


Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so memorable and especially to my mom and dad, who always go out of their way to make these things as fun for their children (both the ones they birthed and the ones they didn't) as possible. Can't wait to do it all over again soon. Maybe in September?

Monster Mania 19 Recap : Friday!


Monster Mania has once again come and gone and has managed to once again leave my wallet empty, my GI tract in shambles, and my whole body and mind unable to adjust itself back to reality, a reality that most certaintly does not have Danielle Harris in it. It's never easy to return and get back to the daily grind, but I find myself having an extra difficult time this time around, which I guess is a sign of how much fun I had this past weekend. To go from being packed into a hotel full of people with the same interests who have gathered to mingle with their favorite celebs and honor those interests to dealing with the monotony of working a job that couldn't inspire you or put a smile on your face no matter how much money you were getting paid is a transistion i've always found to be quite depressing, a slap in the face reminder that i'm not doing with my life what I want to be doing with my life. Don't mean to start this off on a downer of a note, but I just wanted to quick sum up how i'm feeling at the moment. It'll pass!

I always like recapping these events because it allows me to relive them for a wee bit and get swept up in that convention spirit all over again so how's about we get to the fun stuff, eh?! First, a rundown of the people who went on this crazy adventure with me!


Monster Mania has for the past several years been a family affair for me, with my mom, dad and girlfriend always coming along for the ride. This time, as they've done a couple times now in the past, my brother and his girlfriend Jess also met us there and we had a special guest star drive down with us in the form of Jesse Bartel, one of my best friends who I met through my day job and who writes for the horror websites The Blood Sprayer and The Liberal Dead. This was Jesse's first ever convention and I was so excited that he was joining us, being that he's such a fun guy to be around. I knew he would make the event that much more enjoyable and boy was I right. He fit right in with our whacky family and i'm pretty sure he will never be able to pass up a Monster Mania again in the future. If you have any doubts about that, check out his recap of the weekend over on The Blood Sprayer. Jesse, it was my pleasure to introduce you to your very first horror con!

After some pretty heavy traffic and a car ride filled with trivia games and nap breaks, we hit up the local Cherry Hill Wine Legend (always our first stop), stocked up on booze (pumpkin beer is in season!) and then headed over to the hotel, just a stone's throw away. The minute my dad pulled the car up to the hotel, we were thrust into that magical world of the horror convention, a second home to myself, my parents and Jen and one that was about to become a second home for Jesse as well. Lance Henriksen was standing outside the building smoking and chatting with fans and I was so glad Jesse got to witness that right off the bat both because he's a big time Aliens fan and because it was the perfect introduction to how surreal these things tend to be. Where else can you ride an elevator with the dude from Troma's Mother's Day and drunkenly wax poetic to him about the deliciousness of the hotel bar's deep fried broccoli bites? I rest my case.

When we got up to the room to get settled in and wait until the convention began, it quickly became clear that something was wrong. The lights in our room started flickering on and off and then all of the power in the room went out, along with all of the power in the entire hotel, lights, air conditioning and elevators included. I couldn't help but wonder if Danielle Harris was stuck in an elevator somewhere, trapped with rabid nerds who probably looked and smelled a lot like me. Scary thought, to be sure. Getting food or pretty much doing anything was completely out of the question, but we decided to take a quick trip down to the lobby anyway to see what the hell was going on. Me having a child's bladder and being a few beers deep at this point, I had to make a detour to the bathroom, where the only thing standing between my urine and the walls and floor was a flashlight that a gentleman was illuminating the place with. It's a good thing that I was a little buzzed because my bladder is both childish and at times quite shy. We took a trip into the dealer room but quickly emerged from there when we realized we pretty much couldn't see anything. It was like walking into The Further and I wasn't about to chance running into Darth Maul. So we hung out in the lobby for a bit with our long time convention buddies Dallas & Curtis and were soon approached by a full sized adult version of Sam from Trick 'r Treat, who Jen snapped a picture with.


After taking the picture, Sam opened up his treat sack and it looked like he was begging for money in return for the photo op, so Jen excitedly threw $1 into the bag. Sam then reached in and pulled out a handful of candy, revealing his true intentions. It reminded me of that scene in Falling Down where Michael Douglas gets shot because Bobby Duvall thinks he's pulling a gun on him, when he's really just reaching for a toy water pistol.


We had quite a copious amount of beer up in the room so we holed up in there until the power came back on, which would hopefully be soon. At this point my brother and his girlfriend arrived and we spent a good hour or so hanging out and drinking before the power did eventually end up coming back on. When the power was out we were pretty upset but as soon as it came back on we were kinda bummed that we now had to get off our asses and actually leave our room, so in the end the blackout provided us a nice little period of time to just relax and bond. Always a silver lining!

We returned to the dealer room, where everything could now be seen, and I made my first purchase of many to come over the course of the weekend; the retro 80's horror collection from Camp Motion Pictures that i've been dying to get my hands on for a while.


This baby comes with the previously unreleased shot on video horror flick The Basement on both DVD and VHS(!), along with four other shot on video horror films. It was a bargain for $25 and I will be doing a full post about all the contents soon, so for now you're gonna have to wait until I open this beauty up and show it off!

I can't exactly remember at which points in the night I picked up these other things, so let's just take a look at what else I purchased on Friday ...


Very excited to snag a copy of Fright Night 2 ($5!), even if it's a bootleg. I've never seen it before and seeing as the officially released DVD is long out of print and fetches pretty steep prices, bootlegs are pretty much the only way to go. The little Chucky string doll I got for Jen (I get her a different one at every Monster Mania) and she returned the favor by getting me the Human Centipede and IT magnets. The Boo-Berry, Freakies and Ouija Board things are also magnets, which will look great next to the Franken-Berry and May ones I got from the same vendor last Monster Mania.

