Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shit I Want : The Prop Store Edition!


This past Christmas, my brother got me a screen worn blood soaked bath robe from the film Quarantine, hands down one of the most unique gifts I've ever been given. It came from The Prop Store, an online movie memorabilia shop that I have become absolutely obsessed with in the last couple months. They've got endless amounts of awesome screen used shit up for grabs over there, and it's truly the first place I'd hit up if I ever won the lottery. Forget buying a house. I want me some damn movie props!

Tonight, I wanted to share just a few of the items currently for sale over there that would be mine in the event that I did someday hit that jackpot. With new items being added to The Prop Store all the time, it's likely I'll be doing more of these posts in the future, so you can always count on me to keep you abreast of all the cool shit they're offering that you can't afford!

Get ready to get droolin' ....


Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes Complete Costume - $7,319

A complete monster suit worn in Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes. This huge monster costume can be seen throughout the film as the creature reaps revenge for the ones who summoned him, and it's heavy stands attached to the feet denote it as more of a 'fighting' suit, used when the actor was required to fight from one position on the set. This stunning full body costume is crafted from foam rubber and has been expertly painted a mottled brown skin color, horned toes and unnaturally long fingers with sharp nails. The long tail is attached separately, put on first, then slid through a hole in the back of the suit. The head has a mouth full of vicious pointed teeth and bulbous pale unseeing eyes, and the shoulders feature some large horns ‘growing’ up from them. The legs have been built up like stilts, with the feet sitting at the second ‘knee’, causing the person wearing the suit to stand at an imposing 7 ½ – 8 foot tall!


An American Werewolf In London Nazi Demon Helmet Display - $3,995

This is an original production made Nazi demon helmet from John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London. The helmet is made from thick fiberglass and is a custom design, though based loosely on German WW2 helmets. It was originally conceived that all of the Nazi demons would wear helmets, so four were created. This is one of the original four, though it was never seen on screen. The helmet is finished with a camo paint job, and a leather chinstrap. The prop is presented in a custom-made acrylic display case, with a removable lid that features beveled edges. The display is finished with a custom laser-cut mat board at the base, featuring the film's logo and stills depicting the helmet.


Piranha 3D Wet T-Shirt Host (Eli Roth) Upper Torso Puppet - $1,995

This item is the wet t-shirt host's (Eli Roth) upper torso puppet used in the 2010 horror film Piranha 3D. The puppet can be seen when Roth's character is smashed in between two boats as the piranha chew through Lake Victoria’s spring break party population. This half torso puppet is made out of poly foam with a silicon skin cover, and features a metal rod support structure, which extends 11" below the torso and runs all the way up through the head. The piece features brown hand punched hair throughout the head, as well as a thick mane across the upper chest. There is a clear rubber tube, which extends 15ft, runs up the spine of the puppet and into the back of the head. This tube was used during production to fill the head with fake blood so when it was squished blood would shoot out from the hole located at the top of the skull.


Pet Sematary Zelda Hair Appliance - $495

This is an original Zelda Hair Appliance from the 1989 horror film Pet Sematary. Rachel was traumatized by the early death of her sister, Zelda, from spinal meningitis and worries about how her daughter will be affected by death and their backyard cemetery. The appliance was created for Andrew Hubatsek's character Zelda as he is transitioned into a fragile dying woman. This full head hair appliance features woven strands of blonde hair attached to a very thin, shear cap, which connects to a thick strip of white fabric. The fabric strap has been carefully pinned around the edges to hold the entire appliance securely on the foam cast.


The Serpent and the Rainbow Dead Woman SFX Head - $1,295

This is a SFX head from the 1987 Wes Craven horror picture, The Serpent and The Rainbow. Commander of the Tonton Macoute, Captain Dargent Peytraud, warns Alan (Bill Pullman) to leave Haiti but when he refuses, Alan is framed for murder. This head can be seen after Alan awakes from another nightmare and finds himself in bed with a decapitated female. The head is made out of urethane over a foam core and has been painted and detailed to appear as if it were the real actor. The head features a full head of black curly hair, as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. Additionally, the bottom of the jagged severed head has been distressed with fake blood and still features remnants of fake blood coming out of the nose.


Tremors 3 - Back to Perfection "Burt Gummer Monster Hunter" Prop VHS - $125

This is a Burt Gummer Monster Hunter prop VHS from the 2001 comedic monster movie, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection. These prop movies can be seen throughout the film for sale in Walter Chang's Market. The case features an image of a gun toting Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) outdoors, alongside thick black text that reads "Burt Gummer Monster Hunter."


Hostel Burned Makeup Test Head - $1,195

This is a test makeup head created for the production of the 2005 Eli Roth horror film Hostel. The head was crafted for the makeup artists working on the production as a concept to resemble the gruesome effect of a woman whose face is savagely burnt by a blow torch, which can be seen near the film’s climax. The head has been impressively sculpted from biscuit foam and includes fully formed ears, a nose, lips, even long light brown hair. The left side of the face and neck has been made to resemble severely burned skin, and even features the right eye partially hanging out of its socket.


From Dusk Till Dawn Seth Gecko (George Clooney) Prop Vampire Killing Jack Hammer - $5,319

The working jack hammer used by Seth Gecko (George Clooney) in the 1996 horror thriller From Dusk Till Dawn. This prop jack hammer can be seen near the end of the film when Seth, Jacob and Kate gather together in the stock room of the Titty Twister Bar and prepare to kill off the vampires using a variety of weapons including this jack hammer. Made mostly of fiberglass, the prop has a real petrol engine (which isn’t operational), the handles are made of aluminum, the ‘stake’ tip is made of rubber and moves in a jack hammer motion. Comes with a remote control which operates the prop.

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I love the prop store! I actually posted the Pet Sematary hair prop on FB a while ago, so if you and I both win the lottery we may have to battle over that one! lol.