Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Shit On eBay : Tarman Bobble Head!

Is there anything more fun than getting drunk and searching for shit to drunkenly buy on eBay?  I don't know why I'm asking you, because I already know the answer and it's spelled N-O.

I should note that while I'm getting drunk and perusing eBay I'm also listening to the latest episode of Dear Air : The Liberal Dead Podcast.  Just to throw that out there.

Just found something pretty cool in the eBay universe and I wanted to share it.  I'm obviously a sucker for cool handmade/fan made goodies, and this piece of cool shit most definitely falls into that category.  We've finally this year been given an officially released Tarman action figure, but it has taken a super fan to handcraft ...
 Handmade out of resin, this bad boy is actually outfitted with a spring in its head, allowing it to bobble up, down and around whenever you touch it.  I'm not sure why such an awesome piece of merch hasn't yet been mass produced, but this particular piece most definitely is not and thus, is very limited in quantity.  It's hand sculpted, hand painted, as well as signed and numbered by the artist, who goes under the name Killer Designs.  There are currently only three available, selling for $35 a piece, so snatch one up while supplies last!
Must also mention that the same seller also has a handmade Jaws bobble head up for sale, which features Bruce emerging from the water in all his wobbly glory.  You can fish him out of the water for $50, also while limited supplies last!

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kaiyn said...

That Jaws bobblehead is a thing of beauty to my eyes!