Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bust Out The PBR & Ghost Hunting Equipment : My Valentine's Weekend Getaway Is Booked!

When I watched Ti West's Innkeepers for the first time last week (read the review), it was pretty much love at first sight with a couple things about the film, most notably the characters and the hotel it's set in, which is pretty much a character in and of itself. The Innkeepers tells the story of a man and a woman working at the Yankee Pedlar Inn over a long weekend, the final weekend before the place shuts down for good. They've always believed the place to be haunted and so they set out to once and for all find out if it truly is. As expected, horrific things ensue.


Though it was pretty obvious that the movie was filmed in an actual hotel, what I didn't realize until I did some research after watching it is that the Yankee Pedlar Inn is actually a real place in Connecticut, built in 1891. The name wasn't changed for the movie nor was the location dressed up at all; what you see in the movie is the same location that is still an operational hotel that you can stay in. Ever fascinated by horror movie filming locations and totally in love with the old school look and feel of the Pedlar Inn, I immediately knew I had to book a room as soon as possible.

Cut to one week later.

With Valentine's Day coming up in just a couple weeks, I figured what better way to wine and dine Jen than to book a stay at the Pedlar Inn for the weekend and celebrate our love with the spirit of Madeline O'Malley by our side. I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything that's more romantic than ghost hunting while sipping PBR. Thankfully, Jen feels the same way. So last night I booked our mini suite for two nights on the weekend after Valentine's Day, February 17th-19th. If all goes as planned, both horrific and romantic things will ensue. Once they do, you'll of course be the first to hear about them. At least the horrific parts. I'll spare you the romance.


So, is the Pedlar Inn really haunted by malevolent spirits? Well, that's up for debate. Though the whole Madeline O'Malley thing was made up for the movie, the inspiration for it actually came from Ti West and the House of the Devil crew staying at the Inn while they were filming that movie, wherein West says they experienced some pretty freaky shit; phones ringing, lights turning on and off. In addition, he says the staff regaled him and his crew with ghost stories, alleging the place is in fact haunted. It was because of his experience there that West decided to write the story of The Innkeepers, brilliantly deciding to film the movie on location at the actual hotel that inspired it, making it the first movie ever to film there and in fact the first to be filmed entirely on location in Torrington, Connecticut.

So again I ask, is the Yankee Pedlar Inn really haunted? I figure that question can only be answered by spending a few nights there for myself, so I'll let ya know when (and if!) we return on the 19th!

In the meantime, I recommend you order The Innkeepers On Demand and, if you can, see it in theaters when it comes out February 3rd. Check the listings to see if it's playing anywhere near you!


Bjornabo said...

Nice, I'd always wanted to stay at a haunted hotell :-) Have a nice trip.

Anonymous said...

I worked on the film. The Pedlar is haunted. For sure.

Johnny said...

Oh ya? What'd you experience there?