Monday, March 19, 2012

Walking Dead Death Pool Winners! *Spoiler Free*

So the second season of The Walking Dead went out in pretty glorious fashion last night (katana!), gone again for who the hell knows how long. However long it is, it's too long, that's all I know!

A few weeks back, when there were still three episodes left in the season, I started a little Walking Dead death pool here on the blog, where I chose 13 main characters and randomly assigned each of them to the first 13 readers to e-mail me saying they wanted in. The idea being that if your randomly selected character died by the end of the season, you'd win a prize. Tonight, I'm here to share the results of the pool. So as not to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't yet watched the last few episodes, or any of this season for that matter, I wont reveal the names of the characters that died, only the readers who won prizes for them dying.

I was quite surprised to see that not one, not two, not three and not even four of the members of the group died in the final three episodes, but a whopping FIVE, three of them being main characters that were a part of the death pool. Didn't really plan on more than one or two of those characters biting it but I'm a man of my word and so I am going to award prizes to all three readers whose characters died in the final three episodes, according to the order in which they died.

So here are the prizes that I just ordered off Amazon and will be shipping out to the winners as soon as they arrive on my doorstep!


JEREMY LOGSDON - Walking Dead Season 1 Special Edition Blu-ray


CLINT ERARDI - 'Zombie Biter' Action Figure

**Fun Fact : The zombie this toy is based on was played by Greg Nicotero, the 'N' in KNB EFX and executive producer of The Walking Dead!**


JASON GERARD - 'Zombie Walker' Action Figure

Though this was a costly venture for me personally, I had fun doing it and I hope that it made for an even more exciting viewing experience for those of you who made it into the pool. So again, thank you all for taking part and congratulations to Jeremy, Clint & Jason, who benefited from the deaths of some of our most beloved characters. Don't know how you guys sleep at night, profiting off the dead like that!

Until next season, Walking Dead, I bid you a fond farewell!

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Morphine said...

Damnit Hershal, you couldn't let a zombie rip your face off in honor of my 21st! Haha. Honestly I'm glad they kept him on. And I'm glad I started watching The Talking Dead after episodes. I need to do that for sure next season.