Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cover Art Wars : The Innkeepers

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It's time for another brutal round of Cover Art Wars, the always exciting competition that pits Region 1 DVD cover arts against their Region 2 counterparts in a bloody battle to the death! Or, in less exciting terms, it's that post I make every once in a while where we all talk about the mindless topic of which of two cover arts looks prettier. It's all about tackling the important stuff here on Freddy In Space.

On this installment of Cover Art Wars, we put the focus on The Innkeepers, which hits DVD here in the states on April 24th and then over in the UK on June 25th. Whoa, how's that for a new one; the US getting a home video release before the UK!

Let's check out the two arts and then we'll force them to engage in an epic battle!



My pick? Region 1, by a long shot.

Though the Region 2 cover art is admittedly more eye catching, it really doesn't suit the film at all. It's a fairly bloodless movie and the Region 2 art reeks more of a bad slasher film set in a hotel than it does the film that The Innkeepers truly is; a slow burn that focuses more of its time and energy on characters and setting than it does horror. On top of that, UK art tends to be chock full of quotes of praise and this one is clearly no exception, with both quotes oddly cut off by the images laid over them. Nope. Not for me.

Now the Region 1 art on the other hands totally nails the feel of The Innkeepers, with the haunted hotel featured prominently and the faint image of a creepy ass ghost looming above. The cemetery made of old hotel keys is but the icing on the cake of what is a simple and yet totally effective art. This is one Cover Art War that proves that less is sometimes much much more!

... That said, the Region 1 art is just lucky it doesn't have to compete against the incredible art Tom Hodge whipped up for the film.

So which art do you prefer? Leave a comment and let me know!!

Hey, while you're here, head back in time to read my review of The Innkeepers (I quite liked it) and, if you dare, come along with me on a journey to the Yankee Pedlar Inn, the hotel where the film takes place (it was fun)!


eroslane said...

Region 1 for me, thanks. But I am 100% with you though......the real artwork is the Hodge piece. Fantastically beautiful!!

Tyler said...

Region 1 for me as well. The Region 2 poster tries to misrepresent the film to appeal more to those out to rent a slasher....Remember when Nightbreed got ripped b/c they tried to sell it as a slasher? Studios need to stick to their films' strengths and sell them on that.

Johnny said...

Amen on that, Tyler. Misrepresenting films tends to do nothing but harm them in the long run.