Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paranormal Activity ... Trading Cards?!


One thing I miss from the 80's & 90's are movie themed trading cards. Be it the multi-movie based Fright Flicks series or whole lines devoted to specific films like Alien, Gremlins & Jaws, the trading card treatment was perhaps the ultimate symbol of love given to hit movies back in the day, a love that is unfortunately just not existent in this day and age. Not only do horror movies no longer get the trading card treatment, but if ya think about it there just really aren't any horror flicks iconic enough these days to even warrant such treatment. Sad, but true.

So imagine my excitement and delight when I recently discovered that a company by the name of Breygent Marketing recently put out a line of Paranormal Activity trading cards. The line consists of 50 regular cards along with special inserts, including director and cast autographs, film cells, and even cards that actually come with pieces of screen worn clothing embedded into them. How cool is that?

At $25 for a single pack of only 9 cards the price is a little steep, but here's what makes the deal exciting. Each pack of 9 cards consists of 5 regular cards, 2 'Chase cards' AND two others that are promised to either be autographs, film cells or pieces of screen worn clothing. Armed with this knowledge, I simply couldn't resist dropping the dough on a pack. Besides, instead of just making a post about the cards, letting you know what you could possibly get if you buy a pack, I thought It'd be much more exciting to actually open up a pack for myself here within the post. No amount of money is too much in the name of a blog post, says I!

So I recently ordered myself a pack of the cards and I'm here tonight to share my findings. Let's open this baby up!!


OK so these are the five basic cards you get per pack. The fronts feature images from the film while the backs essentially just describe the scenes that are depicted on front. Nothing too exciting here but again, just cool to see a current day horror movie get the card treatment.


These are the special 'Chase cards'; 1 'David Desbois Puzzle' card (top) & 1 'Portents of Evil' card (bottom). Each of these come in sets of 9, with all of the puzzle pieces, when collected together, forming an image drawn by artist David Desbois (don't worry, I don't know who the hell he is either!). If the puzzle pieces formed an image of a nude Katie in the Titanic pose I'd totally continue buying packs to complete it but that doesn't appear to be the case so again, nothing really exciting here either. It's really all about the final two cards in the pack ...


Though visions of pieces of Katie's bra danced in my head, I was kinda bummed to discover that my pack came filled with two film cell cards, rather than autographs or clothing pieces. Still cool, and they come nicely packaged in heavy duty card cases, but I can't help but feel a little bummed that I dropped $25 on a couple film cells. These are genuine frames from the film, and the two I got both depict Katie, one of her in bed. So hey, can't really complain there. But goddammit, I really wanted bra pieces. Or at least Micah's underwear or some shit.

If you're wondering what autographs and clothing pieces you can score from these packs, here's a couple images which should help ya out there. As you'll see, there are even cards that have both clothing pieces and autographs on them!



Soooo yea, I kinda got the short end of the stick here. But hey, at least I got a blog post out of it and had fun opening up the pack, right? Such is the nature of the gambling beast!

If you want to test your luck on a pack you can grab one for yourself for $25 from Digital Heroes, with other options available to you including a full set of the 50 standard cards for only 20 bucks. Hope ya have better luck than I did!


MW said...

Katie sure can fill out a shirt/bra/anything.

I'm wondering - since I'm on Katie Watch 2012 - if "Psychic Experiment" was made before Paranormal Activity or not. I added it to my queue when I saw she was in it, but I'm sure to be disappointed, having not heard a thing about it.

I used to be super into WWF, so I used to get so excited over pieces of the ring mat, ring worn shirts, etc., were getting jammed into trading cards. Now I kind of wonder about why that excited me - considering the man sweat they were all covered in.

Makes you wonder if this sort of thing will ever have any value - as most collectors do have a goal of selling it off when the price is right.

Alex said...

Not nearly as exciting as opening up a pack yourself, but if you search eBay you can find a lot of the autographed and costume ones for less than the price of a pack. No bras though!