Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giveaway Time (Again)! Win The New Book 'The Return Man'!

Every so often an advanced copy of a new book arrives on my doorstep and honestly, my heart kinda sinks. Why? Because though it's awesome to get free books, I unfortunately can never seem to find the time to actually read them. Between work, life's daily chores, blogging and movie watching for the purposes of blogging, it just never seems to fit into my schedule. Then again, I know that plenty of people who are a whole lot busier than myself find time to read, so maybe that's just an excuse. I admit that I never quite loved to read, at least not nearly as much as I love to watch movies, but I have always desired to set aside more time in my life to read books every so often. It just ... never seems to happen.

Anyways, rather than let new books that I'm sent sit on my shelf, unread and unreviewed, I've decided that it'd be better to give those books some press and find good homes for them, being that after all I am being sent them for free with the hopes that I will talk about them. So, from now on, whenever I'm sent a book that I know I'm simply not going to be able to read/review while it's still fresh and new to the market, I will instead host a giveaway for it here on the blog. According to the feedback I've heard on Facebook when I mentioned this, that sounds pretty damn good to you guys, so I won't even ask ya how that sounds!

This first book giveaway is for V.M. Zito's The Return Man, which will be released this Thursday, March 29th. Here's the press release rundown of the plot, and then we'll get to the entry details!


Before the outbreak, Henry Marco was a doctor, doing his utmost to save lives. Now his job is to end them.

The outbreak of the Resurrection has torn America in two. In the West, the Evacuated States are a bleak wilderness - not a single living soul, except for Marco. But in the East, the Safe States are a different matter, crammed with 50 million refugees, not enough food and jobs to go around. Half the population relies on welfare and government assistance to survive.

In the days immediately following the outbreak, Marco remained hidden in his home, avoiding the search and rescue teams, despondent that his infected wife Danielle had disappeared into the chaos. Now, the Evacuated States are under quarantine, and Marco faces the grim prospect of a permanent life out in this wasteland, left behind and alone to fight for survival against the infected.

But he has found a purpose - hired by grieving relatives in the Safe States to seek out their infected loved ones and deliver peace. Marco is good at his job. And yet ... he cannot find the one person he wants to find the most. Danielle.

Now, the Safe States Homeland Security has a new job for Marco. His mission: Travel to Sarsgard Medical Prison in California, and track down a mysterious doctor named Roger Ballard. To succeed and survive, Marco must return to where the outbreak started, where the secret of its conception is hidden...

The Return Man started life as a serialized novel on the author's site www.thereturnman.com. The film rights have been optioned by The Ink Factory.


If you want to win the book, simply leave a comment below with your e-mail address and the name of the last book you read, horror themed or otherwise, along with your brief thoughts on it. Deadline for entries is next Tuesday, April 3rd, at midnight. Good luck!


Kane said...

last book i read was stephen kings insomnia and to be honest i think its very under rated and would do good to be made into a movie... i loved every minute of it and even tho i say its the last book ive read (which it is) its about the 10th time ive read it since it was released

Jen B said...

My last horror book was The Dissapearance by Bentley Little. As usual, it was very disturbing but hard to put down.


Anonymous said...

My last book was "Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay. Its the latest installment in the "Dexter" series. I like the version of "Dexter" in the novels because hes not as "nice" as he is the tv series.The tv series is really good but just a whole different ball of wax.I would recommend it to any genre fan... chrisgarrison2007@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

The last book I read was John Dies at the end by David Wong. Very funny and entertaining. Beings I read a lot of horror it is hard to find a good book by new authors that are a good read.


Morphine said...

The last book I read was White Knight from The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I adore this series, plenty of action, monsters and comedy. I have never once been bored with this series and once I finish one book I can't wait to read the next.


MJ said...

I'mhalfway through 'John Dies At The End'. Already I can see why Coscarelli is a hell of a pick for the film version!

MJ said...

I'm half-way through 'John Dies At The End'. Already I can see why Coscarelli is a hell of a pick for the film version!


Retro-Zombie said...


last book "Vampire Trill" by:L.Bell okay I am reading it now... it's interesting and has kept my attention.

MW said...

Last book I finished reading was "The Hunger Games". Having now seen the movie, I was pleased to see it nipped and tucked all of the boring and/or idiotic parts from the book, and made it thrilling.


Zach Shoutlet said...

The Vessel of Terror (http://www.markosia.com/wordpress/titles/the-vessel-of-terror/)

It was a very interesting read that kept my interest very well. A boat picks up a previously undiscovered species of squid which seems to cause terrible things for the ship's crew. It's very Lovecraftian and fun to read.



Last book I read was DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON. Great zombie read.