Monday, January 23, 2012

Trailer Of The Week - FDR : American Badass!

Though this past week saw the debut of a new trailer for a horror film directed by Tobe Hooper and the first look at an upcoming flick that sees Tom Savini busting out the liquid latex and fake blood for the first time in many years, it's the one featuring Barry Bostwick as Franklin Delano Roosevelt that I can't help but select as my favorite horror movie trailer of the week. In the 70's or 80's that would've shocked me. Nowadays, not so much!

Check out the hilarious trailer for FDR : American Badass!, the latest in a recent flurry of 100% historically inaccurate horror cinema, which looks to be even more out there than a black JFK or a vampire hunting Honest Abe!

Right about now I oftentimes tell you folks about why I dig the featured trailer and why I'm excited to check out the movie it was cut from. This week, I'm really not feeling like that's even necessary. I mean come on, don't the machine gun wheelchair and Hitler werewolf justify this pick well enough?!

No idea when this movie is supposed to be released, but I personally would love to see it featured in a sequel to Chillerama, and not just because it shares many of the same actors. FDR : American Badass! is the kind of film that would fit perfectly alongside giant killer sperm & horny zombies and I relish the thought of one day watching it in a theater with a drunken audience. Oh, and did I mention Kevin Sorbo plays Abe Lincoln in it?


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Marco! Polio! LOVE it!!!