Friday, February 24, 2012

Fright Rags Masters Your Dreams ... This March!

Though Dream Warriors is my favorite film in the Elm Street franchise, it's Dream Master that conjures up the most memories of childhood for me. From the brilliant use of Dramarama's uber catchy song 'Anything' to the bug arms butch chick to Ken Sagoes battling Freddy in a fully stocked junkyard, it's that movie more than any other in the franchise that I remember watching as a youngin'. I love it so.

And I'm kinda drunk right now so I really can't come up with a good way to segue this into what I'm getting to here, so let's just leave it at this. In March, Fright Rags will pay tribute to the master of all our of (see? totally drunk) dreams with a limited edition t-shirt, previewed below!


Oh Tuesday Knight, you so cute when you're in danger.

More details impending!


Matt-suzaka said...

That is fucking awesome. I should mention that my birthday is in March... anyone?!

Anonymous said...


Dream master is my fave nightmare and this Shirt is BEAUTIFUL. Not even a question, I'm getting this.

Jordan said...

I've never bought a fright tags tee before, but I think this might be the one! Love the movie, and that graphic rocks!!

Erik (Drunketh) said...

There is no way in Hell that I'm not going to buy this!!1