Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cool Shit : Voorhees/Predator Hybrid Mask!

There's a forum called The Replica Prop Forum that I hang around from time to time, a place where super talented geeks get together and show off their handmade recreations of props from their favorite movies, everything from popular items like Freddy's many gloves to more obscure stuff like the magnifier necklace Ash gave to Linda in The Evil Dead.

I was browsing around there the other night and stumbled upon something that really caught my eye, a mask that fused together two horror icons; Jason Voorhees and the oh so loveable Predator. Story goes that the man who made it, Jake Rich, was getting drunk with his brother while watching Jason X one night, wherein they came to the realization that the metallic uber Jason mask looks a bit like the mask the Predator's wear to cover up their gross vaginal mouths. So, naturally, Rich hit the garage and began turning a Predator mask he had sculpted years prior into what he's dubbed "The Hockey Hunter", the love child of Jason and Predator. Needless to say, that's one child you wouldn't want to pick on in the schoolyard!

What does such a child look like? Check out the results of Jake's gene splicing experiment!!



Made from fiberglass and featuring LED lighting mounted with a 9V battery power supply, the "Hockey Hunter" masks are currently selling for $230 a piece over at Dream Scape Studios, the Rich Brothers' FX studio. The mask can either be worn or displayed.

If you're more of a Freddy kinda guy, have no fear; Freddy has also been mashed up with the Predator in the past ...


This 'Fredator' shirt was available for one day only over at Tee Fury, but can still be purchased through Red Bubble. Hooray!

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Holy shit this is cool!