Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awesome Art : Sam vs Samhain

Late last year I made a post about a really cool piece of art that depicted John Wayne Gacy (in full Pogo attire) battling Captain Spaulding, an epic battle to the death between two scary clowns.  It was the first in a series of "VS" art prints from Stephen Vincent's Monster King Productions, and tonight I've got for you the second piece in that series.  

Who's duking it out this time around?  Trick 'r Treat's loveable protector of Halloween, Sam, and Samhain, the ghost of Halloween from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series!

The Ghostbusters character was of course named after Samhain, the Gaelic harvest festival which became what we know of today as Halloween.  Trick 'r Treat's Sam was also named after Samhain, though the word is actually pronounced more like Sow-en, rather than the way it appears.  So I suppose it's only natural that these two end up fighting over who gets to reign supreme on October 31st!

Now that the history lesson is over, what would it look like if those two iconic pumpkin headed figures were to do battle?  Take it away, Stephen!


The 8.5x11" card stock print can be yours for a mere $10.  Pick it up over at Monster King Productions!

Who would you like to see do battle in Stephen's next 'VS' print?  Leave a comment below and maybe he'll see it and take your request!

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