Friday is never too big of a day for me when it comes to buying merchandise, as I don't often spend too much until I get fairly drunk and eager to empty out my wallet come Saturday, so i'll have more to show off during tommorow's recap.

I tend to really not meet anyone on Friday's either, mostly because I always take it easy with the drinking that day and thus am too shy to actually approach anyone, but Jesse and I decided to go ahead and meet Tony Todd on Friday night. Jesse wanted to say hello and get a DVD of Scarecrow Slayer signed for our friend Kenny, a movie that the three of us love to hate. It was pretty funny because on the way to Monster Mania I asked Jesse what he'd say if Tony asked him if he actually liked the movie once he handed it over to be signed and wouldn't ya know it, that's precisely what he asked. We kinda laughed and once we realized that Tony was aware that the movie sucks, we chatted with him for a bit about how bad it is but how much fun we have watching it. He talked about how they didn't have enough money to pay him to be on set for more than a couple days, which is why he is killed off so early on in the film. I joked to him that I loved the alien mug he drank from in the movie, which he got a kick out of. Always cool when an actor can joke around about bad movies they regret having done.

There was a guy there specifically to take pictures and yet he couldn't seem to figure out how to fit us all into the shot ... thanks dude!

I brought my Candyman print from Alex Pardee's 'My Favorite Monsters' series to get signed, which Tony absolutely loved. He had never seen it before and it was cool to be able to introduce him to one of my favorite artists, who actually whipped up a Hatchet 2 poster a while back in conjunction with Adam Green. He took down the URL to Pardee's site and said he'd check it out when he got the chance.


Also told him about the Candyman board game that I have, which he seemed pretty shocked that I was in possession of, furthering my belief that those things must be pretty damn rare. We chatted a bit more and I told him i'd see him in the bar later, which he remarked that I most certaintly would (and sure enough I did). After walking away from his table I realized I never paid him the $25 he was charging for autographs (everyone's rates seem to have gone up), so I approached his handler and explained that I was never charged (because i'm honest like that). Sometimes ya just get caught up chatting and you both forget about the whole awkward exchange of money thing. The handler ended up calling Tony over and allowing me to personally hand it to him, which was pretty cool. Had to make things right!

Next up Jesse decided to meet Joe Turkel, who was sitting right next to Tony. Joe was the bartender from The Shining and was also in Blade Runner, which is one of Jesse's favorite movies. I'm glad Jesse met him because that gave me a chance to chat with him for a bit too and he was such a cool guy. He had a pretty lengthy chat with Jesse which ended with him imparting some wisdom and writing down the name of a book that Kubrick used to carry around with him, which he told Jesse to pick up. He seemed to know that Jesse had a passion for writing and it was so awesome of him to take the time to shoot the shit. Really really cool guy.


At this point the dealers and autograph rooms were getting ready to shut down for the night and the after dark festivities were about to begin, so we holed up in the room again for a bit, drank a few more beers, and headed down to the bar, where would remain until around 1 in the morning. Our time there was mostly spent hanging out with Fright Rags owner Ben Scrivens as well as artist Terry Callen, his lovely wife Jill and a handful of celebrities who made their way in and out, including Alex Vincent (the little boy from Child's Play) and a consistently unhappy looking Glenn Hetrick (makeup artist/one of the judges on Syfy's Face Off). I'm sure he's a teddy bear but he was highly intimidating, looking like he wanted to be fighting a war with his bare hands rather than meeting fans of his.

If my brother were to write up a recap of his experience it'd probably be more exciting than mine during this portion of the night, because he ended up going outside for a smoke with Jess and Jesse and running into both Eddie Furlong and Monica Keena, who seemed to be dating Furlong and who wasn't advertised as being at the show. Though we had our doubts in regards to whether it was in fact her or not, being that she looked to have had lots of plastic surgery done on her face, my brother insisted it was and it ended up that he was quite right. Furlong bummed a smoke from them and took some pictures in exchange for it. Dude seems like he's back off the wagon but nevertheless, this encounter had me wishing I was a smoker so I could've experienced it firsthand!

What I did get to experience though was Bob Elmore being denied access to the lobby with a drink in his hand, another sign that security is getting a little too beefed up for my liking at this particular convention. Bob played Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw 2, at least for some scenes, and it was kinda sad to see him get turned away like that. He tried to show the security guard his badge which indicated that he was a celebrity there signing autographs, but they weren't having any of it. The past few Monster Mania's the security team has had an increased presence and though they didn't seem to be injecting themselves into too much of the fun this time around, I can't help but hope this thing doesn't lose that laid back quality that makes it my favorite convention to go to. We shall see.

Other than that there's not much to talk about in regards to the night other than me once again going on about how cool of a person Ben Scrivens is. It was cool to be able to really hang out with him for the whole night, being that we oftentimes never get to chat for more than a few minutes at these things. Again, my hardcore undying support of that company has as much to do with how nice the whole crew is as it does how much I love the shirts. Gotta say that Ben's one of my favorite people in the whole horror scene.


After quickly popping in to some kind of dance party that was going on in one of the main rooms, where I got to chat a bit with my boy Adam King (the best Ash impersonator in the game), it was back up to the room for some final laughs and much needed sleep, with hopes that we'd all wake up in the morning not too hungover and ready to do it all again.

On that note, i'll see ya tommorow for part two of the recap, which will cover the highlights of both Saturday & Sunday!